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Use A Firm Experienced In Overseas Removals

You may have occasionally heard it declared that moving house can be one of the most stressful undertakings known to humankind.  Admittedly this claim might be slightly over egging the cake – however, short of wars and natural disasters it does fairly succinctly capture the fact that moving house can be, and frequently is, very […]

Moving to The Hague

The capital city of the province South Holland is called The Hague. Its inhabitants go over 500, 000 and even more in the suburbs. It is ranked third as size, only after Rotterdam and Amsterdam. The city is located to the west of the Netherlands and it is known to be the centre of the […]

Moving to Rotterdam

The second largest city in the Netherlands is Rotterdam. The city is well known for its large ports that are ranked among the top in the world. The city is now a major international commercial centre and it all started when a dam was built back in 1270, on the Rotte River. The city is […]

Moving to Amsterdam

The capital of Netherlands is the most populous city in the country and is called Amsterdam. The status of Amsterdam as a Dutch capital is mandated by the Constitution of the Netherlands and it is not the seat of the Dutch government as many may think. The province where Amsterdam is located is North Holland […]

Moving to Centre

The Centre region is located southwest of Paris and it contains a rather big part of the Loire Valley along with areas in the north and south. The Centre region is considered the centre of northern France and it has as neighbours Normandy, Poitou and Pays de la Loire to the west and Burgundy along […]

Moving to Champagne-Ardenne

Located in the northeast of the country is another one of the 27 regions of France named Champagne-Ardenne. The region has as a neighbour the border to Belgium and has four departments named Marne, Ardennes, Aube and Haute Marne. The regions has three rivers that flow west, the Marne, the Aisne and the Seine and […]

Moving to Corsica

Southeast of the French mainland is the island Corsica. It is situated west of Italy and north of the Sardinia Island that appertains to Italy. Corsica is a French island that has three parts covered by a chain of mountains. The island came under France’s ownership after the French domination took place, until then it […]

Moving to Brittany (Bretagne)

Bretagne or its equivalent in English Brittany is a region west of France and is considered to be one of the six Celtic nations, where the Celtic languages and cultural traits have made it to this day. This region is also been referred to as Little Britain and it is a cultural region. During its […]

Moving to Bourgogne

One of the regions of central France is Burgundy(Bourgogne). The region has four departments, namely Yonne, Cote-d’Or, Saone-et Loire and Nievr. During its history, Burgundy has had as its inhabitants Celts and Gallo-Romans and in the 4th century the region had as his citizens the Romans which were at that time allied with the Burgundians. […]

Moving to Basse-Normandie

Encompassing the north-western departments of Calvados, Manche and Orne is the administrative region of Frace, Basse- Normandie (Lower Normandy). This region was created when the Normandy region was split into Upper and Lower Normandy in 1956. The region stands out from a historical point of view because it is the birthplace of William I also […]