Best European Capital Cities

If you are toying with the idea of relocating to France, making a new life in Holland or upping sticks to Germany, you will no doubt be wondering: which European capital is the best to live in?

Paris is often lauded as the greatest capital city in the world, never mind Europe. With incredible heritage, jaw-dropping monuments, outrageous nightlife, unrivalled cuisine and of course that famous , “je ne sais quoi”, the City of Lights is one capital that really does live up to its huge billing. Paris is without doubt one of Europe’s most vibrant, exciting and beautiful cities.

Although significantly smaller than most other major European capitals, Amsterdam punches well above its weight. It is a city that is rightfully proud of its progressive social attitudes and this can be clearly seen with the ‘anything goes’ attitude that comes alive practically every single night. Indeed, it is often claimed that Amsterdam is “the most laid-back capital city in the world” – moving to Holland will let you see just how true that statement is for yourself.

Berlin has a rich, recent and incredibly relevant cultural heritage and stands proudly at the geographical centre of Europe. Berlin’s dichotomy makes it an incredibly engaging place to live, being at the same time safe and edgy; sensible and naughty. Truly; few cities can match Berlin’s enigmatic qualities.

No matter if you’re moving to Berlin, Paris or Amsterdam; make us here at European Removal Experts your first port of call.