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Keeping your costs under control when moving abroad

If you’re thinking of upping sticks and moving to a new country, you’re not alone. There are lots of reasons why people make this transition. For example, the prospect of a better climate and more relaxing lifestyle prove a lure to many. Meanwhile, job opportunities are also a major draw.

However, before you take the plunge and relocate, it’s important to consider all the practicalities. For example, as well as arranging suitable furniture removals to Germany or elsewhere, you’ll need to think long and hard about your budget. Feeling out of your financial depth is bad enough at home when you’re surrounded by your friends and family, but when you’re abroad it’s even worse.

A warning

Thankfully, there is plenty of advice available for you to take advantage of. Recently, Shelter Offshore issued a warning. It noted that people often get distracted from the all important issue of financial planning.

It remarked: “There is so much to organise when you’re moving abroad, and naturally enough the most basic requirements of establishing a home and securing an income are usually people’s highest priorities.  The concept of seeking or taking financial advice for example, will be very low down a ‘to do’ list for most soon-to-be expats!

“Then, newly arrived expats usually get caught up in the excitement and adventure of their new life, and a whole load of important factors that are critical to an expat’s long-term financial wellbeing get overlooked.”

Be realistic

According to Shelter Offshore, it’s also important to be realistic about the cost of relocating and living abroad. It pointed out the significance of factoring in international furniture removals and of moving people and pets. Also, there are the costs associated with buying or renting a new property.

The organisation remarked: “These costs are often grossly underestimated by would-be expats.  Far worse than this however, is the fact that the majority of expats underestimate the cost of living abroad in their new nation.”

Offering advice, it added: “Please do yourself a favour and research your relocation costs and the real cost of living abroad in your new nation so that you avoid any nasty shocks.”

First things first

Shelter Offshore went on to state that it’s a good idea to begin by determining whether it is necessary to secure visas to relocate and, if it is, what costs are associated with this. It also suggested getting quotes for furniture removals.

The savvy approach

Here at European Removal Experts we specialise in providing superb value removals and should be ideally placed to help you. Because we’re committed to offering superb value for money, you shouldn’t have to bust your budget to make the most of our services.

Whether you’re in need of removals to Luxembourg, removals to Italy or another European destination, we’re the go-to firm. By being savvy in your choice of removal companies, you stand to save yourself cash and during the expensive relocation process, this could prove vital. For more information about what we have to offer, just peruse our website.

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Taking some of the stress out of property moves

Moving from one home to another is never easy. Indeed, it’s considered to be one of the most stressful things you can do and is often compared with divorce and bereavement in terms of the toll it can take.

However, as long as you’re savvy and are organised in your approach, you can make the transition easier. For example, it’s possible to source excellent value and reliable moving and packing services that can make your life much more straightforward and help relieve the pressures on your budget.

Good news

Of course, when you’re selling up and heading to another property, you’ll want to get the best possible price for your home. After all, this might be by far your most valuable asset and even a small percentage change in its worth could have a huge impact on your overall finances.

With this in mind, you might welcome figures released recently by Nationwide. The firm noted that the price of a typical UK house rose by 0.6 per cent in October. The price of an average home now stands at £164,153, it noted. Of course, values differ markedly according to the types of house or flat involved and their locations.

Relative stability

Commenting on the findings, Nationwide chief economist Robert Gardner said: “UK house prices increased by 0.6 per cent in October, more than offsetting the 0.4 per cent decline recorded the previous month.”

He added: “The annual pace of change continues to display a picture of relative stability, with house prices down just 0.9 per cent compared to October 2011. This maintains the pattern that has been evident since late 2010, with annual price growth remaining in a narrow band between +1.5 per cent and -1.5 per cent on all but two occasions over the past two years.”

On hand to help

Regardless of what the property market’s doing, we’re on hand to help you with superb removal packing services. Here at European Removal Experts we’re experts when it comes to removals and should be perfectly placed to assist you in your transition.

We cover areas such as Chigwell, Abridge, Woodford Green, Chingford, Romford, Ilford, Hornchurch, Barking, Dagenham, Enfield, Harlow and Brentwood and can help you with a local or a national move.

You can trust us

Of course, it’s important to have confidence in your removal company. After all, you’re entrusting the team with some of your most precious and possibly valuable belongings.

With this in mind, you might be pleased to note that we are among the removals and storage companies that are members of The Removers and Storers, meaning we can offer the highest standards of consumer protection in the industry. The guild is designed to promote quality, protect your belongings and take the stress out of your move.

More details

To help boost the standard of our services , we only use highly trained packers for transport. Also, we offer many insurance options for additional protection and you can benefit from low rates.

If you’re keen to discover more about how our services work, just take a look around our website or get in touch.

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Plan ahead to ease your passage abroad

Relocating to another country can be daunting and exciting in equal measure. The prospect of starting a new life in a different area, potentially beginning a different job and generally experiencing new things is a tantalising prospect. Then again, you’ve no doubt got lots of issues to sort out before the process is complete.

For example, you may have to arrange removals to Europe and then there are all the loose ends you’ll have to tie up, including any property you own.

Taking the sting out of your big move

Thankfully, there’s a way to take the sting out of your transition to pastures new. By planning ahead and being organised, you can avoid lots of problems and minimise your anxiety. It may sound simple, but it’s true.

For example, in advance of your big move, it might be a good idea to make a list of all the tasks that you must complete before you depart. This will help ensure you don’t forget anything important.

Get to grips with the language and culture

Unless you’re in a big rush, it may also be wise to do some thorough research into the culture of your destination. Knowing some important facts can help you avoid lots of confusion on your arrival and it’s a good way of speeding up your integration into the local community.

Also, learning some of the language gives you a real head start. One of the scariest things about moving to European countries is the potential communication barrier you’ll face. By taking some classes or even just learning via books or online, you can ensure you don’t feel quite so lost when you set foot in your nation of choice.

Fellow travellers

If you’re taking your family with you, it’s vital you find out about the provisions that will be available to them. For example, if you have kids, you might have to get them enrolled at a local school.

Start your packing in advance

The last thing you want to discover when you arrive in your new home is that you’ve left something crucial behind. To help you avoid this, it’s helpful to be methodical in your packing and to start the process sooner rather than later.

Financial planning

Of course, there are your all important finances to consider. For example, it’s a good idea to have a reserve of cash if possible to help you deal with emergencies and you might also need to invest in certain forms of insurance, such as health cover.

Being rigorous in your budget planning can help you avoid lots of stress further down the line.

Where we come in

As well as getting yourself to your new home in one piece, you might also be eager to take your possessions with you and this is where we come in. Here at European Removal Experts we specialise in removal services and whether you need removals to Frankfurt, removals to Brussels or help relocating anywhere else, we can help.

We have vehicles running every day providing door to door services between the UK and countries including France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and Italy.

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Removals To Holland and The Benelux

The Benelux countries are a great place to live, each of them having extensive, intriguing histories and beautiful, large cities. Whether you want to move there because of your own history, your career, or out of pure interest, at European Removal Experts we can help you to realise your goals. No matter where you live in the United Kingdom we can offer our premium removals service at highly competitive prices that can really give you some peace of mind. Being able to put your most treasured possessions in the hands of professionals who are dedicated to keeping it safe and providing a top notch service will allow you to focus on more important aspects of the move. Contracts, family and learning about the place you are moving to all need tending to and the more time you have for these things, the better.

We provide removals to Holland, no matter whether you want to move to Amsterdam or Rotterdam. Because we are European Experts in transport, you can have absolute confidence that we will provide everything you need in order to get your possessions to where they need to be in the Netherlands. This includes the sale of boxing and packing materials for long term storage and transport. The last thing you want is for that priceless antique to become another piece of junk simply because of the ill-preparation of a removals company. We can sort out all of the requirements for specialist pieces of furniture like pianos to ensure that they get to where they need to be without any damage.

If you have particularly large items like a full wall cabinet, we have the adaptability in our removal vehicles to accommodate you. Similarly, if you are moving to the UK our services equally apply. We will use the Eurotunnel to go between the UK and the continent because this ensures the safety of your equipment and greatly lessens the chances of frustrating delays. Removals to the Netherlands and all other Benelux countries will be subject to UK clearance. We utilise a simplified procedure that will ensure all transports are not held for long.

Removals to Luxembourg are not as common as the other Benelux countries due to its size, but our prices are equally as competitive. Luxembourg is a quaint country with a population of half a million. It is a very attractive place to move to and we can provide removals via much the same service as to Holland. We can provide short notice services as well as being able to scale our prices to your needs. If you only have a few boxes of personal effects to move, we can provide you with a price that you will find acceptable. On top of this we can also offer courier and parcel delivery services to Luxembourg and the rest of the Benelux. If you want to take the stress out of your move and don’t want to pay over the odds for it, European Removal Experts is your best bet.

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Things to take with you when moving

Whether you’re moving to Switzerland or just across the same city you were born in, there are some things that should be packed up in boxes and others that should stay close to you on the trip. There’s nothing worse than realising that one of the documents you really need is at the bottom of a box, inside a moving van heading towards the Alps at 50 miles an hour.

The essentials

This list is a short one- wallet, passport, and important personal items like credit cards, car keys, and a mobile phone. If you’re relocating to Switzerland the journey from door to door may take a quite a long time so it can be helpful to carry a phone charger too. Batteries can be easily depleted by playing games or browsing the internet while waiting in airport lounge, for example. Keep the batteries topped up so that your phone will be ready to use when needed.

Handy information

It’s also a good idea to pre-load certain phone numbers or at least write them down and carry the list in a safe place, like your purse or wallet. Note down the contact detail for your moving company, an emergency contact back at your starting point, and any numbers you might need on arrival in your new home. If moving between countries, don’t forget the international dialling codes!

Some people also like to look up helpful local contacts before they leave home. The phone number of a local 24-hour plumber is a good example, and make sure that you know the emergency services number if it will no longer be 999. If you get stuck, dialling 112 should work across the EU and in some other countries too.

Pack for your first night

When you and your family have just finished moving to Zurich (or Paris, or Stoke-on-Trent) you’ll probably be tired. Pack a first-night bag and carry that with you, so nobody will have to start unpacking straight away. Include a toothbrush and toiletries, soap, a towel, and a change of clothing. If you expect to arrive at an empty house late at night a roll of toilet paper might also come in very handy!

In the morning, when you’ve had a shower and are feeling fresh and ready to tackle those boxes, you can start unpacking in earnest.

Don’t forget the kids

Mums and dads won’t need us to tell them what to pack for their babies, but toddlers and primary school children sometimes have trouble when moving.  The process can be scary for the younger members of the family, even if it’s just a case of saying goodbye to the old house and moving into the one next door. Relocating over a long distance is certainly daunting for smaller kids.

Let them choose a toy to take on the journey and make sure they have plenty to do. A colouring book can go a long way and a few sweets or cereal bars can also make sure the whole family stays cheerful on the way to their your new home.

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Moving to Germany? Learn the Language First

One of the things that can be most isolating when moving to Germany is not being able to speak the language. Although learning a new language is easiest when you immerse yourself in it, you can give yourself a head start by learning some German before you move. Here are some ways you can get a grasp on the language before relocating to Germany:

•    Teach Yourself
Prior to moving to Berlin, Munich or anywhere else in Germany, teach yourself as much of the language as you can. Read a few beginners books and listen to some audio to give you an idea of pronunciation and intonation. You should also try to learn some grammar as this will help you to structure sentences.

•    Take Some Classes
Before you move, aim to take some German classes, both one-on-one and as part of a group. One-on-one classes will enable your tutor to focus on aspects of the language that you need to, or areas that you may be struggling with. Group classes will give you a feel of real world German conversations and knowing other learners will help to keep you motivated.

•    Befriend a Native
Only by talking to a native speaker will you get an indication of how the language is used in the real world. Use the internet to get in contact with native German speakers, and aim to converse via email or via Skype before you move. This will give you a chance to practice your German in a low-pressure environment.

Moving to Belgium to further your career

The EU has created new jobs in the international market, and none more than its central administrative bases in Belgium – both in Brussels and Strasbourg. Whether you’re an intern working for a few weeks to earn some international experience, or if you’re a fully qualified bilingual worker who is an essential cog in the wheels of the EU or EC, then you’ll need to work out how you’re going to get you and your belongings across to Belgium.

Belgium is quite unique in that it has many long, straight roads, so many people choose to move by car. However it’s a long, tiring and arduous journey if you choose to do this yourself, and you’ll have several borders to cross and customs declarations to complete if you set off from the UK towards your new home .

Removals to Belgium can be made less stressful and more productive if you use a specialist removal company. You can leave at the last minute as your belongings go ahead of you, rather than having a stressful time packing and then launching yourself at a new job.

Another consideration is that most people live in small apartments in Brussels in the main cities, and you may need to scale down your belongings so it all fits. If not, you’ll be paying for storage on top of removals, which only adds to your costs in addition to the fluctuating Euro. At least by using a specialist removal service to Belgium, that’s one piece of the move puzzle already solved for you.

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Dealing with Stressful House Moves

Everybody knows that moving house can be one the most stressful events that you will ever go through. Indeed, for some it can be even more stressful than a divorce or bereavement. Maybe it is because the serious business of moving comes directly after all the fun stuff like viewing properties and making bids ends.

Certainly, few people would say that packing, notifying banks and utility companies of your move, organising the re-direction of your post to your new address and registering your children with new schools is that much fun. However, it needs to be done and, if you’re moving abroad, there are probably many more things that will need to be added to that list as well

At least if you’re relocating to Germany, Spain, France or indeed any European country; moving your furniture and other possessions doesn’t have to add to your worries. Here at European Removal Experts, we specialise in facilitating household and business removals to Continental European destinations so we can take care of all the stress of moving for you.

If you’re looking for removals to Germany, we can provide you with door-to-door deliveries to and from a wide range of German destinations such as Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne and Stuttgart. Similarly, we can provide comparable services to locations in Spain, France, Italy and beyond.

So, if you want one less stressful aspect to deal with when moving to Germany, France or wherever; look no further than us here at European Removal Experts.

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5 Reasons Everyone Should Live Abroad Once

We specialise in moving to Holland, Germany and a bunch of other culturally rich European countries. Here are our top five reasons every person should spend at least a little of their life living continental!

1.    Culture is obviously the first thing that springs to mind. Think of the difference between Edinburgh and Devon, Liverpool and Oxford, Rowen (a tiny village in North Wales) and London! Experiencing different culture can open your eyes to the world in a unique way.

2.    Expanding your career horizons. Experiencing different cultures isn’t just for students and the super-rich. With a little planning and dedication it’s possible for pretty much anyone to find a job abroad. It may even be a step down the career ladder, but in terms of adding interest to your CV, living abroad depicts a superb strength of character.

3.    The thrill of the unknown. Call it “fear” if you like. The thrill/fear of relocating to Germany etc. is something that can be incredibly beneficial in life. Not everyone is OK with getting out of their comfort zone, but even something like a few months relocating to Belgium can have an astounding effect on confidence and mindset.

4.    Culinary exploration. Maybe you’re already a well-fed food aficionado, but if you’re more the pie ‘n’ chips type, living another culinary lifestyle can be a wonderful adventure!

5.    Appreciating home. Sure, it rains a lot in the UK and our sports teams are frequently embarrassed, but true appreciation for all things British is certainly a wonderful side to living abroad. You’ll be surprised what you miss most!

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Don’t Stress About Studying Abroad

Moving abroad to study used to be something of a rarity. But modern universities and educational institutions are often well-equipped when it comes to offering the most dexterous study programmes to students. Moving to Germany to study history, moving to Switzerland to study landscape architecture – making the move to another country could be the most significant period of a young student’s life.

Here are a few tips we’ve picked up over the years for relocating to Amsterdam, rural Spain or a host of other fantastic European destinations.

• Personal accountability is a huge part of studying abroad. Look into things like living costs, set a weekly budget, find out if your U.K bank card will work in an emergency, can a non-resident buy a mobile phone? Etc. Most foreign study positions are well-informed and organised, but make sure you understand all the ins and outs involved as much as possible. Don’t wait around for someone else to hand you a “How To” guide!

• Safety is obviously important. Each place holds different challenges, for example, moving to rural Italy will likely be a much slower pace than relocating to Paris. Seek advice from past residents or even local police websites.

• Keep records; not the boring kind like tax returns, but fun things like photos and journals! They’ll prove invaluable later on.

• Learn at least a little of the language. Aside from simply being good manners, knowing the basics can help you feel more ingratiated in the area.