Use A Firm Experienced In Overseas Removals

You may have occasionally heard it declared that moving house can be one of the most stressful undertakings known to humankind.  Admittedly this claim might be slightly over egging the cake – however, short of wars and natural disasters it does fairly succinctly capture the fact that moving house can be, and frequently is, very stressful. Add in the complications of not simply moving down the road or even to another UK town but to mainland Europe and clearly there is a whole new layer of potential trouble ahead.

Whether moving to France, moving to Germany or any other EU country, where you will benefit in making the whole experience much more straightforward is employing the services of a company that specialises in moving between mainland Europe and the UK. At European Removal Experts Ltd, we are a London based company that specialises in exactly this type of removal. In exactly the same way that you don’t visit the local English Chip shop for a sampling of Poulet et Frites, you shouldn’t be looking to a typical UK removal firm to help you navigate the roads and customs of moving to France.

The service offered is scalable to your needs and we offer removal of single items of furniture or complete or part loads to first, second or even third homes. Our service can assist in passing your belongings through customs with minimal effort and most importantly it can be ensured that either your handful of boxes or the entire house contents arrive at their destination when they are needed and in good order.

When moving to France or other European countries, the basic job of moving physical items may be the same, but the cultures, rules and expectations are not, so rather than be the guinea pig for a UK company to experiment with, choose a specialist provider.

Best European Capital Cities

If you are toying with the idea of relocating to France, making a new life in Holland or upping sticks to Germany, you will no doubt be wondering: which European capital is the best to live in?

Paris is often lauded as the greatest capital city in the world, never mind Europe. With incredible heritage, jaw-dropping monuments, outrageous nightlife, unrivalled cuisine and of course that famous , “je ne sais quoi”, the City of Lights is one capital that really does live up to its huge billing. Paris is without doubt one of Europe’s most vibrant, exciting and beautiful cities.

Although significantly smaller than most other major European capitals, Amsterdam punches well above its weight. It is a city that is rightfully proud of its progressive social attitudes and this can be clearly seen with the ‘anything goes’ attitude that comes alive practically every single night. Indeed, it is often claimed that Amsterdam is “the most laid-back capital city in the world” – moving to Holland will let you see just how true that statement is for yourself.

Berlin has a rich, recent and incredibly relevant cultural heritage and stands proudly at the geographical centre of Europe. Berlin’s dichotomy makes it an incredibly engaging place to live, being at the same time safe and edgy; sensible and naughty. Truly; few cities can match Berlin’s enigmatic qualities.

No matter if you’re moving to Berlin, Paris or Amsterdam; make us here at European Removal Experts your first port of call.

Moving to Europe – Trust the Removal Professionals

Thinking about moving abroad? Lots of us Brits do, especially after a great holiday. Work is increasingly global and mobile, so it’s more and more common to up sticks and do a stint overseas. No matter where you’re planning on relocating to, you might be thinking about moving to France or maybe moving to Germany, it will be a fantastic adventure. Don’t be naïve though. You’re bound to experience a bit of culture shock and a little homesickness at the very least. If you’re serious about being an expat, do your research first into the laws, customs and language of the country you intend to move to. Don’t get caught out by common pitfalls and if you need to brush up your language skills, get a head start before you leave. There are plenty of night school conversational language classes or you could even hire a private tutor.

Packing up your life in this country and moving to France or moving to Germany takes a fair bit of planning. You’re not Dick Whittington. You can’t just amble off with your knapsack to seek your fortune. It’s a bit more complicated than that. However, with the right help and a good removal company, it needn’t be a huge drama.

A professional removal company will help you pack up your home and transport your possessions safely and securely. Even valuable and delicate ones. They can move these items by boat, road or air. However they do it, you can trust them to get your possessions safely to the other end.

Moving goods across borders can be complex, so a move abroad is not quite as straightforward as just moving house in the UK. Make sure you understand the implications of what you are transporting and fill out any forms upfront to avoid your possessions being delayed at border crossings. Don’t forget to take out insurance, just in case anything goes wrong. Then once everything arrives safely in your new country you can unpack and start enjoying your new life.

Dont Make Moving Abroad Even More Stressful than it Already is

Moving house is one of the most stressful things you ever have to deal with. It’s bad enough just moving down the road, never mind leaving the UK entirely and heading abroad. No matter how far you’re going, whether you’re moving to France or moving to Switzerland, or just a few streets over, you want to settle quickly and start to make the most of your new environment.

The more possessions and items of furniture you have, the more complicated your move will be. If you don’t have a big family and you’re not moving too far, it will be pretty straightforward. You’ll be able to rope in friends and family to help you out, which is a real help. Also, you won’t have to deal with so much emotional upheaval, as you know the area and it’s all familiar territory. By going further afield and heading abroad, you’ll find so much more to contend with. Not only will not know where things are like shops and schools, you’ll have to overcome language and cultural barriers.

Moving involves so much more than just shifting boxes and furniture. A big move is a life changing experience. If you are moving to France or moving to Switzerland, or indeed any other European country, professional help from international removers is going to make the whole process a little easier.

Imagine if your treasured possessions get held up at customs or they get damaged or lost. The move will be stressful enough without these unwelcome stresses and mishaps. By enlisting the help and services of a specialist international removal company, they can handle the whole process for you. From packing up, through the completion of all paperwork and documentation, to getting your items safe and sound to the other end without any problems. Leaving you free to focus on the excitement of your new life in Europe. After all, you’ll have plenty to do. Enrolling children in school, sorting out your working arrangements and generally getting a head start so you can settle as quickly as possible.

Moving to Belgium from the UK

Avoid Delays When You Move to Europe – Get Expert Help

Sometimes people get the itch to leave the UK and move abroad after a holiday somewhere sunny like Spain or Portugal. In some cases, a new job or a promotion might mean a stint somewhere exotic overseas or just a short hop away in Europe. Even if you are only relocating just over the channel, moving to Belgium or moving to Holland and you’re only a short boat or plane ride away, it won’t all be plain sailing. Remember you’re going to have to adapt to a whole new country with its quirks, traditions, legal system, language and culture.

In some parts of Europe you can find well established expat communities. Anyone moving to southern Europe to escape the harsh winters and inconsistent summers of the north will find plenty of Brits who have already done the same thing. This will help you to adjust, but don’t get too caught up in the expat scene or you might you not get to explore and enjoy life among the locals. In some countries it’s pretty different. Moving to Belgium or moving to Holland for example, you won’t find so many expats, but at least the natives speak pretty good English. Don’t use this as an excuse not to make an effort though with the local languages. You’ll get far more respect and enjoy a much richer experience by doing so.

Wherever you’re thinking about moving to in Europe, you’re going to need to find a removal company that can help you with the logistics of getting your belongings out to your new home. It’s a lot more complicated than just moving domestically. Shipping goods and possessions across international borders requires additional planning and paperwork. Specialist international removers can help you with the whole moving process, from packing up, through the form filling, to safe delivery of your possessions at the other end. Don’t leave anything to chance. The last thing you want is endless delays as you try to start your new life abroad.

Moving to Germany from the UK

Moving to Europe for Work? Enlist the Help of European Removal Experts

Big businesses operate in a truly global capacity these days. So if you work for a big multi-national, chances are you might end up taking a placement overseas for at least a year or two. Despite more uncertain trading conditions, key European economies continue to remain strong and thrive. So if you’re a high flying executive, you may well find yourself moving to Germany or moving to Switzerland.

Moving to continental Europe is a great adventure, whether you’re from the UK, the USA or maybe down under. Wherever you end up, you’ll find an expat community and support network, but you need to gear yourself up for a big change. Moving by itself can be stressful and unsettling, never mind taking on the challenge of an entirely new country with its language barriers and strange customs and traditions. However don’t be put off. Once you’ve made the initial adjustment, you’ll have a great experience that you will remember forever.

If your employer has an office in Europe and they want you to relocate by moving to Germany or moving to Switzerland, there are plenty of different options for your living arrangements. If you don’t have family ties, you might want to be in the heart of a thriving city like Berlin or Geneva. If you’re bringing your family, then the suburbs or the countryside might suit you better.

Moving your belongings and possessions to a new country can seem daunting and if you don’t shop around for the best deal, it might turn out to be pretty costly. Do your research and try to find a company that offers their services at a reasonable rate and can help you with the whole move from start to finish. Otherwise you might have to find several companies to help you with each stage of our move, which is bound to be expensive.

Specialist international removal companies are experts in transportation, packing and customs regulations. Stick with the experts and your move to Germany or elsewhere will be smooth and hassle free.

Learn the Language When Moving Abroad, Expert Advises

There are many preparations that need to be undertaken when people decide they are moving to France, moving to Belgium or heading anywhere else to live.

Writing on Tips from the T-List, blogger Nellie Huang noted that one of the most important things individuals can do is to learn the language of the country they are going to live in.

According to the expert, who is herself a seasoned traveller, this is “essential”.

She commented: “It helps you adapt to the new environment, make friends easily and integrate into [the] community.”

While many people wait until they reach their destination before signing up to an intensive language course, it can be advisable to start the process in advance as this can help make the moving process easier, she suggested.

However, the advantage of taking lessons in the country itself is that individuals are constantly talking to locals and this means they can pick things up quicker.

As well as learning the language, those moving to France, moving to Belgium or heading to other locations should make an effort to join in with the local communities, Ms Huang went on to suggest.

She remarked: “Arriving to a new country alone can be daunting. You seriously do not want to be faced with the question, ‘What am I doing here?’. The best way to get over your initial homesickness is to meet new people and make some friends.”

Going online to discover any groups that are designed to help new people meet each other can assist with this, she pointed out.

Meanwhile, exploring the area and being curious is also beneficial, the expert claimed.

These days, the process of relocating to France or another foreign country may be less daunting than it was in previous times because of the ease of communication afforded by the internet, mobile phones and other technological advances. These allow people to stay in regular contact with loved ones who are situated at home.

Living Abroad Can be ‘Addictive’

Moving to Germany, moving to Switzerland or heading to any other country can be a rewarding experience, it has been noted.

According to a Shelter Offshore article, there is something enchanting about living abroad.

It stated: “The one thing that is … universally true is that when you’re established abroad you discover that most of your fellow expats feel the same as you, and almost no one is in any rush to return to the UK.

“I would even go as far as to say that ‘once an expat, always an expat’ because there really is something addictive about living abroad.”

The news piece went on to claim that once an individual has gone through the challenge of establishing a new life abroad, they know they could do it again if necessary.

“This puts fire in the expat belly and inspires them to move forward and never look back,” it stated.

The article went on to suggest that those who are thinking of moving to Germany, moving to Switzerland or to anywhere else should be warned there may be no going back because once they are in a foreign country, they will discover the “grass really can be greener”.

However, it went on to note that it takes a particular kind of person to make the transition successfully. They have to want to do it, the news provider noted.

When individuals make the decision to live in another country, there are many issues they must deal with before setting off. For example, they will need to sort out accommodation, research the area they will be staying in and make sure all their tax and other financial affairs are in order.

Also, it is advisable for them to take note of the healthcare services available in the area and, if they have children, to find out what sort of educational facilities are available.

Cultural Attractions in Holland

Holland is home to a fantastic variety of cultural sights and sounds, including a wide range of art galleries and museums. These include, in Amsterdam, the Dutch arm of the Hermitage museum in St Petersburg, Russia. Amsterdam is also home to the Rijksmuseum, the most famous paintings of which include masterpieces by Vermeer and Rembrandt’s Night Watch. Also to be found in the city is the Van Gogh Museum. Amsterdam is also big on performing arts, with sites including the Heineken Music Hall, the Stadsschouwburg theatre and a world-class symphony orchestra. The city is also home to a wide range of festivals and events, including the Gay Pride parade of boats in the canals each August.

Outside of Amsterdam, Holland continues to offer a series of cultural attractions. Head to The Hague, where you can visit the Mauritshuis, a former 17th century palace where works by Rembrandt, Vermeer and Jan Steen can be viewed. Alternatively, visit the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag modern art museum, which has a collection consisting of works by Picasso, Kandinsky, Mondrian, Monet and Van Gogh. In nearby Rotterdam, meanwhile, the most obvious arts and cultural hotspot is the Museumpark, where you can find the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, with its collection of art spanning the period from the late Middle Ages until 1945. Music festivals include the “Festival aan de Werf” in Utrecht, in addition to festivals and events dedicated to everything from music, sports, films, art and dance to the humble domino.

Here at European Removal Experts, we can make the process of moving to Holland as stress free as possible. Just contact us today to find out more about moving to Holland. You may wish to use our removal services for moving to Germany, Holland, France or any other European country. Just call us now.

A Year In Europe

Most British Universities offer degrees that require students to spend a year in a European country. Generally the degrees are either language or business based but either way moving to France, moving to Germany, or moving to Holland or whichever country is involved, can be a great adventure. Even with the best intentions of keeping the stuff you take when you are moving to Germany to a minimum you may find that you need to take more than you first thought.

Shipping personal belongings to another European country doesn’t have to break the bank, generally you can find a removals company, like us at European Removal Experts, who will have space for a part-load. This is when they move more than one person’s goods in the same vehicle and because the cost is divided it makes it cheaper when you are moving to France for your year’s experience. If you are moving with friends on the same course then you could get together to move everything in one load and split the costs.

Of course you are likely to find that even if you get there with very little you will pick up rather a lot of stuff in the year that you are there and we often find that we are called in to help people move all their accumulated things back to the UK, after all we do have removal vans going both ways. So you don’t have to give up all those wonderful things you bought you can bring them back to be treasured for a life time. When you are ready to make your move just get it all wrapped and boxed up and we can do the rest for you so you can concentrate on more important things like studying, or a night out in a great bar.