A Year In Europe

Most British Universities offer degrees that require students to spend a year in a European country. Generally the degrees are either language or business based but either way moving to France, moving to Germany, or moving to Holland or whichever country is involved, can be a great adventure. Even with the best intentions of keeping the stuff you take when you are moving to Germany to a minimum you may find that you need to take more than you first thought.

Shipping personal belongings to another European country doesn’t have to break the bank, generally you can find a removals company, like us at European Removal Experts, who will have space for a part-load. This is when they move more than one person’s goods in the same vehicle and because the cost is divided it makes it cheaper when you are moving to France for your year’s experience. If you are moving with friends on the same course then you could get together to move everything in one load and split the costs.

Of course you are likely to find that even if you get there with very little you will pick up rather a lot of stuff in the year that you are there and we often find that we are called in to help people move all their accumulated things back to the UK, after all we do have removal vans going both ways. So you don’t have to give up all those wonderful things you bought you can bring them back to be treasured for a life time. When you are ready to make your move just get it all wrapped and boxed up and we can do the rest for you so you can concentrate on more important things like studying, or a night out in a great bar.

Retiring To The Sun

Regardless of how the pound and the Euro behave there are thousands of British couples who decide to pack up and move to France when they retire. And who can blame them when the pace of living is a little slower, the food is better and in many areas the weather is better throughout the year. Settling into a new country and a new way of life is actually far easier if you have your own things round you so generally when the retirees go abroad they will take the contents of their homes with them.

Moving to France with your own furnishings can be far more cost effective than buying new when you get there and certainly means that the feel of being home can be created immediately. A specialist removal company, like us at European Removal Experts, will take any hassle out of the move and deliver to your new home at a date to suit you rather than us. Our wagons are helping people moving to France every week and we can even offer to move part-loads if you don’t want to take everything when you move.

If the property that you are moving to in France is not immediately habitable we can arrange to store your possessions in the interim so that it can be delivered as and when you are ready to receive it, after all many people buy properties that they are going to either renovate or at least bring up to date. When you are moving to France using the right removal company can make a huge difference to the amount of stress you feel so do make sure that you pick one that has plenty of experience and knows the ropes so that everything goes smoothly to help you ease into your new life.

Moving Around The Global Village

It is becoming more and more common to change jobs or get a promotion at work which will involve moving house not just within the UK, but also throughout the world. When you are moving house onto the European mainland you are highly likely to want to take your furniture and personal belongings with you than to put them in storage. Logistically this is really much easier than you might first think. Generally it does not involve huge amounts of paperwork and it is just like moving house in the UK except that it takes a little longer for the journey.
If you are moving to Germany or perhaps moving to France, two of the most popular mainland Europe destinations, you just need to find a reliable removals company with experience of this type of move, like ourselves at European Removal Experts, who will collect and deliver for you. One thing that you should consider is whether you need your belongings to go into storage at any point, be it a day or a month or two, before they are delivered. When you make your move you may not be going directly to the house you are going to occupy long term so if this applies when you are moving to Germany or any other country it makes sense to use a company that can offer the whole package.
Of course, you may just want to follow the removal van in your own car and that can certainly be arranged. But we find it is more usual for our customers to want to meet us at their new European home. Once the furniture has arrived it can be placed in the correct rooms so that you can unpack and settle into your new home at your leisure, with a minimum of fuss. Bon voyage.

Those Tricky Swiss

Moving to Switzerland is in many ways, very similar to moving to any UK address but with a longer distance to cover. The way in which it differs greatly from a UK house move, or even moving to Germany or France for example is in the need for detailed customs practices to be adhered to.

Switzerland has a fairly unique culture and a high standard of living in a beautiful environment. In order to maintain this, they do have a culture of rules and regulations that can appear prohibitive if you do not understand the correct way to navigate them. This should not be mis-interpreted as a negative statement about Switzerland; it is a very desirable place to live but you are required to respect their rules and regulations. They do have strict customs rules and for a successful move you will need to adhere to them.

The best method to navigate these rules when moving to Switzerland is to use a removal firm that specialises in such international moves and understands these rules and regulations. At European Removal Experts, we possess these credentials and will be able to assist you with any scale of move to the continent. This move may be moving to France, moving to Spain or moving to Switzerland or one of many other European destinations as well as Switzerland.

Some house moves will necessitate a dedicated van and full packing service but others may only require the moving of a select few items. With varying deadlines and schedules for each move, flexibility and a range of moving options is key to being a great removal service provider. We are able to include a period of Long and Short Term Storage with many of our house move options and aim to deliver what you need from your house move experience.

Making Moving Easy

Moving to Germany successfully from the UK can be achieved in many different ways and using many different removal companies. If you want the best chance of a seamless moving experience or if you have special needs such as either modest or grand requirements, we at European Removal Experts believe we can offer the service that you require.

By specialising in moves between the UK and the European continent, we are able to make moving to Germany as seamless as possible. We are a London-based company as this is the perfect location for our operation. We are close to hand for the most densely populated area of the UK and conveniently close to the most common route for travelling between the UK and mainland Europe.

When moving to Germany the types of things that you will need to consider are how you wish to plan your move. Some people will want the entire house move experience to be handled for them from packing to unloading whilst others may select a range of specific items to be moved on their behalf for them and handling the rest themselves.

If renting a furnished property, moving to Germany may simply mean moving your more personal belongings and possibly a certain key piece of furniture without which life would simply not be the same. For these reasons, we offer a variety of services. If cost is an issue, goods can be moved on a shared container basis rather than in a dedicated removal vehicle. Even if you do use a dedicated van, less key items could be moved at a later date using our shared shipments. This may also create a need for storage which is also a service that we offer. A well planned move with an experienced removal firm will make moving to Germany as easy as ABC.

Swiss Timing Not Essential

Moving home is typically considered to be a major undertaking and yet no two moves are the same. Therefore this generalisation does not apply to all house moves. Some house moves involve substantially longer moves than others and some involve substantially more belongings to move than others. Whatever your house move involves, you will want to work with a house removal firm that can deal with both the scale and distance of your move.

At European Removal Experts we are able to manage full service house moves from packing through to delivery at your new property or we can deal with small deliveries of a handful of items by courier and also all scale of removals in-between. In addition to offering fairly typical UK-based services we specialise in removals to Europe offering services for moving to France, moving to Germany and moving to Switzerland in addition to other locations.

Moving to or from Europe requires a little more local knowledge of how certain aspects should be undertaken in particular countries and there are also customs regulation to be navigated. All of this is made so much more straightforward by dealing with an organisation that has experience in these areas.

When moving to Germany, or any of the other countries we operate in, we are able to provide services such as shared deliveries to reduce costs or dedicated man with a van service. Basically, the levels of service that you would expect to be available for a domestic UK house move are also available from a professional company when moving to Germany or moving to France.

Additional services that are available include weekly trips to many European destinations and three weeks of Long and Short Term Storage is included with the service. Storage can often be one of the best facilities for streamlining a house move. This can reduce the pressure to move everything according to a Swiss timetable.

Avoiding Banana Skins

Finding good service providers can occasionally be a bit of a lottery when dealing with straightforward UK based needs. Dealing with customs and excise rules and regulations can typically be a complicated minefield to the uninitiated and moving house is widely considered to be potentially a very stressful experience. If you accept that this is the case n many examples, throw in a second language for good measure and it can easily be accepted that moving to France or moving to Germany does throw a few potential banana skins for you to slip on.

With a well planned house move and some expert help, there is absolutely no reason why a house move does have to be troublesome. The emotional wrench should be the only obstacle to overcome if you have selected your removal firm wisely. When moving to France, the addition of a second language should be a fairly easily tackled challenge if you select a company that specialise in overseas moves. At European Removal Experts, we specialise in house moves to and from continental Europe and the UK. To us, a house move to France or Germany is pretty much our standard practice and will be carried out in a straightforward manner. In addition to providing traditional dedicated van removals you can enjoy specialised transit of valuable or particularly large items and for the cost conscious, shared container space is also offered to our European locations.

Should you be moving to or from Switzerland, our expert help becomes even more important. This is in order to navigate the stringent customs regulations that apply to moving goods in and out of this highly desirable but very conservative country. Choosing a domestic removal company that is willing but inexperienced could just be one of those banana skins under your house move.

All Manner Of Moves

Moving to Europe from the UK can be a rewarding task if you employ the right expert help or a massive headache if you try to wing it. With longer distances to travel than most domestic UK moves in addition to a stretch of water and customs procedures to navigate, expert assistance will not only be worth its weight in gold when it comes to convenience, but it will also provide fiscal benefits through competitive rates.

For your moving to France, moving to Germany or moving to Spain requirements, at European Removal Experts, we have the knowledge, expertise and resources to make your move go according to plan.

We are a London-based company as this puts us in a great location for co-ordinating moves that invariably pass through the south east corner of England.

Our services include dedicated vans, door to door deliveries of small or large loads and also, for the cost conscious with a more flexible deadline, we offer shared space in containers.

Employing an in depth understanding of the customs requirements, which are particularly important when moving to Switzerland, we ensure that you do not arrive at your destination without your belongings, unless this is something you have specifically planned for.

Our services cover all aspects of the removal process and we also offer services such as courier delivery to aid in specialist requirements. Moving house frequently requires the removal of both very large and heavy or very valuable belongings. We consider this to be part and parcel of the removal process and will ensure that whatever needs to happen for you when moving to Europe does happen.

Our basic removal service operates both domestically and between the UK and Europe. Whatever type of removal assistance that you are seeking, it can almost certainly be found with us on a timely basis.

Swiss Timing

Many of us think nothing of travelling to European countries such as France, Germany or Belgium for either business or leisure trips. Membership of the European Union facilitates easy travel and enables many to find employment throughout much of Europe with minimal fuss. Even visits to non European Union countries such as Switzerland are typically very straightforward and usually trouble-free.

Despite the ease of travel between these countries, the prospect of moving to Germany or moving to France involves a bigger commitment. At the best of times, moving house is a significant project. At the worst of times, it can feel one step from disaster at any point. Moving overseas clearly adds another dimension of complication through both the more complex logistics and the added difficulty of customs clearance. Moving to Switzerland places additional challenges in the form of very strict customs rules and also local laws surrounding behaviour in and around your property.

In order to ensure that any move to Europe runs smoothly, and particularly moving to a unique location such as Switzerland it is hugely beneficial to employ the services of a specialist removal firm. At European Removal Experts, we are exactly this specialist company. We are based in London where we are perfectly located to serve the British Isles in their movements of belongings both to and from Europe.

When moving to Switzerland, we can move either full loads in one easy go or smaller deliveries can be made. For smaller deliveries, we offer the capacity to share container space which ensures that the process is as cost effective as possible. It can be beneficial to not receive all of your belongings in one go and partial transport may be a clever way to achieve this when moving to Switzerland.

When utilising expert assistance, moving to Switzerland can run like clockwork.

Don’t Experiment

Any house removal benefits from both previous experience and meticulous planning. Typically, for most of us, the only way to apply experience to the whole process is in the removal company that we select. Many of us will have experience of moving house at least once and quite possibly more, but with these experiences commonly being spread over a period of many years, the knowledge we acquire is not very often put to practical use.

When moving abroad, such as when moving to Germany or moving to Switzerland, the knowledge and experience required becomes even further specialised. At European Removal Experts, our service is aimed at providing a removal service that will navigate the additional complications and pitfalls you may encounter by moving abroad.

When moving to Germany from any location in the British Isles, you can benefit from either dedicated vehicles and an experienced team offering a full removal service to partial loads put into a cost effective shared container, we are able to fulfil these needs.

With vast experience and an in depth knowledge of both customs procedures and the local laws and regulations that may affect your move, we are able to ensure that your belongings move easily between Europe and the UK. In addition to moving to Germany and other European countries, we also cater for removals from Europe back to the UK.

Collections can be arranged from anywhere in the UK and our service offers door to door delivery of either a handful of items which could be either valuable or large and difficult to move or a full house move. Any of these deliveries are handled on a regular basis. What this means is that the safety of your possessions and the swift transportation of them to your new home are regarded as a matter of course.