Moving in With the Neighbours

Every year thousands of Brits emigrate to France, therefore should you be planning on moving to France you can be sure you’ll be in good company. A significant ex-pat community isn’t the only reason why moving to France is a such a “bonne idee” however, and a move to France can open up a whole new world of possibilities.

Let’s face it, us Brits have a pretty bad reputation when it comes to cuisine, and this is probably in part due to the fact that our neighbours are simply world class cooks. If you truly want to experience the best in terms of food then France is the ideal destination.

Admittedly food isn’t the best reason to emigrate, however, but French culture doesn’t just end with haute cuisine. There are many other reasons why France is such an idyllic location, and why moving to France might just be the best decision you’ll ever make.

France is considerably larger than the UK and therefore you will have a wide variety of environments to enjoy should you become a French citizen – rom the stunning Alps to the sun-drenched south of France.

After deciding to formally move and go through the relocating process to get France, one of the most essential things to organise is the tranfer of your belongings. Moving to France with European Removal Experts couldn’t be simpler and we can get your stuff to France on a part load or full load basis, and at affordable rates. So, what are you waiting for?

Ensure You Have a Swift and Easy Relocation to Paris

Moving abroad can be an exciting and/or anxious time, depending on your reasons for moving. If you’re relocating to Paris, then it’s probably more likely to be for professional or business reasons than it is to retire. Paris is a marvellous city – the city of love, but also the nation’s capital and full of the opportunities that a capital city usually has to offer.

In economic terms, Paris represents continental Europe’s largest economy and is responsible for over a quarter of France’s total GDP. Numerous multinational companies have bases there, as well as several financial organisations. The job prospects are also extremely attractive – a 35-hour working week allowing the possibilities in many companies to work longer hours and take the time saved as ‘RTT’ (Réduction du temps de travail) to create a long weekend, and an earlier retirement age than here in the UK.

Having decided that moving to France, and specifically Paris, is for you, there will be a lot to organise. Despite being just over the channel, French cultural traditions do differ from ours and you’ll be well advised to spend some time learning French before you go, particularly if you’ve not yet secured a job offer in Paris. You’ll also need to organise some kind of healthcare insurance. France has one of the best healthcare systems in the world but unlike the NHS, it isn’t free. Your EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) won’t cover you if you’re a resident, so health insurance is a must, even if you’re a healthy person generally – accidents can happen to anyone.

You’ll also need to sort out your accommodation, both here and there. Unfortunately, the city is well known for its expensive accommodation and it may take you a great deal of research to find something affordable and in the right location. If you know where you will be working, don’t worry if your apartment or house is located a fair distance away – just make sure that the transport routes between the two are suitable. Likewise, you could be fairly close and yet not on a convenient metro route.

With most Parisian accommodation being found within the city’s arrondissements, you may not relish the prospect of moving all of your belongings there. In fact, packing and organising removals to anywhere can be a stressful process. That said, moving in to a capital city makes the process harder to organise yourself, as you are unlikely to be taking your own car packed full of possessions – you’ll certainly not find anywhere nearby to park it!

Here at European Removal Experts we provide simple and cost effective removals to France. We also know that when you’re moving abroad, it can be hard to time the moving out of one property with the moving in to another. This is why we offer Long and Short Term Storage for up to two weeks and we can also sell boxes and packing materials if you require them. Our aim is to make the whole process of relocating to Paris as smooth and as easy as possible for you, including providing you with your furniture removal direct to your new door.

Learn French and Make Life Easier

Moving to France is a dream which many of us have. For the majority, it will remain nothing more than a dream, but every year thousands of British people pack up and move across the channel to start a new life. If you are moving to France, are you one of those people who doesn’t bother to learn the language, hoping that you will be able to get by with a mixture of barely remembered phrases from school and hand signals? Or do you think you will meet enough English speaking locals, which means that you will be okay? If so, perhaps you should have a rethink before moving to France.

The reality is, you will find very few people who speak English, particularly in the rural areas. Even if you live in Paris, you will find few French people who are willing to converse in English, even if they are capable! The French are fiercely proud of their language, and just as we do here, they expect foreigners to be able to speak French.

This is one aspect which many who are moving to France from Britain overlook. It’s easy to see why. You can get so carried away with the idea of moving to France that you overlook – or even ignore – the language barrier. You will find it so much easier if you are moving to France to learn just a few basic sentences, so if this sounds like you, book some lessons with a French speaking tutor and you’ll be set for your new life.

5 Top Reasons to Break from the U.K (just for a while, at least!)

Our client base covers everyone from families moving to France for a rustic life amongst olive groves, to young professionals relocating to Zurich for their careers. To say our client book is diverse is an indubitable understatement!

The U.K economy isn’t great right now, which is why heaps of folks are heading to pastures new throughout Europe, be it on a temporary basis or more permanently. Here are five of the top reasons behind some of our recent customers’ relocations to some of the most glorious (and unexpected!) spots on the continent.

1. Career change/job prospects
Travelling for work used to mean moving to the city or adding an hour onto the daily commute. These days, we meet hundreds of folks relocating to France, Belgium, Spain and loads of other promising European locales for work reasons. Contract work and international experience are becoming more attractive to prospective employers. A stint overseas could set you in fantastic stead for a position back home in due course.

2. Quality of family life
According to a 2011 article in the Guardian, the U.K has the worst quality of life in Europe based on cost of living, average holidays per year, number of sunny days, working hours, life expectancy and about ten other deciding factors. One in ten Brits are seriously considering emigration or temporary relocation to another country to access a better standard of living for themselves and their families.

3. A change is as good as a rest
The idea of someone living the same life for their whole life (as most of our parents did) isn’t practical anymore. We don’t typically work for the same company in the same role living in the same house. We travel, we live, we work, we explore and make changes that previous generations couldn’t have easily made. A year living in Bruges – why not?

4. The world is getting smaller
Just a hundred years ago it took two days to get from London to Bristol on a fast horse. The option is still there today, but at less than two hours the train seems more appropriate! The great age of travel has made every corner of the world more accessible for us all, so why not make the most of it?

5. Retirement
It used to mean heading out to pasture in the potting shed, but these days retirement can be the best years of your life! A 2010 article in the Telegraph set Spain high on the list of retiree destinations. In fact, the Mediterranean in general ranked high in terms of affordability, ex-pat integration and quality of life.

Fun in the sun, a great career move or just more time to do the things you like – what’s stopping you? Our removals service extends far and wide over the European continent, making it as easy as possible for folks just like you to pick up, pack up and head off hassle-free!

Spread your Wings with European Removal Experts

One of the wonders of being a member of the European Union is that moving to another European location is not only easy, but it’s welcomed. This makes spreading your wings and enjoying a new life in a brand new country as easy as possible.

At European Removal Experts our removal and courier services operate throughout Europe, so if you’re considering moving to France or moving to Switzerland for example, we have that covered as we serve a wide variety of major European cities.

You might assume that such a ubiquitous service means that we are only able to offer stringent delivery services – but you’d be wrong. No matter where your moving to we are able to offer full or part load services. If fact, we will endeavour to accommodate your delivery requirements whatever the size.

Perhaps you’re moving to France for the haute cuisine but deep down you still want your British staples, such as baked beans or brown sauce. Well, why not take them along with you for the benefits of home as well as your new lifestyle? As even small loads will be delivered at a fantastic cost to a wide variety of European destinations, this is possible with European Removal Experts.

Maybe you’re moving to Switzerland, but your ski equipment just won’t fit in the car. If so, why not call on European Removal Experts to help, as we can transport even large loads from door to door!

So, why not let us at European Removal Experts do what we do best – getting your stuff safely and easily to wherever you need it to go. We can provide you with removals to France quickly and efficiently, making the process simple.

Expert Advice On Moving To France

Moving to France has become increasingly popular with those who are looking for a new life away from all the stresses and strains of modern life in Britain. Many people who are planning on moving to France are attracted by the promise of living in a rural idyll which they may have discovered when they were on holiday.

The Baby Boomer generation are leading the way when it comes to moving abroad. They are now either retired or approaching the day when they can finish work, the prospect of selling the house now the kids have moved out and buying something smaller is an attractive one. Property prices are generally a lot lower in France than they are in Britain, particularly in rural areas, so if you are in the position where you can buy a dream home without having a mortgage around your neck.

If you are serious about relocating to France you will have planned  just about everything by now. At this stage you would have consulted estate agents and solicitors, essential in any move of course, but if you are moving to France you will be aware of the differences in law relating to property sales. Another expert you may need to talk to is the person who will be transporting your belongings when you are moving to France or moving to Switzerland or anywhere else in Europe. This is where European Removal Experts come in. They will be able to deal with your move in a professional manner, leaving you stress free to begin your new life.

5 Tips for Dealing with Homesickness When Moving Abroad


Some folks get homesick when they spend a night away in a hotel, but if you’re taking advantage of our European removals service, it’s likely you’re going to have to deal with more than a few weeks away from your native soil! Homesickness can break even the most hardened of folks, but there are usually enough similarities in each case to make some of the following five tips effective measures against the worst of it.

1. Be aware of the normal cycle of culture shock and homesickness
Most folks find they experience homesickness as a W-curve. Once we’ve tidied up the last of the removal packing materials and you’re free to explore, the honeymoon period begins! This period can last anything from a day to a month or so and it finished off by a gradual slide into melancholy when you begin to miss things like your family and friends, favourite takeaway shop or familiar TV adverts. Gradually this feeling will lift as you adapt to your new home. The next dip usually occurs when you relocate back home and gradually acclimatise again. Be aware of what’s normal for you, especially if you’ve suffered from depression or anxiety in the past.

2. Get involved
Playing an active role in your new home can be daunting, especially if you’ve relocated on your own. But having a friend or two to spend time with can be an exceptionally effective way to deal with homesickness and culture shock. Use personal interests like sports and hobbies to find like-minded people.

3. Talk about it
Sometimes a chat over a nice brew can help the weight of homesickness lift significantly. Don’t call home at every opportunity to complain, you need a support network in the place you’re physically living in. If you’re on a placement, talk to your host family or project organiser. If you’re a professional working abroad for the first time, there are likely protocols within your company for handling culture shock and home sickness. There’s no shame in getting it off your chest!

4. Give yourself time
The rule of thumb is that it takes around five months to really figure out whether you want to be somewhere. It doesn’t matter whether we’re handling removals to Brussels or you’re heading out to the Far East alone; give it five months and then reassess your feelings. Five months isn’t much in the scale of life, and you’ll kick yourself if you go home early and then think “Well it doesn’t seem so bad now I know home is still here!”

5. Stay healthy
Throwing yourself into an ambitious marathon training schedule may not be for everyone, but definitely give yourself a little TLC in the health department. Improving your physical fitness and all-round health (yes, that includes saunas and a bit of pampering!) will give you a real sense of achievement and a positive outlook on your new situation.

Luxembourg Ranks Third for Quality of Life

So what are you waiting for? It was recently hailed as a top financial emerging market by Geneva-based Middle Eastern business, Pictet’s, and Luxembourg also enjoyed the accolade of coming 3rd in 2012 quality of life study carried out by ECA International. The study ranked cities around the world in terms of their quality of life for ex pats. The capital city of Luxembourg –  Luxembourg – rose one place from 2011-2012, only falling behind joint 1st place-ranked Copenhagen and Berne.

The study was compiled using independent surveys and ratings submitted by ex pats in relation to European standards and adjustments, e.g. where can a European feel most at home? Ranking was decided based on scores from categories like social life, leisure, infrastructure, political tension, climate, healthcare services, accommodation, utilities, transport, location, personal safety and culture.

But how do you rank a city for it’s liveability in terms of foreigners residing there in a broader sense? For us, the proof is in the figures. Removals to Luxembourg are exceptionally popular in the current market, especially in terms of relocation for professional reasons. The ECA study also cited Luxembourg as a top business destination. It scored very high in terms of HR considerations like ex pat comfort, familiar resources and all-round ease settling into the new environment. It also took into account things like the origin of the ex pat and their ease settling into the candidate city. This information was then used to score cities on their overall appeal and quality of life.

Want a few more high ranking cities to add to the list? Removals to Germany and surrounding areas are pretty popular; the top ranking cities following Luxembourg are, in  order, Stuttgart, Antwerp, Geneva, Brussels and Dusseldorf.

Something we see a lot in our removals packing services business is people taking a chance. It could be a move to Luxembourg for work, it could be a year studying in Florence or an early retirement on the Riviera. The bottom line is that the world is a large and splendid place. And with us behind you, you could see a little more of it with your own stuff comfortably around you.

And if you need a little push to head out to Luxembourg to enjoy it’s high ranking quality of life, here are a few facts we found to sugar coat the move!

^Several parts of the city of Luxembourg are labelled as UNSECO World Heritage Sites.
^Luxembourgish is the native language and not just a dialect of German.
^Luxembourg has been noted as one of the safest countries in the world on numerous occasions.
^Luxembourgers love to finish a meal with a very strong plum-based drink, eau-de-vie.
^Luxembourg Euros are amongst the rarest in circulation, so keep hold of any you come across and pass them on to a coin collector.
^Most Luxembourgers are fluent in French, German and English.

Making Removals To Italy Simple

Romantic Italy

Italy is a beautiful place to move to and no matter where you are in the country it is full of distinctive architecture and lots of history. A move to Italy can really make for a change of pace that many people long for, or even want to return to after having been in the United Kingdom. Our European removals service is one of the best options for getting all of your belongings back to Italy, no matter whether you are in the South, the midlands or the North of either country. We strive to provide you with quality European removals that can allow you to forget about all of the minutiae that comes with packing belongings.

Any Size Any Time

Many people worry about the size of the objects in their homes, from the small to the large. We have an adaptable service however and can provide piano removals to Italy as well as for only a few boxes of items. We treat everything with absolute care and never treat anybody’s personal belongings as we wouldn’t treat our own. This means absolute respect for privacy and the delicacy of what you are taking. If you are transporting delicate objects like furniture or antiques, it is always best to advise us prior. If you have special requirements for certain belongings these can be arranged beforehand, or alternatively, you can provide any protective packaging and simply notify the driver of the item.

Quality And Care

Each of our drivers is insured to provide the quality removals Italy deserves. This means having thousands of hours of road time across Europe as well as extensive experience regarding traffic, directions and even breakdowns. We are covered across this zone as well, so even if the worst does happen, we can call for help and get things moving again in super-quick time. Unlike other removal companies we will not leave you wondering what is going on and will strive to provide you with a quality of service that gives you the peace of mind to relax on your travels. Of course, your belongings may travel by road but you can travel by air and be sure that your belongings will arrive at the time we say. As members of the Removers And Storers, we always strive to provide you with this level of service.

Extra Help

If you are wanting to store your belongings for a period before moving, then we can offer some unsurpassed deals. We won’t charge you for up to 2 weeks of storage, which can buy you some all important time before or even after collection. Long term storage is typically offered in London and is very competitively priced. If you find that you don’t have enough, or the right type of boxes or packing options at your disposal, we can also offer these. We also use the Eurotunnel to ensure the greatest likelihood that we won’t be held up by bad weather or transport issues beyond our control.

Top tips when moving abroad

Heading overseas to start a new life can be exciting, but there is lots to plan before you can embark on your adventure. For example, you might need to book removals to Europe. After all, trying to settle into your new home without your possessions around you can be tricky.

Here at European Removal Experts we’re specialists when it comes to transporting belongings to destinations around the continent. By taking advantage of our services, you should find the process to be smooth and stress-free.

The appeal of starting again abroad

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph recently, Richard Musty, expatriate banking director at Lloyds TSB International, stated: “We conduct regular surveys among British expats to understand the reasons why people decide to leave the UK. Many people move abroad for job opportunities, but quality of life is also a major factor, and many people are attracted to moving abroad because it offers them a more relaxed way of life, new life experiences or better weather.

“Whatever the reason for their move, our research finds that two-thirds (66 per cent) of expats reported they are happier in their new countries than in the UK.”

Expert advice

He went on to offer some advice that may be of interest to you. For example, Mr Musty remarked: “Anybody moving abroad must have a good understanding of complex issues such as tax status, foreign exchange, local laws and customs, all of which require in-depth research.

“Employers may not always provide all the guidance needed, meaning potential expats themselves must spend a good deal of time planning ahead of a move, ideally six months if possible.”

Financial matters

He went on to point to the importance of sorting out financial matters in advance of any move. For example, you might have to look into the flexibility with which you’ll be able to access your money internationally and it may also be necessary to establish your tax status in your new country.

Other issues

Of course, there are other things to bear in mind. For example, Mr Musty drew attention to the importance of finding goods schools if you’re travelling with children, building a social network and potentially learning a foreign language.

He also noted that it’s necessary to choose a house. Once you’ve got your property sorted, you can arrange furniture removals.

How we can help

Here at European Removal Experts we’re experts when it comes to the transportation of possessions. Whether you’re after removals to France, removals to Belgium or any other such services, we’re perfectly placed to help.

We can take the stress out of these moves and ensure that the process of moving your belongings runs smoothly. We specialise in providing removals to France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy and Holland.

Find out more

If you’re keen to discover more about how we operate and to see whether or not we’re the right firm for you, just take a look around the rest of our website or get in touch with our friendly and professional team by phone or email.