Removals to the Hague - Removals to Holland from UK

Moving to The Hague

The capital city of the province South Holland is called The Hague. Its inhabitants go over 500, 000 and even more in the suburbs. It is ranked third as size, only after Rotterdam and Amsterdam. The city is located to the west of the Netherlands and it is known to be the centre of the Haaglanden conurbation. The Hague is also located in the southwest corner of an even larger conurbation called Randstad.
This is the city where the seat of the Dutch government is and of the parliament. Also here is where the Council of State and the Supreme Court are. Despite being such an obviously important place for politics, it is not the capital of the Netherlands. Even King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands together with Queen Maxima lives at Huis ten Bosch which is the royal palace in The Hague and does his work at the Noordeinde Palace.
There are multiple foreign embassies that are present in the city and around 150 international organisations have made The Hague their home, such as the International Criminal Court and the International Court of Justice. As a result of the multiple organisations and the political influence The Hague has, both in Netherlands and internationally, has made the city an important location for hosting the United Nations and The Hague has become as significant to outside relations as much as other major cities are, such as Tokyo, Vienna, Geneva or New York.
The city life can be mainly found around the Binnenhof and the Hofvijver and that is also where the Parliament is located. The Hague historical inner city has originality in various aspects and it has some different characteristics than the other nearby cities like Delft and Leiden. Unlike those small cities whose streets of the inner centre are cramped and bordered by walls and canals, The Hague has small streets in the city centre that are said to date back to the Middle Ages and some grandiose and magnificent residences built in the 18th-century that were used for diplomats and other important Dutch families. The Hague has a City Hall which is well-known for its impressive build that dates back to the 16th century and a large church from the 15th century, along with several palaces dating back to the 17 century and a Protestant church built around the same time. There are also various buildings that were built in the 18th century and that offer some beautiful scenery to all who pass by them. This contributes to the particular scenery the city has to offer to its inhabitants and visitors alike.
Even for the young generation, the city has various locations where students can hang out, such as the new campus that was built in 2012 of the Leiden University. There are also several major institutions that are important for the cultural part of the city and for the whole experience as a young student, such as the Leiden University College The Hague, The Royal Academy of Art or The Royal Conservatory of The Hague. The city has opportunities for advancement for both young and experienced people and is the perfect place to go to if your desire is to better yourself and to advance to the next stage in your career. As proof of that, there are also various foreign inhabitants who make the city The Hague very diverse from a cultural point of view and it offers multiple foreign shops along with pubs and several foreign cultural events.
The Hague also has two beautiful beach resorts that are always well taken care of. The beach resort called Scheveningen is quite large and is located in the north western part of the city. This beach resort is especially popular among the inhabitants of the city and also among the tourists that pass by. With millions of visitors annually, the beach resort is one of the most popular beach towns in that area, namely the area of Benelux. The other beach resort that is quite well known is in the south western part of The Hague and although it is smaller comparing to Scheveningen, it still attracts many inhabitants of the city due to the beautiful scenery it offers and the great services it provides to each and every one of them.
Another characteristic of the city is the streets found in the older parts of the town, which are wide and long ones, along with low-rise houses that are often found there.
Overall, the layout of The Hague is rather spacious which is something not often found in other Dutch cities and it has various green zones and parks created around natural streams, which make the city a wonderful green city which has a lot to offer to its inhabitants. The canals that can still be found in The Hague are just a few and most of them were already drained by the 19th century.
Moving to The Hague can be a wonderful experience for both you and your family. You can find more than just a political centre, there is always something that you can do to better yourself and you’ll also have a chance to spend some quality time with your family, admiring the nature and the many sightseeing locations that the town has to offer. So don’t hesitate anymore, be brave and make a change: Move to The Hague! Let yourself enjoy the many festivities, institutions and leisurely spend your time embracing the variety the city has to offer. Don’t worry about moving your furniture or belonging because it won’t take long. We can always help you move to The Hagen and we’ll also provide a free quote for you.

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Removals to the Hague  - Removals to Holland from UK

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Removals to Rotterdam - Removals to Holland from UK

Moving to Rotterdam

The second largest city in the Netherlands is Rotterdam. The city is well known for its large ports that are ranked among the top in the world. The city is now a major international commercial centre and it all started when a dam was built back in 1270, on the Rotte River. The city is strategically placed at the Rhine-Meuse-Scheldt delta on the North Sea. The location of the city is also where a major rail, road, inland and air waterway distribution system extends all the way through Europe. As a result of this, Rotterdam is also mentioned under the nickname “Gateway to Europe”.
Rotterdam is located in the province of South Holland, just in the western part of Holland. The city is well known for its architecture, cultural life, universities and the maritime heritage along with beautiful riverside setting.
A striking moment in history that made Rotterdam famous among all is the Rotterdam Blitz. The Rotterdam Blitz was the aerial bombing of the city in 1940, killing thousands. The bombing command was put under serious scrutiny and was a highly controversial matter because just before the bombing happened, negotiations took place and the decision to ceasefire was taken.
Rotterdam is known as having the largest port in Europe that was until 2004 the busiest port too until it got surpassed by Shanghai. The city bases its strategic and commercial importance on the location it occupies, being near the mouth of the New Meuse channel that leads directly into the centre of Europe.
Regarding the Rotterdam architecture, the city has several high-rise buildings that are defining of the city’s skyline. Such one building is the Witte Huis that was completed back in 1989 and reaches the high of 15 meters. Several other buildings were built in the early 20th century that adopted the modern style architecture, such as the clubhouse of the Royal Maas Yacht Club and the Feyenoord football stadium.
After the bombings took place in World War II, along with the lives lost then, many of the old buildings in the centre were destroyed. While rebuilding these, the centre of Rotterdam became a place where ambitious new architecture found its home.
Another famous architectural structure has been built by the architect Piet Blom back in 1984, namely the cube houses. Overall there are many famous architects that are bases in Rotterdam such as Erick van Egeraat and Neutelings & Riedijk.
In Rotterdam there are also several annual events that are only found in the city, such as the largest Caribbean carnival in Europe named the Zomercarnaval. Other examples of these events are the Bavaria City Race which is a formula 1 race that takes place inside the centre of the city or the World Port Days that is actually held in honour of the Port of Rotterdam and it takes place over the course of three whole days.
Rotterdam is also famous for being the home of the Erasmus University which concentrates its studies on education in management, economics and research. Several multinational firms surround the university that is located in the east of the city.
The city also has a strong cultural appeal and was once named as the European Capital of Culture back in 2001. Rotterdam has a grand orchestra named the Rotterdam Philharmonic and several theatres and movie theatres. There is also a major zoo located at the northwest of the city, named Diergaarde Blijdorp.
The city has several important museums that can be visited such as the Netherlands Architecture Institute and the Ethnographic Museum. There is also a historical shipyard and museum known as the Scheepwerf ‘De Delft’. Here you can visit the ship of the line Delft which was reconstructed and opened to the public.
There are various things to do in Rotterdam and many of which are well worth doing. Whatever you might desire to find there you will probably find it if you search a little. So don’t stay on ceremony and start a new stage of your life in Rotterdam. No matter what you have to move to be there, we can move it for you.

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Removals Companies London UK - Removals to France - Removals to Germany - Removals to Switzerland - Removals to HollandEurope Remove is specialised in Removals to Holland with door to door deliveries. We offer Storage and Removal Services at attractive prices and will ensure your moving will take place as a fast paced and secure operation.
We provide a cost effective and reliable service to you. Be it a small or a large number of boxes that needs moving, we can arrange collection of your belongings and relocation, as well as Storage, all only under the best conditions and with highly Qualified Professionals Removers. You can even leave the Packing to us. We will make sure everything will be Packed Securely with only the best Packing Supplies available. If you’re not convinced just use our Free Quote service.
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Removals Company London UK - European Removal Experts - Moving to France, Moving to Switzerland, Moving to Italy, Moving to Netherlands

Removals to Rotterdam - Removals to Holland from UK Photographer: Andre Engels

Moving to Amsterdam

The capital of Netherlands is the most populous city in the country and is called Amsterdam. The status of Amsterdam as a Dutch capital is mandated by the Constitution of the Netherlands and it is not the seat of the Dutch government as many may think. The province where Amsterdam is located is North Holland and it’s situated in the North of the country. Much of the northern part of the Randstad is part of Amsterdam and its population reaches that of seven million.
The name of the city Amsterdam derives from the origin of the city, the name having close resemblance with the word Amstel that means a dam in the river. Although Amsterdam was just a small fishing village back in the 12th century, it quickly flourished as an important port around the 17th century and it was a place where new developments in trade were used often. In that period of time Amsterdam was a leader for both finance and diamonds. As a result of its popularity, Amsterdam expanded in the 19th and 20th century and new neighbourhoods along with suburbs were built. Also, the city has become the cultural centre of Netherlands over the years and many Dutch institutions have had their headquarters built in the city.
Amsterdam is also quite well known for being the home of the oldest stock exchange in the whole world, called Amsterdam Stock exchange. This is situated in the city centre along with other famous attractions, such as the Rijkmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank House and the historic canals among others.
The historic canals found in Amsterdam date back to the 17th century are known under the name of Grachtenfordel and they embrace the city centre. There, behind the canals are where the working class areas of Pijp and Jordan were. The canals have been added to the UNESCO World Geritage List are are among the most famous in the Netherlands.
The city known under the name of Museumplein is where major museums are and there is a 19th century park named Vondelpark thast is named after the famous writer Joost van den Vondel. Also, just outside the GRachtengordel is where the Plantage neighbourhood and its zoo are located.
There are polders surrounding urban areas and part of the city. You can recognise these areas as they have the suffix –meer added to their name, such as Watergraafsmeer, Bijlmermeer and Haarlemmermeer. The suffix actually means lake and that is why it is used for recognising the areas.
Regarding its architecture Amsterdam has a long and rich history. One of the oldest and most famous buildings in the city is the Oude Kerk meaning old church, which was consecrated back in 1306 and is located at the centre of the Wallen. The oldest building made out of wood dates back to 1425 and is located at the Begijnhof, named het Houte Huyz. The building is a great exemple of Gothic architecture and one of the few that uses this architectural style. During the 16th century, many building were constructed using brick, in the Renaissance architectural style. The city adapted its own style based on the Renaissance architectural style, where the architect Hendrick de Keyser had a big deal of influence. The best way to recognise these building is by the stepped gable facades which is a characteristic of the Dutch Renaissance architectural style. A perfect example of these is the Westerkerk, which is a must see for lovers of architecture and not only. Baroque architecture became popular in the 17th century and many building adopted this style early on. An example of such a building is the Royal Palace located on Dam Square. Other architectural styles present in Amsterdam are the neo-Gothic style, the Art-Nouveau style and the Art Deco style.
The focus point of all these architectural style is the old city centre and many of the historic buildings there are houses.
In the city there are a multitude of parks and squares such as the Vondelpark, along with the Amsterdamse Bos, the Ooosterpark and the Westerpark among many others. The open squares found in Amsterdam are themselves very beautiful, such as the Dam Square, the Muntplein and the Spui. These are perfect places to enjoy a sunny afternoon with your friends or family and they are rather famous around the Netherlands for their beauty.
Among all the rich history and culture Amsterdam has many locations for party lovers and plenty of bars where you can hang out after work.
The city offers many things for many people and no matter how picky you are you are sure to find something to do, that you can thoroughly enjoy in the great city, Amsterdam. So waver no more and pack your bags so you can move there. We can help you get all the stress out of moving and let you enjoy yourself without having to worry about such trivial things such as packing or storage.European Removal Experts is specialized in removals to Holland with door to door deliveries. We offer storage and removal services at attractive prices and will ensure your moving will take place as a fast paced and secure operation. We provide a cost effective and reliable service to you. Be it a small or a large number of boxes that needs moving, we can arrange collection of your belongings and relocation, as well as storage, all only under the best conditions and with highly qualified professionals. You can even leave the packing to us. We will make sure everything will be packed securely with only the best packing supplies available. If you’re not convinced just use our free quote service. You can contact us for any questions you might have.

Relocating to Holland

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Removals To Holland and The Benelux

The Benelux countries are a great place to live, each of them having extensive, intriguing histories and beautiful, large cities. Whether you want to move there because of your own history, your career, or out of pure interest, at European Removal Experts we can help you to realise your goals. No matter where you live in the United Kingdom we can offer our premium removals service at highly competitive prices that can really give you some peace of mind. Being able to put your most treasured possessions in the hands of professionals who are dedicated to keeping it safe and providing a top notch service will allow you to focus on more important aspects of the move. Contracts, family and learning about the place you are moving to all need tending to and the more time you have for these things, the better.

We provide removals to Holland, no matter whether you want to move to Amsterdam or Rotterdam. Because we are European Experts in transport, you can have absolute confidence that we will provide everything you need in order to get your possessions to where they need to be in the Netherlands. This includes the sale of boxing and packing materials for long term storage and transport. The last thing you want is for that priceless antique to become another piece of junk simply because of the ill-preparation of a removals company. We can sort out all of the requirements for specialist pieces of furniture like pianos to ensure that they get to where they need to be without any damage.

If you have particularly large items like a full wall cabinet, we have the adaptability in our removal vehicles to accommodate you. Similarly, if you are moving to the UK our services equally apply. We will use the Eurotunnel to go between the UK and the continent because this ensures the safety of your equipment and greatly lessens the chances of frustrating delays. Removals to the Netherlands and all other Benelux countries will be subject to UK clearance. We utilise a simplified procedure that will ensure all transports are not held for long.

Removals to Luxembourg are not as common as the other Benelux countries due to its size, but our prices are equally as competitive. Luxembourg is a quaint country with a population of half a million. It is a very attractive place to move to and we can provide removals via much the same service as to Holland. We can provide short notice services as well as being able to scale our prices to your needs. If you only have a few boxes of personal effects to move, we can provide you with a price that you will find acceptable. On top of this we can also offer courier and parcel delivery services to Luxembourg and the rest of the Benelux. If you want to take the stress out of your move and don’t want to pay over the odds for it, European Removal Experts is your best bet.

5 Reasons Everyone Should Live Abroad Once

We specialise in moving to Holland, Germany and a bunch of other culturally rich European countries. Here are our top five reasons every person should spend at least a little of their life living continental!

1.    Culture is obviously the first thing that springs to mind. Think of the difference between Edinburgh and Devon, Liverpool and Oxford, Rowen (a tiny village in North Wales) and London! Experiencing different culture can open your eyes to the world in a unique way.

2.    Expanding your career horizons. Experiencing different cultures isn’t just for students and the super-rich. With a little planning and dedication it’s possible for pretty much anyone to find a job abroad. It may even be a step down the career ladder, but in terms of adding interest to your CV, living abroad depicts a superb strength of character.

3.    The thrill of the unknown. Call it “fear” if you like. The thrill/fear of relocating to Germany etc. is something that can be incredibly beneficial in life. Not everyone is OK with getting out of their comfort zone, but even something like a few months relocating to Belgium can have an astounding effect on confidence and mindset.

4.    Culinary exploration. Maybe you’re already a well-fed food aficionado, but if you’re more the pie ‘n’ chips type, living another culinary lifestyle can be a wonderful adventure!

5.    Appreciating home. Sure, it rains a lot in the UK and our sports teams are frequently embarrassed, but true appreciation for all things British is certainly a wonderful side to living abroad. You’ll be surprised what you miss most!

Moving to the Netherlands: Essential Reading

There are many reasons to move to Holland. The modern, socially progressive country boasts a high standard of living, a high life expectancy rate, an excellent healthcare system, and a relatively healthy economy. The country also has a great agricultural, maritime, and trading tradition, and is a visual feat with a wonderful mix of modern and postmodern architecture, colourful flower fields, and a dense network of canals.  And if you have children or are planning a family, it worth noting that the Netherlands has an excellent education system right up to university level, and that UNICEF have found Dutch children to be the happiest in the world.

However, relocating to the Netherlands may not be a stress-free experience.  Moving home involves a lot of planning and organising, and moving abroad can involve even more work.  Besides organising the purchase or rental of your new home, finding suitable employment, brushing up your Dutch language skills, booking your flight or ferry tickets, and making sure your passport is up to date, (and perhaps applying for a European Pet Passport for your furry friend), you will also need to arrange for a removals company to arrange for the transportation of your possessions to your new home.

European Removal Experts offers a simple, affordable and professional solution to your removal needs.  The company specialises in Dutch Removals and offers door to door deliveries between the UK and Amsterdam, Amersfoort, and Almere.  Your experience of moving to the Netherlands may be made easier by taking advantage of European Removal Experts’s services.  Why not contact them for a quick and free quote?

When Moving to Holland, Look No Further

A relocation to another country can be an exciting time. The new culture which will be experienced, the landscape of the particular country or coming into contact with a new community means that scenarios which are not witnessed in the UK will be felt by yourself. Every year, moving to Holland has been the choice made by many but before this was done by them the actual physical transportation of their property was required which might have caused them to experience untold levels of stress. However, if they had asked for the services of a professional removal company then this would have been a simpler transition for them.

It you’re moving to Amsterdam with your family or have accepted a job offer which was too good to turn down, no matter what the reason for relocating to Holland is the removal of property to this other country from the UK can be assisted through our services. Depending on the number of items which need to be transported, a variety of van sizes can be supplied which gives peace of mind knowing that there will be plenty of room for all your items.

Moving to the Netherlands can be a stressful time not just for yourself but also your family especially if they are relocating with you as well. Through planning and asking the professionals for assistance allows for every aspect of this experience to be as carefree and as enjoyable as possible. It could be Rotterdam or anywhere but thanks to our assistance, this is more than likely to be another load off your mind.

Let the Experts Handle Your Move Abroad

Moving house is always a stressful occasion because of all the planning that has to go into the move. If you want it to go as smoothly as possible you will have placed smaller items in boxes which are marked with the contents, so when they arrive at the other end you know exactly what is in each box. This is fine with the smaller items in the house, but when you add in the physical aspect of the process – all that shifting and carrying of heavy furniture – and it becomes clear why people are using professionals to do the job for them.

If you are moving to another place in the UK the day can be a bit of an ordeal, so imagine if you are moving to France or moving to Holland to start a new life? There are so many more obstacles to deal with when you are moving abroad, whether you are moving to France to retire to a new life in the country or moving to Holland with your job, so why not let the professionals take care of every aspect of this. All you have to do once your house is cleared is get in the car and make your own way to your new address, where you will meet the team who will then take care of unloading your furniture.

So if you are moving to France or moving to Holland – in fact just about any country in Europe – let the experts take care of the moving process for you.

A Few Facts about Holland

Although Holland has something of a reputation as a free and easy, Bohemian kind of place, full of liberal minded locals who like to experiment with various substances which are illicit in many countries, this is really only the case with Amsterdam. If you’ve spent any time there, you’ll know exactly what I mean, but it would be wrong to think that the rest of the country follows the lead of this particular city. If you are moving to Holland because of work commitments, the chances are you’ll have a pretty good idea of what to expect when you get there.

You may have spent time working in one of the major Dutch cities, and now you have been asked by your company to think about moving to Holland to further your career. If this is the case, you will be getting help with relocation fees and other expenses which you will incur, so make sure that you choose the best company to take care of moving your belongings and furniture when you are moving to Holland, moving to Germany or moving to any European country. European Removal Experts have many years experience in this field and have built themselves an enviable reputation for professionalism. This is what you need when you are moving to Holland. The move itself may be traumatic – particularly if you have young children – so why not make it as easy and as smooth as possible by asking the professionals to take care of the move for you?

Understanding Foreign Culture

If you are looking to move abroad, then it is worthwhile taking some time to understand the culture of that country before you go. Doing so is not just about trying to fit in and not cause offence, but more importantly it is about understanding why certain customs exist and discovering what makes the place you are moving to so unique.

It will also help you to understand how their culture allows them to overcome problems that people living in the country might face, whether they be political, religious, environmental or educational. Understanding the culture will help you fit in, yes, but it will also help you make the most of your new life abroad right from the very start, as well as understanding the great aspects that give life there its true character.

For instance, for those moving to Belgium understanding its cuisine is very important. Whilst moving to Belgium offers one a chance to live amongst one of the most verbose nations in Europe, and one where language barriers will rarely be a problem, they are very passionate about food and certain things may easily offend when you are eating out.

For those moving to Holland, it is wise to remember that appearance is very important to the Dutch, with cleanliness being imperative and modesty an important asset. Shows of wealth or bragging will not find you in favour with the Dutch.

So whether you are moving to Holland or the furthest tip of Spain, take a while to understand the culture and you will find your new home much more inviting and rewarding.