Let the Experts Handle Your Move Abroad

Moving house is always a stressful occasion because of all the planning that has to go into the move. If you want it to go as smoothly as possible you will have placed smaller items in boxes which are marked with the contents, so when they arrive at the other end you know exactly what is in each box. This is fine with the smaller items in the house, but when you add in the physical aspect of the process – all that shifting and carrying of heavy furniture – and it becomes clear why people are using professionals to do the job for them.

If you are moving to another place in the UK the day can be a bit of an ordeal, so imagine if you are moving to France or moving to Holland to start a new life? There are so many more obstacles to deal with when you are moving abroad, whether you are moving to France to retire to a new life in the country or moving to Holland with your job, so why not let the professionals take care of every aspect of this. All you have to do once your house is cleared is get in the car and make your own way to your new address, where you will meet the team who will then take care of unloading your furniture.

So if you are moving to France or moving to Holland – in fact just about any country in Europe – let the experts take care of the moving process for you.

A Few Facts about Holland

Although Holland has something of a reputation as a free and easy, Bohemian kind of place, full of liberal minded locals who like to experiment with various substances which are illicit in many countries, this is really only the case with Amsterdam. If you’ve spent any time there, you’ll know exactly what I mean, but it would be wrong to think that the rest of the country follows the lead of this particular city. If you are moving to Holland because of work commitments, the chances are you’ll have a pretty good idea of what to expect when you get there.

You may have spent time working in one of the major Dutch cities, and now you have been asked by your company to think about moving to Holland to further your career. If this is the case, you will be getting help with relocation fees and other expenses which you will incur, so make sure that you choose the best company to take care of moving your belongings and furniture when you are moving to Holland, moving to Germany or moving to any European country. European Removal Experts have many years experience in this field and have built themselves an enviable reputation for professionalism. This is what you need when you are moving to Holland. The move itself may be traumatic – particularly if you have young children – so why not make it as easy and as smooth as possible by asking the professionals to take care of the move for you?

Understanding Foreign Culture

If you are looking to move abroad, then it is worthwhile taking some time to understand the culture of that country before you go. Doing so is not just about trying to fit in and not cause offence, but more importantly it is about understanding why certain customs exist and discovering what makes the place you are moving to so unique.

It will also help you to understand how their culture allows them to overcome problems that people living in the country might face, whether they be political, religious, environmental or educational. Understanding the culture will help you fit in, yes, but it will also help you make the most of your new life abroad right from the very start, as well as understanding the great aspects that give life there its true character.

For instance, for those moving to Belgium understanding its cuisine is very important. Whilst moving to Belgium offers one a chance to live amongst one of the most verbose nations in Europe, and one where language barriers will rarely be a problem, they are very passionate about food and certain things may easily offend when you are eating out.

For those moving to Holland, it is wise to remember that appearance is very important to the Dutch, with cleanliness being imperative and modesty an important asset. Shows of wealth or bragging will not find you in favour with the Dutch.

So whether you are moving to Holland or the furthest tip of Spain, take a while to understand the culture and you will find your new home much more inviting and rewarding.

Serious About Cycling: The Dutch Love Affair with Bikes

The Dutch do any number of things magnificently (probably why you’re so intent on moving to Holland!) – celebrate festivals, define tulips, nurture a thriving contemporary culture… and ride bicycles!

Moving to Holland – particularly a city like Amsterdam – is likely to mean you getting in touch with your inner-child and politely explaining to them that you’ll, once again, need those childhood skills of bicycle balance!

If you’re considering moving to the Netherlands, you probably already know this – Holland the FLAT. Perfect for low-effort cycling!

Traffic flow tends to be completely tailored to accommodate cyclists. Cycle paths “Fietspads” are generally well marked, extremely well maintained, numerous and include provisions such as distance markers (in km) and stoplights. It’s worth keeping an eye out for mopeds, as some cycle paths allow them. Usually bicycles have the right of way over pedestrians.

Cycle helmets aren’t a legal requirement in Holland (yet), and for the most part folks prefer life without them. Since very little cycling takes place on the main road, safety standards are much higher.

Social Conscience
The lovely ANWB (Dutch Automobile Association) have developed a lovely habit of supplying free bike repair emergency kits in numerous places around the country. They can be found everywhere from bike parking facilities, campsites, restaurants, tourist offices and museums to schools, police stations and libraries!

Easy Frugality
No fuel bills, no tedious parking permits, low environmental impact – a move to Holland sounds brilliant!

Bicycle theft is common in Holland, however violence is not. A replacement bike will set you back roughly £20-£60

International or Dutch: Education in Holland

Moving to Germany your options are pretty simple, however moving to Holland will have you tearing your hair out at the complexity of the Dutch education system! The simple fact (one of the only simple things about education in the Netherlands!) is that education of Holland is all about providing students of all ages with a broad choice of learning, commitment and qualification options.

So, when moving to Holland, what are you legal obligations in terms of children’s education? Under Dutch law, children from ALL nationalities residing in Holland are required to attend school between the ages of five and eighteen years.

International schooling is available at both private and public schools throughout Holland. Both are mostly free, “Private” usually more accurately means “Specialist”. Since 1917, equal state funding has been available to all types of school (e.g. those with particular religious conviction, subject focus, education ideologies etc), increasing the number of privately run establishments significantly.

Choosing the right school for your brood depends on a number of factors; amongst them are length of stay, children’s ages, financial situation, location and study aims. For example, if relocating to Holland with very young children, assimilation into a Dutch-speaking public or private school could help them settle. Older children could reconcile with the move more effectively through education at an International School.

Specific International Special Schools are rare, and entry is usually via referral. However, some international, and many public and private schools, provide Special Needs teachers. Dutch education places great emphasis on educating students with special needs in mainstream schools.

Something in the Water?

Our phone rings – “Hi, I’m moving to Holland soon…” and we’re only too happy to help! “I’m moving to Holland…” enquires are amongst our most numerous requests. But just what is it with tulip country that’s causing all sorts of British folks – young, old, graduate, retiree – to make the jump to the nation of windmills?

Fitting in
Relocating to Holland is arguably one of the safest options in terms of culture shock. Roughly 12% of the Amsterdam’s population is made up of expats, making the expat community in Holland one of the most prolific in Europe.

The façade of windmills, clogs and tulips belies a thriving contemporary culture. The Dutch are people who LOVE their festivals! Everything from flowers and windmills to cycling and the Dutch locales themselves are lovingly honoured with upbeat festivals throughout the year. Art and music festivals such as the wonderful “Festival aan de Werf” in Utrecht are well-run, safe and attracting more patrons every year.

Work and Study

Moving to the Netherlands for educational purposes is a huge trend amongst the UK’s high school and university graduates. Similarly, increasing numbers of jobseekers are finding the Dutch balance between work and play all too irresistible!

They say travel broadens the mind. The reality for most folks is that they don’t want to stray TOO far from home. Nobody says you HAVE to love the country you’re born too though – Just look at Anglophile Gwyneth Paltrow, tennis ace Greg Rusedski, literary father Ernest Hemmingway or fabulous fashion designer Tom Ford!

Holland’s Hidden Gems

The Netherlands is one of the most unique and memorable holiday destinations on the whole planet – let alone Europe. Therefore, anybody that decides to take the plunge by moving to Holland, will find that they are never stuck for amazing places to visit and things to do!

Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, is a famous holiday destination. Whilst it may have a reputation for stag weekends and red light districts  there is actually much more to the city than this, making it one of the most culturally fascinating locations on the planet. For example, you might want to chill out in one of Amsterdam’s many coffee houses, or take a boat ride on one of its famous canals.

Anyone moving to Holland will never be more than a couple of hours train ride from the capital. However, whilst Amsterdam might be the cultural heart of the Netherlands, Holland is much more than its capital, and there is plenty to do and see outside of Amsterdam.

For example, if you want to avoid the hustle and bustle of Amsterdam but still want to experience a city that is quintessentially Dutch, then you’ll absolutely love Utrecht, which is a favourite holiday destination amongst the natives. It is an especially idyllic destination for anybody that loves history, and as the oldest city in Holland and the former imperial residence, it is a destination that is absolutely packed with cultural and historical intrigue – an absolute must visit for anybody relocating to Holland.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, and Holland is a country that is gull of things to see and do for all tastes, and anyone lucky enough to be moving to Holland will encounter a unique country that their bound to fall in love with!

Holland – A Vibrant Country

If you are moving to Holland with your job, or planning to look for a new job when you get there, the chances are you will be relocating to one of the major cities. It will obviously be a major advantage if you speak Dutch, but if you don’t – or perhaps you are in the process of learning the language – then you won’t have to worry too much. In the major cities of Holland, you will find that many people speak English which will make the transition a lot easier for you and your family.

The majority of people who are moving to Holland do so for reasons connected to their job, unlike those who are planning on moving to France, for example. Most of those who go to live in France from the UK are doing so for the lifestyle, perhaps after taking early retirement. The Netherlands is a vibrant country with a relatively sound ecomony – although it has suffered along with just about every country in the world due to the fall out from the credit crunch – and this is the reason why many British people are moving to Holland.

Whatever your reasons are for relocating to Holland, you will want to ensure that the company which handles your move has a professional approach, and this is why people who are relocating choose European Removal Experts. Whether you are moving to Holland, moving to France or moving within the UK, they will make the day go as smoothly as possible, allowing you to focus on the new life you have planned.

Dutch Dreams

Holland is a wonderful country with a very rich culture, a liberal and enlightened attitude to life in general and friendly locals who are proud to welcome visitors and immigrants alike. It is no wonder that moving to Holland is a very attractive option to many British citizens. However, the thought of transporting all of your possessions to a new apartment in Amsterdam, relocating to Rotterdam or deploying in Den Haag can seem daunting.

At European Removal Experts, we can guarantee that relocating to Holland will be a pleasurable and positive experience. Our well maintained fleet of vehicles and professional drivers and removals men will carefully pack and transport all of your items at any location in the United Kingdom and make sure that every single piece of property arrives safely and securely in you new Dutch home. The decision to relocate should not be taken lightly, but once you made a well considered decision in moving to Holland, the last thing you need is any added stress over the thought of possessions and properly being damaged in transit or going missing. Our vast experience of the European transport system allows us to plan all of our routes precisely and ensures that we always choose the quickest but safest routes from A to B, whether you move to Holland or indeed, anywhere else in Europe. We feel confident that you will experience Dutch delights before you know it and any stressful thoughts will quickly evaporate in the ether once you choose to trust our prestigious firm with your removals requirements.


Apparently teenage dreams are hard to beat. It’s doubtful that your teenagers are dreaming of a move to Holland; uprooting and leaving their friends, schools and social life completely behind. But if a great move is on the cards for your family, here’s a little juicy information about Amsterdam to reassure your kids that moving to Holland doesn’t have to be all about clogs and tulips!

Getting Around
The Dutch love bicycles. Simply put, Holland is quite flat so cycling is easy. Cycle paths are numerous and well-used, vehicle drivers are polite, and bicycles are inexpensive. Similarly to Japan, cycling around both your hometown and cities is a common form of transport.

Moving to Holland brings you and your family up against that whole language barrier issue, against which we Brits generally panic and behave like a little group of clucking hens (mostly through embarrassment) until someone speaks to us in English and is they become our new best and most trusted friend. The fact is that the lovely folk of Amsterdam, on the whole, speak some English. Signs, warnings etc are usually written in English too, so the kids aren’t going to feel like they stick out more than giant alien spiders on their adventures.

Entertainment, clubs, music venues, shopping, street fairs, nice big parks to hang out in and moan about society – Amsterdam is very, very much a city for the young. Of course the standard museums etc (are actually anything but standard) exist for you too. Reassuring your teenagers that relocating to Holland is exciting is crucial to everyone’s happiness, so… pre-move trip to Amsterdam anyone?