You Don’t Have to be Wealthy to Live in Switzerland

If you are relocating to Switzerland, you will probably have heard some of the myths surrounding the country. One of these is that only the super rich can afford to live there, and while tax rates differ across the country which means that wealthy people can apply to different regions for their tax status, there are opportunities for us ‘ordinary’ people as well.

Having said that, many celebrities such as Tina Turner, Phil Collins, Lewis Hamilton, Shania Twain, Roger Moore, Yoko Ono and Michael Schumacher have all lived in the country at some point. The friendly tax system is perhaps the main reason which saw them moving to Switzerland, but there are other reasons for moving to this wonderful country, for example the relative lack of crime and the high standard of living.

Lets move away from the rarified atmosphere of the super rich celebrity and look at what Switzerland means for the rest of us. The good news for us mere mortals is that if your company is moving to Switzerland from the UK and you have been offered the chance to continue with your job, you can move to live and work in Switzerland relatively easily. Switzerland is not in the EU which means that it does not have the same rules relating to relocation, so you need to be aware of the process for moving to Switzerland well in advance of your starting date. But keep positive and remember that if you have a job offer, you should be able to get a visa which makes moving to Switzerland a lot easier.

Switzerland – Lessons in Education

Anyone considering moving to Switzerland from the UK will be comforted by the obvious similarities in culture or infrastructure between the  nations, however, there are always going to be differences between European nations – whether its the food or the health care etc. One of the most pertinent differences between European nations are the differences in education standards, and arguably the UK does not have the best reputation when it comes to this important aspect of daily life.

By contrast, Switzerland has a world renowned reputation for education, and therefore this alone could be a great reason for moving to Switzerland; but why exactly is it that the Swiss have an impeccable reputation for education, whereas we don’t?

Well it is perhaps unfair to suggest that the Swiss experience in regards to education is far superior than that of the UK, however there are certainly differences; and therefore if you are moving to Switzerland then you should be prepared for a significantly different way of doing things.

The most immediate thing that you’ll notice is different when moving to Switzerland, is quite obviously, the languages; however, far from being a drawback in Swiss education it is perhaps one of its best features, and arguably the key to Swiss education is the fact that kids are obliged to learn four official languages, which is an organic way to help them develop there mental dexterity from an early age.

The Importance of Preparation When Moving to Switzerland

You’ve just watched a programme on TV that shows how beautiful, cultured and diverse Switzerland is, and you want to experience it for yourself. But you want more than just a holiday, you want to live there, so you start planning your escape in the quickest possible time.

Slow down! Before you dive right into the idea of moving to Switzerland, it’s important to be prepared. Contrary to what you might think, moving abroad takes a huge amount of preparation that can’t all be done overnight.

Moving to Switzerland will involve a number of complex issues. You need to think about the sale of your current house and the purchase of the new one, and what about visas, work permits and residency issues? Have you thought about the language, the locals, the part of Switzerland you want to live in, and what about your possessions?

You need to consider all of these points and many more before you can even begin to think about the reality of relocating to Switzerland. Failing to be properly prepared can leave you unstuck and you could find yourself in a foreign country with no-one to help, so make sure you’re probably organised and that you have experts on hand at every step of the way (such as us here at European Removal Experts).

As you can see, it really is important to be prepared when you’re moving to Switzerland. There are a lot of things you need to think about before you embark on your new life and it’s important you’ve got everything organised before you begin, so no matter how tempting it may be, try not to jump in at the deep end.

Reasons to Relocate

These days, relocation is on the rise. It isn’t hard to see why either as moving abroad can be a fantastic decision, and if you’re thinking of moving yourself here are a few reasons to tip the scales.

• The food. England isn’t always known for its top-class food, but France certainly is. All you gourmets out there will be in your element if you considered moving to France, and you can experience the delights of French cuisine every single day.

• The scenery. We do have some spectacular scenery in the UK, but can it really rival the Alps? If you have a love of skiing or of breathtaking views then moving to France or Switzerland could well be for you.

• The culture. You’ve lived in the UK all your life, so you know what it’s all about. But are you familiar with the cultures of the Netherlands, Switzerland or Germany? If you’d like to experience something completely different, then moving to Holland could be a great idea.

• The way of life. Britain is an incredibly fast paced society, and sometimes it’s nice to just sit back and take stock of everything. By relocating abroad, perhaps by relocating to Holland or Switzerland, you’ll be able to enjoy a much more peaceful way of life – particularly if you choose somewhere off the beaten track.

These are just a few reasons that you should relocate, and there are many more besides. So what are you waiting for? Pick your country and start your new life abroad, and remember to get in touch with us here at European Removal Experts to make the whole process as stress-free as possible.

How to Reduce the Stress of Moving to Switzerland

Moving to Switzerland can be a fantastic time, but it can also be incredibly stressful. All the legal processes can seem like a minefield, and then you’ve got to think about the reality of living there. But there are ways that you can reduce the stress of moving to Switzerland, and these are just a few of them.

• Be prepared. This is probably the most important piece of advice that anyone will be able to give when moving to Switzerland. You need to start planning well in advance of your desired move date, as there’s no way that you can relocate on a whim as there are far too many things to take care of.

• Learn the language. This will make the transition as smooth as possible, as if you’ve spent the time to learn it the locals will be more accommodating and you’ll find it easier to become part of their culture.

• Make sure you have translators on your side when sorting out the details. Although you may be learning the language, it’s still advisable to have a translator on-hand so you don’t have to worry about miscommunication when dealing with, for example, house sales and visas.

• Book removals services well in advance. Professional services can get booked up weeks in advance, and if you don’t want to be in Switzerland with your possessions in the UK make sure to book early.

So, although moving to Switzerland can be stressful, if you bear in mind these tips you’ll find the whole process far easier. Here at European Removal Experts we understand what you’re going through, so come to us to see how we can help.

Moving To Switzerland To Save On Tax

There has been a lot of speculation in the media about tax rises affecting those with a considerable amount of money in the bank, which is why many people maybe thinking about moving to Switzerland. For those who are considering relocating to Switzerland it is important to be aware that you will be required to relinquish your UK residency, so if you are in the enviable position of moving to Switzerland, there are some things regarding the tax consequences you should expect.

If you are moving to Switzerland, you become a tax resident if you are in the country for a minimum period of 30 days and you are working, or you have been in the country for 90 days without working. If you wish to remain a permanent citizen you must apply for a Swiss Residence Permit, and anyone from the European Union will receive beneficial treatment when it comes to obtaining these permits.

Once you are settled after moving to Switzerland, you will be granted a residency permit, but you must live in Switzerland to retain your residency status. If you are unable to spend 180 days a year in the country after relocating to Switzerland, you must ensure you do not spend more time in any one country than you do in Switzerland. Failure to meet these criteria will result in you not being considered as a Swiss resident.

If you are relocating to Switzerland you will of course take the best legal advice, and you will also want the experts to look after your move. We at European Removal Experts are the experts when it comes to looking after those who are moving to Switzerland, moving to Holland, or moving to any country in Europe.

Top Tips On Moving To Switzerland

Whatever your reasons for moving to Switzerland, whether it is for a new job which means you have to relocate, or retirement, you will want to make a move that is as easy as possible. You will already be aware that planning a move to Switzerland entails a lot of work and planning, so here are a few extra little tips which will hopefully make your move that bit easier!

If you are planning to apply for residency in Switzerland, you will have to relinquish your British residency. Don’t forget to let the Inland Revenue know that you are moving. Once you have gone through the process of relocating to Switzerland and are settled, inform the taxation office in Switzerland that you have arrived. Do some research into what this entails, because the last thing you want is to get on the wrong side of the law, which may result with you being hit with a fine.

It may sound silly to point this out, but when you leave your home in the UK, don’t forget to let the relevant utilities companies know that you are no longer a resident at that address. It’s surprising how many people forget to do this, which means they can be caught up in resolving the problem when they are living abroad. And finally, when you are planning the logistics of moving to Switzerland or even moving to Belgium for that matter, don’t forget to get in touch with European Removal Experts, the experts in home moves to locations all over Europe.

Enjoy the Alps – from 7 Countries

The Alps are one of the most staggering of mountain ranges, and for the thrill-seeker are a definite once in a lifetime place to visit; offering not only stunning vistas, but world class ski resorts. However, what you might  not be aware of is that the Alps actually fall into 7 countries, with each side offering a unique experience! If your emigrating, why not consider moving near to the alps? You are certainly spoiled for choice in terms of possible destinations.

If you have ever considered moving to Switzerland, for example, you will surely be aware of the majestic Swiss Alps, which are world renowned for their ski resorts as well as their unrivalled natural beauty. The Swiss Alps also have a whole cultural identity of their own, playing host to a range of languages and picturesque historical towns.

The Italian Alps are also similarly perfect for Skiing, with the stunning Valle d’Aosta being home to some awesome resorts. In the Italian Alps you will also encounter some one half of the famous Mont Blanc, making relocating to Italy a cultured experience.

If you are moving to France then you’ll experience the other half of the Alps, and will be able to enjoy lush green forests against a miraculous backdrop of snowy peaks throughout the year. By moving to France you will also never be more than a train ride away from the heart of the UK, perfect for anyone who wants the best of both worlds: The Alps and Britain.

If you are considering relocating to France, Italy or Switzerland, European Removal Experts’s efficient removals service can help you along the way.

Stunning Switzerland

Anyone who loves to see nature at its absolute wildest and most beautiful has probably already considered moving to Switzerland. If you are emigrating and you’ve not considered moving to Switzerland, here are a few reasons why Switzerland could be an idyllic home.

For anyone with a sporting interest, moving to Switzerland could introduce you to some fabulous environments perfect for all kinds of sport. Winter sports, in particular, are ideally suited to the Swiss Alps, which is home to a wide variety of ski resorts that are not only some of the best in Europe – but some of the best in the world.

Switzerland doesn’t just excel when it comes to winter sports, however, and such is the diversity of the Swiss landscape that as well as the stunning alps there are also majestic lakes and stunning woodlands; always picturesque and full of life whatever the season. Relocating to Switzerland guarantees luxury just outside of your window.

Of course, Switzerland’s beauty isn’t just an untamed wilderness. By moving to Switzerland you will be moving to one of Europe’s most cultured countries, enjoying a unique diversity of languages, such as French, Italian, Swiss German and Romansch – truly a place were the culturally minded can be in their element.

At European Removal Experts we recognise that whilst your destination might be idyllic, often the moving process isn’t. That is why if you’re moving to Switzerland, you can be sure of a service that is at once quick and affordable. No matter what your needs or your location, we are honoured to be delivering you to your new home.

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Removals to Basel

Basel is a city in northwest Switzerland, on the river Rhine, situated at the intersection of the Swiss, French and German borders. Due to this, it has suburbs both in France and in Germany. Its over 170,000 inhabitants make Basel the third most populous city in Switzerland, after Zurich and Geneva. The Basel agglomeration was in 2011 the third largest in Switzerland, with a population of 500,600 in 74 municipalities in Switzerland and an additional 53 in neighbourhood countries. Most of the population (as of 2000) speaks German,Italian being the second most common language and French the third one.

Basel is an important centre for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. The city’s industrial production is focused on pharmaceuticals and specialty chemicals. Companies like: Novartis, Syngenta, Ciba Specialty Chemicals, Clariant, Hoffmann-La Roche, Basilea Pharmaceutica and Actelion are headquartered there. Banking is also of high importance to Basel.

Basel is one of the most important cultural centres of Switzerland, hosting many theatres and museums. The Schola Cantorum Basiliensis, a worldwide centre for research on and performance of music from the Medieval through the Baroque eras, belongs to Basel. Besides plays, Theatre Basel is home to the city’s opera and ballet companies.In 1999 it was chosen as the best stage for German-language performances and in 2009 & 2010 as “Opera of the Year” by German Opera Magazine “Operwelt. Basel also hosts the largest orchestra in Switzerland. The Museum of Fine Arts exhibits the world’s oldest art collection accessible to the public. Basel has the oldest university of the Swiss Confederation, the Basel, founded in 1460.

The city’s cultural life is marked every year by the carnival of the city of Basel (Basler Fasnacht), the biggest carnival in Switzerland, with dozens of fife and drum clubs parade in medieval guild tradition wearing fantastical masks and illuminated lanterns.

Basel is known in Switzerland as a successful sporting city.

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