Crossing the Channel

It was once the case that where the English channel is now,  Britain and France where actually connected by a landmass; therefore we were once essentially one nation. This makes the decision to emigrate to France seem especially sensible, and it is still the case that we and the French share a lot in common, which should make moving to France not too daunting!

Anyone moving to France will immediately realise that whilst there are some obvious cultural differences, there is enough in common between France and England that moving shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. For example, you’ll find all of the high street stores, pretty much all of the food you know and love from England.

The proximity of France also means that if you ever do grow to miss the little idiosyncrasies of Grand Bretagne, you’re never a couple of hours away by Eurostar. This means that it is both practically and financially viable to have the odd weekend visiting your homeland – it’s just like the two nations are linked again!

Of course the beauty of moving to a different nation is that as well as the comforting similarities with your homeland, there is also a wealth of new culture and new experiences on offer. Anyone relocating to France in particular will be greeted by lots of wonderful cultural traits, such as world class art galleries and of course the food!