Ensure You Have a Swift and Easy Relocation to Paris

Moving abroad can be an exciting and/or anxious time, depending on your reasons for moving. If you’re relocating to Paris, then it’s probably more likely to be for professional or business reasons than it is to retire. Paris is a marvellous city – the city of love, but also the nation’s capital and full of the opportunities that a capital city usually has to offer.

In economic terms, Paris represents continental Europe’s largest economy and is responsible for over a quarter of France’s total GDP. Numerous multinational companies have bases there, as well as several financial organisations. The job prospects are also extremely attractive – a 35-hour working week allowing the possibilities in many companies to work longer hours and take the time saved as ‘RTT’ (Réduction du temps de travail) to create a long weekend, and an earlier retirement age than here in the UK.

Having decided that moving to France, and specifically Paris, is for you, there will be a lot to organise. Despite being just over the channel, French cultural traditions do differ from ours and you’ll be well advised to spend some time learning French before you go, particularly if you’ve not yet secured a job offer in Paris. You’ll also need to organise some kind of healthcare insurance. France has one of the best healthcare systems in the world but unlike the NHS, it isn’t free. Your EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) won’t cover you if you’re a resident, so health insurance is a must, even if you’re a healthy person generally – accidents can happen to anyone.

You’ll also need to sort out your accommodation, both here and there. Unfortunately, the city is well known for its expensive accommodation and it may take you a great deal of research to find something affordable and in the right location. If you know where you will be working, don’t worry if your apartment or house is located a fair distance away – just make sure that the transport routes between the two are suitable. Likewise, you could be fairly close and yet not on a convenient metro route.

With most Parisian accommodation being found within the city’s arrondissements, you may not relish the prospect of moving all of your belongings there. In fact, packing and organising removals to anywhere can be a stressful process. That said, moving in to a capital city makes the process harder to organise yourself, as you are unlikely to be taking your own car packed full of possessions – you’ll certainly not find anywhere nearby to park it!

Here at European Removal Experts we provide simple and cost effective removals to France. We also know that when you’re moving abroad, it can be hard to time the moving out of one property with the moving in to another. This is why we offer Long and Short Term Storage for up to two weeks and we can also sell boxes and packing materials if you require them. Our aim is to make the whole process of relocating to Paris as smooth and as easy as possible for you, including providing you with your furniture removal direct to your new door.