Europe – The World's Finest Cuisine

Europe – The World’s Finest Cuisine

Of course great food is perhaps not the most pertinent factor for anyone considering moving to France or moving to Sweden; however, there is something comforting in knowing that your new home knows good food! Luckily, pretty much every European nation is well versed in the art of cuisine, with even notoriously non-gastro nations serving up world beating food nowadays.

Belgian Bites

Belgium is an incredibly culturally diverse place, with the capital Brussels being officially trilingual, this is well reflected in its cuisines and not only does Belgium offer over 800 kinds of beer, as well as delicious chocolate, but it also offers a unique haute cuisine, influenced by its French neighbours. This means that anyone moving to Belgium will discover not only an intriguing European culture but also world class food.

German Dining

Just like England, Germany has had to work hard to shake off its stereotype as one of the less gastronomical nations in Europe, and these days it is known for its truly cosmopolitan restaurant culture. Of course it still retains its unique food heritage, and some of the finest food you’ll find in Germany is based on traditional German dishes, such as Goulasch or roast wild boar.

French Finesse

Of course, if you do follow your stomach as much as your heart, then you may find it hard to resist relocating to France, and not only is it England’s neighbour, but it is also known as the gastronomical capital of the world, and is packed full of world beating restaurants such as Le Chateaubriand; and whether you’re moving to France for the cuisine or not, there is something comforting in knowing that your homeland knows how to cook and boy does France know how to cook!