European Capitals: The Best in the World

Europe has a lot of things going for it – liberal attitudes, a rich cultural heritage – however, the shinning stars in the European experience have to be its capitals, which, quite frankly, are some of the best capital cities on the entire planet.


Anyone considering moving to Germany should really consider Berlin. As not only is it at geographical centre of the whole of Europe, but it is also a bonafide cultural epicentre in its own right; and with world beating nightlife and 153 museums, Berlin truly is a world capital of culture.


Whilst capitals like London or Berlin are world renowned, Europe is also home to less well known but equally fulfilling capital cities; the best of these less pronounced gems is arguably Amsterdam – why? Well whilst it has a cultural heritage to rival any other city in Europe, it really shines when it comes to nightlife. And as the most laid back capital in the world, anyone moving to Holland should really consider moving to Amsterdam.


Great capitals will speak to you on a deeply personal level, and therefore everyone will have their own favorites, and their own reasons for it being their favourite – however, a sure contender for the best capital on the planet has to be Paris, with its cultural landmarks such as the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower, as well as that certain “je ne sais quoi” that makes a truly great capital.

At European Removal Experts whether you moving to Germany to live an artists life in Berlin or moving to Holland to live the high life in Amsterdam, we like to think we take the hassle out of moving day – getting you there to start your new life as you mean to go on.