Making Removals To Italy Simple

Romantic Italy

Italy is a beautiful place to move to and no matter where you are in the country it is full of distinctive architecture and lots of history. A move to Italy can really make for a change of pace that many people long for, or even want to return to after having been in the United Kingdom. Our European removals service is one of the best options for getting all of your belongings back to Italy, no matter whether you are in the South, the midlands or the North of either country. We strive to provide you with quality European removals that can allow you to forget about all of the minutiae that comes with packing belongings.

Any Size Any Time

Many people worry about the size of the objects in their homes, from the small to the large. We have an adaptable service however and can provide piano removals to Italy as well as for only a few boxes of items. We treat everything with absolute care and never treat anybody’s personal belongings as we wouldn’t treat our own. This means absolute respect for privacy and the delicacy of what you are taking. If you are transporting delicate objects like furniture or antiques, it is always best to advise us prior. If you have special requirements for certain belongings these can be arranged beforehand, or alternatively, you can provide any protective packaging and simply notify the driver of the item.

Quality And Care

Each of our drivers is insured to provide the quality removals Italy deserves. This means having thousands of hours of road time across Europe as well as extensive experience regarding traffic, directions and even breakdowns. We are covered across this zone as well, so even if the worst does happen, we can call for help and get things moving again in super-quick time. Unlike other removal companies we will not leave you wondering what is going on and will strive to provide you with a quality of service that gives you the peace of mind to relax on your travels. Of course, your belongings may travel by road but you can travel by air and be sure that your belongings will arrive at the time we say. As members of the Removers And Storers, we always strive to provide you with this level of service.

Extra Help

If you are wanting to store your belongings for a period before moving, then we can offer some unsurpassed deals. We won’t charge you for up to 2 weeks of storage, which can buy you some all important time before or even after collection. Long term storage is typically offered in London and is very competitively priced. If you find that you don’t have enough, or the right type of boxes or packing options at your disposal, we can also offer these. We also use the Eurotunnel to ensure the greatest likelihood that we won’t be held up by bad weather or transport issues beyond our control.