Moving Around The Global Village

It is becoming more and more common to change jobs or get a promotion at work which will involve moving house not just within the UK, but also throughout the world. When you are moving house onto the European mainland you are highly likely to want to take your furniture and personal belongings with you than to put them in storage. Logistically this is really much easier than you might first think. Generally it does not involve huge amounts of paperwork and it is just like moving house in the UK except that it takes a little longer for the journey.
If you are moving to Germany or perhaps moving to France, two of the most popular mainland Europe destinations, you just need to find a reliable removals company with experience of this type of move, like ourselves at European Removal Experts, who will collect and deliver for you. One thing that you should consider is whether you need your belongings to go into storage at any point, be it a day or a month or two, before they are delivered. When you make your move you may not be going directly to the house you are going to occupy long term so if this applies when you are moving to Germany or any other country it makes sense to use a company that can offer the whole package.
Of course, you may just want to follow the removal van in your own car and that can certainly be arranged. But we find it is more usual for our customers to want to meet us at their new European home. Once the furniture has arrived it can be placed in the correct rooms so that you can unpack and settle into your new home at your leisure, with a minimum of fuss. Bon voyage.