Moving To A French-Speaking Country

If you are planning to move to a French speaking country, you’ll definitely want to learn the language. But you should keep in mind that while there are many countries for which French is the primary language, there are also many different verities of French that are spoken.

For instance, the French that is spoken in Quebec Canada is quite different to that of Parisian French. If you are relocating to France, but you have studied French in Canada, you may have some difficulty adjusting to the differences. The accent will be slightly different, some words will be different, etc.

The same is true of places like New Orleans, Belgium, and some French-speaking African countries. While the basics are the same, there are enough differences in the variations of the language that you may find some adjusting is in order.

So, whether you are moving to France, moving to Belgium, or moving to any number of other French-speaking countries or cities, it’s best to study the language that is spoken locally, even if it’s harder to find the materials you need.

Look for a tutor who is from the place you plan to move to. You could even try using a social networking web site to find someone who is from that place. Try local universities to find out if they offer courses, but look further afield as well.

To thrive in a foreign country, no matter where that may be, you will need to be able to communicate, and communicate well, with the people around you.