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Moving to Aquitaine

Many have chosen over the years to move to Aquitaine also known as Guienne in the south-west part of metropolitan France. Aquitaine is situated along the Pyrenees mountain range and the Atlantic Ocean. The city has five departments, namely Lot et Garonne, Landes, Dorogne, Gironde and Pyrenees-Atlantiques and it was once a duchy and a kingdom whose boarders significantly fluctuated in the Middle Ages.
Until the 1453, when the Hundred Years’ War ended, Aquitaine was kept as an English town, but then it was annexed to France. Many might know the city under the name of Guyenne as it was cold until the French Revolution.
The Protestant Huguenots use the city as a stronghold during the 16th and 17th century, and because the Huguenots were persecuted by the Roman Catholic Church, they called upon the English crown for assistance.
In Aquitaine there are many locations that attract tourists and locals alike, and the town is well known for its many successful sport teams.
The city is the home to famous football teams such as Pau FC and FC Libourne-Saint-Seurin and even rugby teams out of which there are the SU Agen and US Dax. The city even has one of the most successful basketball clubs in France, the Elan Bearnais Pau-Orthez. There are various sport activities that take place in Aquitaine such as bull-fighting and major Surfing Championships are hosted on its coast.
There are also famous locations that are worth every minute of your time, such as the Cordouan Lighthouse that is recognised as a historic monument, measuring up to 68 meters in height, and which keeps watch at the Gironde Estuary. The lighthouse is said to have been standing since the Middle Ages.
Another romantic location that can keep you dreaming is the route from the Notre Dame chapel, to the lantern room and then to the King’s apartment also known under the name of Versailles of the Sea and which measures 311 steps, is well-known to the locals and internationally.
If you’re a lover of history, the many streets and museums found in the Bordeaux will offer you unforgettable experiences. Bordeaux is the capital of the region Aquitaine. Along with the Gallo-Roman amphitheatre vestiges called Palais Gallen, to the CAPC which offer contemporary exhibitions. The city also has facades dating back to the 18th century and situated along the quaysides that offers the city an exciting atmosphere and charm. Bordeaux is on the official list of world heritage sites of the UNESCO since 2007.
Saint Emilion is a commune in the Gironde department and it also presents to the public a medieval monolithic church registered as a World Heritage as well.
There are many places to visit for a chance to enjoy yourself, such as the Dune du Pilat as well as the Bay of Arcachon which are a must see for everyone who ever passes by there.
There is also the castle named Chateau de Bonaguil in Lot-et-Garonne. The fortified castle was built in the 13th century and expanded until the 18th and it’s been listed as a historic monument which has been well-preserved. The castle follows the military techniques history and it has impressive proportions.
The fortified village in Perigord named the Monpazier and La Roque-Gadeac are members of the Les Plus Beaux Villages de France association, meaning they are some of the most beautiful villages in France.
If you like to party you can even find that here, in Sarlat, where all of the charms of Perigord assemble, and by mixing dynamism with traditionalism it offers everything from cinema and music festivals to truffle markets for your enjoyment. Close to this there is also the site, dating back to prehistoric times, of the Valley of Humanity. All in all you can find everything you need or want in Aquitaine so don’t hesitate to follow your heart. Don’t worry about all the packing and moving because we are here to help you.

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