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Moving to Berlin

How Moving to Berlin Should be Done.

Thinking about moving to Berlin, strolling and becoming mesmerized by the great sights it has to offer? How would you have to go about that?

Berlin is Germany’s largest city. It ranks second place as most populous city proper and is well known for its numerous cultural institutions such as the Museum Island or the Gemäldegalerie which paintings displayed are those of  the “old masters “ and even the Deutsches Theater in Mitte. These all stand proud as legacy and proof of the long history Berlin has.

When you’ve decided to move to Berlin you will not only establish yourself in Germany’s historic capital but as an added bonus you will be able to experience the active, ever changing arts and music scene. Moving to Berlin, you will be introduced to a cosmopolitan capital where you’ll be encircled by so many different cultures that you might feel overpowered. Nevertheless, this offers you a great chance to experience exciting and new activities of a wide range.

Many people advise moving to Berlin during summer to truly partake in all the colorful experienced offered to you. From the lovely cafes and renowned restaurants to the buzzing nightlife that entices you, adding fuel to the raging love you’re starting to feel for Berlin.

When trying to decide in which part of Berlin you want to move in keep in mind that the historic capital is now subdivided in 12 districts. Each one of them has several neighborhoods you may choose from. People feel strongly about their own neighborhoods and identify with them. Therefore choosing in which part of Berlin you want to live is a most important task.

A neighborhood that is family friendly is Prenzlauer Berg in East Berlin. Everyone agrees that this place is annoyingly nice. You can encounter many well-off families here since it’s so wealthy. Although a wonderful place to raise a family or just enjoy life to its fullest, it is also quite expensive.

A trendy neighborhood is Kreuzberg in West Berlin since it’s bustling with students and well-known counterculture hangouts

such as Görlitzer Park. Kreuzberg is considered to release a certain amount of bohemian allure that can continuously attract people.

When talking about Charlottenburg, Zehlendorf or Grunewald you think of leisurely-spent days with your children passing time by strolling between the grocery stores and the summer waters only to return to a gorgeous villa. Although this might seem boring to some, it does have a certain charm that attracts rich older people who want to spend their time in a bourgeois environment. These are perfect for up-market business.

An immigrant neighborhood is what Neukölln is said to be. Usually home of the traditional working class, now is flourishing into a “respectable” place to live. Of course, as the rating gets higher, the prices raise with it so it is not such of a cheap place to leave in now a days. It is now slowly but surely being colonized.

These are just some of the choices you might confront yourself with but a better documentation is in order because the size of Berlin is no joke, and with this comes great diversity. So be aware of the perfect place to move.

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Removals to Berlin - Removals to Germany from UK