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The Centre region is located southwest of Paris and it contains a rather big part of the Loire Valley along with areas in the north and south.
The Centre region is considered the centre of northern France and it has as neighbours Normandy, Poitou and Pays de la Loire to the west and Burgundy along with the Paris region to the east. The regional capital of Centre is Orleans.
The Centre region is the heart of historic France and is divided into six departments, namely the Loiret, the Loir et Cher, the Cher, the Indre, the Indre et Loire and the Eure et Loir.
One of the historic breadbaskets of France is at the north of the region, named Beauce. The Beause is a great plateau adorned with vast fields and a picturesque landscape. Its main city is called Chartes and it is the home of a grandiose cathedral built early in the history of France with a Gothic architecture. In the middle of the region one can find the valleys of the Loire River. During the Middle Ages and the Reinasance the area was populated by many of the dukes and kings of France which came and built grand castles out of which the most famous one is the Chateux de la Loire. Other such beautifully constructed castles are the Blois or Chenoceaux, Chambord and Azay le Rideau.
In the space between Blois, Orleans and Vierzon is located a large area of heathland and forests named La Sologne. This was the place where the nobility came and went hunting. Today it is well known for what it has to offer to hikers and nature lovers as well as hunters.
The valley under the name of Loire has various vineyards where white wines are produced, these includes the sparkling white of Vouvray and Touraine. Other such vineyards are the Valencay, the Pouilly-Fume and the Sancerre. These are all well-known wines and are famous around the world for their exquisite taste.
The Centre region rises towards the hills Auvergne and Limousin in the south and south-east. This area is named le Berry and has various agricultural areas where farming takes place. Having a historic centre, the capital is of the area is called the city of Bourges and it is one of the most famous wetlands in France.
The northern part of the region is influenced by its proximity to Paris and has had various economical benefits. This part of the Centre region has developed great transport links to the capital which only helps in its economical development. The transportation links are well-known for their express trains to major cities and direct motorways that lead to Paris. The cities located in the Loire valley have development and are now major centres of high-tech and pharmaceutical industries, and in the north of the region there was a bloom in the cosmetics industry, making it one of the important centres of cosmetic manufacturing in France.
The centre of France is said to be at a spot in the commune of Saint Armand- Montrond but it is always debatable between the north of the Auvergne and the south of the Centre region.
There are many places to visit when in the Centre region of France, out of which some are the regional capital, Orleans, which is a historic city, along with Blois on the northern shore of the Loire. Blois has a grand Renaissance castle which is renowned for its beautiful architecture.
Other great locations to visit are the historic centre in the Bourges and the one in Tours. There is also a gothic cathedral that is famous in France, located in Chartres. A walk near the vineyards and on the banks of the Loire River can make any day better.
If you’re into architecture, then visiting the many castles the region has to offer is a must. The most beautiful and famous ones are in the Loire area and besides them there are also many others which you can admire, such as Ambroise, Langeais and Rigny-Usse among others.
There is also La Brenne where you can visit especially if you’re a fan of lakes and various birds that inhabit the area.
There are various other points of interest in the Centre region of France and it’s impossible to see it all when you’re just visiting. Now if you decide to move to Centre it’s another story. You can take your time and enjoy the wonders and landscapes the Centre region has to offer. Here is where we can help.

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