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Located in the northeast of the country is another one of the 27 regions of France named Champagne-Ardenne. The region has as a neighbour the border to Belgium and has four departments named Marne, Ardennes, Aube and Haute Marne. The regions has three rivers that flow west, the Marne, the Aisne and the Seine and one that flows north named Meuse. Champagne-Ardenne is well known for its sparkling white wine and its capital is Chalons–en–Champagne.
The Langres Plateau is situated south of the Champagne-Ardenne region and it reaches an elevation of more than 450 metres. This area is part of the department of Haute Marne and together with other limestone highlands is considered to be top ranked in regards to forested areas in France. In the west one can find the platform of Champagne-Ardenne which is transverse by the Seine and Aube river valleys. These valleys cut though the limestone hills called Cote de Bars Also, in the same region there is the Argonne Massif in the north which is drained by the river Aisne.
The Champagne-Ardenne region is not vastly populated unlike other areas mainly because many have emigrated to Lorraine and Paris back in 1901 and until 1946 due to employment search in the coal and steel industries. Until the end of the century the growing population flattened bellow a national average due to a new wave of migration.
In the Champagne-Ardenne region there are many farms as it is a rich and vast agricultural area. The farms are capital-intensive and the cultivation is made in a mechanized fashion on a wide scale. The region main crops that are cultivated are cereals, like barley and wheat, along others such as legumes, sugar beets, oleaginous plants and alfalfa. The Champagne-Ardenne is famous for its table wine and white sparkling wine of which large quantities are produced every year. The champagne industry is a major employer in the areas around Reims and Epernav and the white sparkling wine industry is rather famous as well as economically important. In the Epernav region, just east of it the famous Dom Pierre Perignon was born in 1638. He was born in Sainte-Menehould and was the one to invent the process of making champagne sparkle.
There are several traditional industries like the textiles around the Troyes and in the Meuse valley that have seen a steady decline. Also in the same category is metalworking which is centred in the Haute Marne and Ardennes departments and whose importance got lower over the years. Although some industries declined there are also new industries that started which in turn helped the economy of the Champagne-Ardenne region, such as food and beverage processing along with automobile components and plastics industries.
Nevertheless, because of the great amount of champagne production, several other industries flourished in the Champagne-Ardenne region, for example the packing, glass and chemical industries along with the printing industries. There are directly tied to the white sparkling wine production and it allowed the economy to stay strong despite the decline of the traditional industries.
In spite of the fact that the region is widely used for industry related tasks, there is still some pull for tourists, thanks to several beautiful and grand constructions. Some examples of famous locations where one could visit are the Reims Cathedral, the fortified city of Langres and the basilica of l’Epine. The Reims Cathedral was constructed in the 13th century using Gothic architecture and it is considered one of the most exquisite churches in France. The fortified city of Langres has been situated in the Champagne-Ardenne region from around the second century and it still stands proud as a monument to the history of the region.
Because of the high traffic of industry related items and the charm the region displays to the tourists and the locals, new motorways have been constructed that pass across the Champagne-Ardenne region which has in turn increased accessibility throughout the region.
During its long history the Champagne-Ardenne region was the central stage of multiple battles since the French Revolution and it was even the place where the Battle of the Bulge took place, which was the final action back in 1944 on the offensive side by the Germans. Other famous battles include the Battle of Ardennes in World War I along with those in the Franco-German War and in the campaign back in 1794.
The Champagne-Ardenne region offers to show those who are interested a part of history with its impressive constructions but it doesn’t stop there. If you ever think of moving to the Champagne-Ardenne region you can be sure there will be opportunities for employment along with various possibilities for those who want to succeed in the industries that are blooming there. If after a day at work you like to enjoy yourself with what this region has to offer then it is recommended to move to Champagne-Ardenne. We can help you get over there fast and without much of a fuss.

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