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Moving to Dresden

Discover the wonderful city Dresden.

Dresden is located in a valley on the Elbe River. The Dresden urban sprawl is the capital city of the Free State of Saxony in Germany. Dresden was used as the residence for the electors and King of Saxon over its long history as a capital and was known as the Jewel Box because of its city centre comprised of rococo and baroque style. It is a wonderful city to visit for its cultural and artistic magnificence. During the years, historic changes took place and after the restoration of some of the historic inner city, Dresden became once again an important centre of Germany and Europe in regard with education, culture, politics and economics.

Dresden districts differ in appearance and structure and the city is known to be roomy and vast. Some of the quarters are trying to keep their rural settings while other still have an old village heart. Some of the things that characterize the urban areas are the scattered housing from the former suburbs and the historic city outskirts that were build around the 18 century. Dresden is now divided into ten districts but it still keeps another nine former boroughs that have been integrated.

Dresden is composed of many city quarters and a domineering part of these is the multiple historic dwelling units. Part of the cities many quarters you will often find many large villas that stand out. The most famous of the historic dwelling units are Pillnitz, Blasewitz and Loschwitz.

Dresden is ranked as the tenth fastest growing cities in Germany thanks to a stabilized economy and re-urbanisation, same as Munich and Potsdam.

The city is home to some important art collections and it’s striving to regain its cultural importance it held before. It still contains some world famous musical ensemble and it rebuilt many significant building from different architectural periods.

When searching for a way to spend time in Dresden you can always opt for going to one of the smaller theatres run by the Dresden State Theatre or maybe drop by the Semperoper of the Saxon State Opera or the concert hall of the Saxon State Orchestra. Dresden even has its own Dresden Philarmonic Orchestra that was founded in 1970.

During the summer, you can participate in the outdoor concert series held in Zwingerdof, named Zwingerkonzerte und Mehr or visit the yearly cultural festival celebrated in June named Bunte Republik Neustadt.

The Dresden Art Colection is hosted by the city and it’s comprised of twelve museums, such as the Green Vault and the Old Masters Gallery. Art enthusiasts can also visit the New Masters Gallery, the Museum of ethnology and the Armoury.

The city also runs the Dresden City Museum that centres on the city’s history and it prides itself with the famous Dresden Codex that is displayed at the museum of Saxon State Library.

The variety of styles that can be found is Dresden can be overwhelming and the best example for this is the Dresden Castle which, after being  restored and added to so many times, it offers a unique view because of the elements that belong to the Classicist, Baroque and Renaissance style.

There is also the Zwinger Palace that stands across from the Dresden Castle which was transformed to a royal art collection centre and a location where festivals could take place.  It’s most famous feature is the gate by the fosse which on top has a golden crown.

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