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Moving to Île-de-France

The most populated and wealthiest region of France is Ile-de-France meaning “Island of France”. The region was created back in 1961 as the “District of Paris Region” and then renamed in 1976 as Ile-de-France. At the same time, the administrative status that the region had has been aligned by following the guide of the other administrative regions in France created back in 1972. Although the name is now recognized officially, some lingering feelings still remain attached to the name from before, and as a result of that, people still refer to Ile-de-France sometimes at Region Parisienne or Paris Region. The region mainly consists of the Paris metropolitan area and that is another reason why the old name still sticks to the region.
Ile-de-France as stated before is the most populated region in France, reaching to a total of 11.7 million inhabitants and rising. This rise is referred to as “Franciliens”. This word has been used since the 1980’s when it was created to refer specifically to this kind of situation. The number of inhabitants Ile-de-France has is easily comparable to that of the state of Ohio in U.S. The population number even exceeds other countries such as Finland, Belgium, Portugal, Greece, Austria, Sweden or Norway. The massive population is ranked as third in the European Union in regards with country subdivisions right after Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia.
If you’ve ever wanted to move to Ile-de-France and you didn’t have any reasons to do so, just think of all the economical and social opportunities are waiting for you there. Don’t hesitate any more, relocate to Ile-de-France to start a new life!

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