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Moving to Münster has never been easier!

In the North Rhine-Westphalia, in Germany, there is an independent city called Münster. The name Münster is derived from the Greek word meaning monastery. The city is said to be the cultural centre of Westphalia and is located in the northern part of the state. Münster is also the capital of Münsterland governmental region.  In this city took place the Anabaptist rebellion which was during the Protestant Reformation and also it is where the Treaty of Westphalia was signed in 1648, ending the Thirty Years’ War. In modern times, Münster is well-known as the bicycle capital of Germany.

Münster is considered a major city since 1915 because of the high number of people living in it. Now-a-days the number of people staying in Münster are around 270, 000 of which a lot are students.

When visiting Münster there are several well-known locations you must go to. One such location is St. Paul’s Cathedral which is built in mixture of late Romanesque and early Gothic styles and that was constructed in the early 13th century.  During World War II, the building was heavily damaged but was later fully restored. The building has an astronomical clock decorated with zodiac signs painted by hand and that reproduces the movements of the planet. The clock also plays a Glockenspiel tune every day at noon.

The main shopping street in the town’s centre, the Prinzipalmarkt is adorned with a Gothic style Town Hall built in the 14th century. This is where the Peace of Westphalia treaty was signed.

A more morbid history has the St. Lambert’s Church, built in 1375 and that has three cages suspended from its tower where corpses of Jan van Leiden and other leaders of the Münster Rebellion were displayed. These people used to promote polygamy and renunciation of all properties and were prosecuted for that.

Münster has a palace named the Schloss which as build in 1767 and was finished in 1787 and which used to be the occupied by the prince – bishops and that was designed by the Baroque architect Wilhelm Ferdinand Lipper and Johann Conrad Schlaun. The palace is now the administrative centre for the university.

When you have time you can also visit the Botanicher Garten Münster which was founded in 1803.

Used from the 18th century until the 20th as a prison, the fortress “Zwinger” was built in 1526. The fortress was also used by the Gestapo during the World War II as an execution ground.

During the signing of the Peace of Westphalia treaty, the old guild house named Krameramtshaus  which was built in 1589, housed the delegation that came from the Netherlands.

Strarting from 1743 and until 1749 Johann Conrad Schlaun built a country estate situated in Nienberge that should be visited by everyone.  He also built Erbdrostenhof in 1749 and it took until 1753 to finish the residence of Droste zu Vischering noble family. The Baroque palace was the birthplace of Blessed Mary of the Divine Heart.

There are many other places to visit and things to see that leave a deep impression on anyone willing to stop and contemplate them. From modern building and high-rise building to old churches constructed in the Baroque style, there is something for everyone. Even the Westphalia State Museum  of Art and Cultural History is rather well known for its vast and valuable collections   along with other such institutions, for example Westphalia Horse Museum or the Mühlenhof open-air museum and even Pablo Picasso Museum of Graphic Art which is the only museum that’s devoted entirely to the graphic works of Pablo Picasso.

Whether you’re in Münster to study, or just visiting or you plainly like all the history the city exudes if you fall in love with the town you might as well just move to Münster. But don’t worry about the whole hassle of moving, because we are here to help.

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Removals to MUNSTER- Removals to Germany from UK