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Located at the confluence of the Regen and Danube rivers in Bavaria, Germany there is a city called Regensburg. The city is also historically called Retisbon and comes from the Latin Castra Regina. It is located in one of the most northern points of the Danube and in the east of the city is the Bavarian Forest.

Regensburg is the capital of the administrative region Upper Palatinate in Bavaria and its large medieval centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

When visiting Regensburg there are some locations where you definitely have to go for you to be able to properly and fully feel the charm of this city and what it offers. One of such places and maybe the most important one is the Dom. The Dom is a grand Cathedral built in a purely Gothic style and it represents the main work of the Gothic architecture in Bavaria. The main building was founded in 1275 and then later completed in 1634. Later on, around the year 1869 towers were added to the cathedral.  Numerous captivating monuments can be found inside the Dom inclusive of one of Peter Vischer’s masterpieces. Nearby the cloisters there are two other chapels that date back even further than the cathedral itself. One of the Chapels is even said to date back to the 8th century.  The liturgical music at the St. Peter Cathedral is a famous choir named Regensburger Domspatzen.

Another worthy location to visit when you’re there is the stone bridge. The bridge was built starting from the year 1135 and continued until 1146 and even today it is considered as a highlight of medieval bridge building. It was used to cross the Danube River by knight of the second and third crusade, who were on their way to the Holy Land. There are even vestiges of the Roman fortress’ walls which include the Porta Praetoria.

Another beautiful view is offered by the Church of St. James which is also known under the name of Schottenkirche. The church derives its name from the monastery of Irish Benedictines to which it was connected, and its structure is a Romanesque basilica from the 12th century. The Church is located next to the Jakobstor which a medieval city gate and its main doorway is adorned with some unique grotesque carvings that can take your breath away.

During the 13th century, the Transition style was used to build the old parish church of St. Ulrich. The church still houses the diocesan museum which displays rather captivating religious art pieces. The church also has a valuable antiquarian collection.

The church of Obermünster dates back to the 1010 and it is represented by a Romanesque basilica style.  In the 13th century, the church of St. Emmeram was built, which is known to be one of the few German churches that has a bell tower detached from the building. The breathtaking cloisters which were once the ancient abbey are still being preserved quite well, considering the abbey is one of the oldest in Germany.  The conventual buildings were later on converted into a palace around the year 1809. The palace was for the use of prince of Thurn and Taxis which was a hereditary postmaster-general of the Holy Roman Empire.

Also, near the Regensburg Cathedral, in 1610 the Adler-Apotheke was founded which is one of the oldest Pharmacies in Regensburg. It is adorned with ancient interior and historical vessels even to this day.

Back in the days, wealthy patrician families made it a contest among themselves to see who could build the highest tower in the city, and as a result the Goldener Turm was built in 1260 on Wahlenstraße.

Other interesting places to visit while in the city are the Town Hall which still contains the rooms used by the Imperial diet from 1663 to 1806, also the Gasthof zum Goldenen Kreuz has an historic interest because that is where Charles V first meet Barbara Blomberg which was the mother of Don John of Austria.

There is also the villa built in Gothic style on the banks of Danube River, and which is considered to be one of the most pleasant modern buildings in Regensburg and which was used by the king of Bavaria.

There are some note-worthy public institutions such as the public library, the botanical garden, the picture gallery and even the institute for the production of stained glass. The city also has an Episcopal clerical seminary, the University of Regensburg and a school of church music. On the university campus there is the Botanischer Garten der Universität Regensburg which is a modern botanical garden. There are also several other smaller botanical gardens in the municipal park Herzogspark.

Ludwig I of Bavaria built two grand Classical buildings near Regensburg as monuments for the German patriotism and greatness. One of the two is an expensive reproduction of the Partheon, built to serve as a Teutonic temple of fame and it is called Walhalla. The building stands on a hill uphill from the Danube River at Donaustauf. Its interior stands out because of its gilding, coloured marble and sculptures. It even contains the busts of Germanic worthies hundreds in number or even more. The other building built by king Ludwig I of Bavaria is the Befreiungshalle located at Kelheim above Regensburg. The building is large and circular and the purpose it serves is to glorify the heroes of the 1813 War of Liberation.

Many passed through the city and Regensburg flourished under the firm hand of historic events leading to a highly interesting place to spend your time at. If you’ve ever visited Regensburg you would know that the charm it exudes makes you unwilling to part. And now you don’t have to, because we are here to help you properly move to Regensburg.

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