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Moving to Stuttgart

The capital of the Baden-Württemberg state is Stuttgart, and it is located in southern Germany. Stuttgart is ranked sixth as size in Germany and the Stuttgart Metropolitan Region is ranked fourth as size after the Rhine-Ruhr area, Berlin/Brandenburg and Frankfurt/Rhine-Main regions.

The city is at the centre of a highly dense populated area and it is encircled by smaller towns. The area is called Stuttgart Region and it reaches to a population of 2.7 million inhabitants. The urban area of Stuttgart can reach a 1.8 million of inhabitants there classifying as the seventh largest in Germany.

It is unusual for a German city to be like Stuttgart, which is spread across several hills, vineyard, parks and valleys. This always surprises visitors as Stuttgart is known as the “cradle of automobile” and its industrial reputation. Stuttgart is also a centre of authority in regards with the state legislature, the local council and the regional parliament.  Stuttgart is also the home of the Protestant State Church in Württemberg and in addition it is one of the two co-seats of the bishop of the Roman-Catholic Diocese of Rottenburg – Stuttgart.

The city has ranked thirtieth in 2010 in liveability rankings in the world and seventh in Germany. Stuttgart is well known for its economic and social innovations and was ranked 11th globally because of that and second in Germany, after Hamburg. In Europe the ranked is at seven in 2009 from a number of 256 cities in total.

Stuttgart is a highly sought after tourist attraction and its slogan is “Stuttgart offers more”. In 2008 Stuttgart revealed a new slogan based on the plan to improve transport links to the international infrastructure where it describes itself as the new heart of Europe. Regarding business ventures, Stuttgart best description offered was “Where business meets the future” and it is now targeted at foreign investors as “The creative power of Germany”.

By being nicknamed the Schwabenmetropole, Stuttgart makes a reference to the Swabian dialect spoken by native dwellers in the centre of Swabia where the city is now located. Because of heavy emigration due to economic reasons, a lot of newly born residents are of immigrant background.

When in Stuttgart, beside the economic and industrial facade it exposes, there is also the cultural side of the city.

The crossover point between the Shopping area of the city, Stuttgart two central castles, the Schlossgarten Park and residential areas and major museums in the south-west is the largest square in Stuttgart named Schlossplatz.  The shopping street named Königstraße is considered to be the longest pedestrianized street in Germany.

After the World War II, the damage that occurred on Stuttgart has been repaired and many historic buildings were reconstructed. Stuttgart has some amazing pieces of modern post-war architecture such as the Collegiate Church named Stiftskirche which has a Late Gothic Style on the exterior  mixed with a bit of Romanesque style and on the interior it has a combination of various styles including the Romanesque, Gothic and Modern styles. After the war it was reconstructed with a simplified interior.

There is also the Old Castle named Altes Schloss with parts that date back to 1320 and which adopts a Renaissance style; and the New Castle named Neues Schloss which was a mixture of Baroque/Classicism style and that was later reconstructed with modern interior.

In Stuttgart’s suburbs and beyond there are various castles that have significant importance, which are reminders of the city’s loyal past. Some of these are the Ludwigsburg Palace, the Castle Solitude, Castle Rosenstein and the Castle Hohenheim. If you have time on your hands it well worth in visiting these since they embrace different styles such as mixtures of Baroque with Rococo (Ludwigsburg Palace) or simply just Classical or Baroque Styles.

Other important building or institution you may find there are the Württemberg Mausoleum which shelters the remains of King William I of Württemberg and Catherine Pavlovna of Russia. Also pass by the Wilhelma zoo and Botanical Gardens.  The International style displayed by the Weissenhof Estate is worthy of a drive till there as it provides a sight to remember.

Stuttgart is also quite renowned for its vast cultural heritage such as its State Gallery and State Theatre and the city is even home to one of Germany’s most famous symphony orchestras named Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra. The orchestra mainly performs in the Liederhalle concert hall and has developed a distinctive sound known as the Stuttgart Sound.

The city also has not one, but two musical theatres in broadway-style, namely the Palladium and Apollo Theatre.

Stuttgart has a sport arena as well named Schleyerhalle which is regularly used to stage music concerts with major international stars.

There are several regular events that take place in Stuttgart and one of the most well-known one is the annual Volkfest and the Spring Festival. There is also the Spring Festival, The Lantern Festival and the Wine Village. These are just a few of the regular festivities held in Stuttgart.

Whether you want to admire the wonderful architecture, the green scenery everyday, play and have fun during festivals or you’re one of the hundreds of business associates that want to start a new life in Stuttgart, moving to Stuttgart is the best you can do for yourself and your family.

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 Removals to STUTTGART- Removals to Germany from UK

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