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The capital city of the province South Holland is called The Hague. Its inhabitants go over 500, 000 and even more in the suburbs. It is ranked third as size, only after Rotterdam and Amsterdam. The city is located to the west of the Netherlands and it is known to be the centre of the Haaglanden conurbation. The Hague is also located in the southwest corner of an even larger conurbation called Randstad.
This is the city where the seat of the Dutch government is and of the parliament. Also here is where the Council of State and the Supreme Court are. Despite being such an obviously important place for politics, it is not the capital of the Netherlands. Even King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands together with Queen Maxima lives at Huis ten Bosch which is the royal palace in The Hague and does his work at the Noordeinde Palace.
There are multiple foreign embassies that are present in the city and around 150 international organisations have made The Hague their home, such as the International Criminal Court and the International Court of Justice. As a result of the multiple organisations and the political influence The Hague has, both in Netherlands and internationally, has made the city an important location for hosting the United Nations and The Hague has become as significant to outside relations as much as other major cities are, such as Tokyo, Vienna, Geneva or New York.
The city life can be mainly found around the Binnenhof and the Hofvijver and that is also where the Parliament is located. The Hague historical inner city has originality in various aspects and it has some different characteristics than the other nearby cities like Delft and Leiden. Unlike those small cities whose streets of the inner centre are cramped and bordered by walls and canals, The Hague has small streets in the city centre that are said to date back to the Middle Ages and some grandiose and magnificent residences built in the 18th-century that were used for diplomats and other important Dutch families. The Hague has a City Hall which is well-known for its impressive build that dates back to the 16th century and a large church from the 15th century, along with several palaces dating back to the 17 century and a Protestant church built around the same time. There are also various buildings that were built in the 18th century and that offer some beautiful scenery to all who pass by them. This contributes to the particular scenery the city has to offer to its inhabitants and visitors alike.
Even for the young generation, the city has various locations where students can hang out, such as the new campus that was built in 2012 of the Leiden University. There are also several major institutions that are important for the cultural part of the city and for the whole experience as a young student, such as the Leiden University College The Hague, The Royal Academy of Art or The Royal Conservatory of The Hague. The city has opportunities for advancement for both young and experienced people and is the perfect place to go to if your desire is to better yourself and to advance to the next stage in your career. As proof of that, there are also various foreign inhabitants who make the city The Hague very diverse from a cultural point of view and it offers multiple foreign shops along with pubs and several foreign cultural events.
The Hague also has two beautiful beach resorts that are always well taken care of. The beach resort called Scheveningen is quite large and is located in the north western part of the city. This beach resort is especially popular among the inhabitants of the city and also among the tourists that pass by. With millions of visitors annually, the beach resort is one of the most popular beach towns in that area, namely the area of Benelux. The other beach resort that is quite well known is in the south western part of The Hague and although it is smaller comparing to Scheveningen, it still attracts many inhabitants of the city due to the beautiful scenery it offers and the great services it provides to each and every one of them.
Another characteristic of the city is the streets found in the older parts of the town, which are wide and long ones, along with low-rise houses that are often found there.
Overall, the layout of The Hague is rather spacious which is something not often found in other Dutch cities and it has various green zones and parks created around natural streams, which make the city a wonderful green city which has a lot to offer to its inhabitants. The canals that can still be found in The Hague are just a few and most of them were already drained by the 19th century.
Moving to The Hague can be a wonderful experience for both you and your family. You can find more than just a political centre, there is always something that you can do to better yourself and you’ll also have a chance to spend some quality time with your family, admiring the nature and the many sightseeing locations that the town has to offer. So don’t hesitate anymore, be brave and make a change: Move to The Hague! Let yourself enjoy the many festivities, institutions and leisurely spend your time embracing the variety the city has to offer. Don’t worry about moving your furniture or belonging because it won’t take long. We can always help you move to The Hagen and we’ll also provide a free quote for you.

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Removals to the Hague  - Removals to Holland from UK

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