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The most populous city in the Dutch province of Utrecht is the municipality Utrecht. The city is also the capital of the province and it is situated in the eastern corner of the conurbation known under the name of Randstad. Utrecht is ranked fourth in Netherlands by its size and has a population of around 320,000 inhabitants.

The architecture that you can find in Utrecht has some features dating from the Early Middle Ages; examples of such are some of the buildings that can be found in the ancient city centre.  The town is also known to be Netherlands religious centre since way back in the 8th century. Even today the city called Utrecht is where the seat of the Archbishop of Utrecht is, and also the seat of the titular head of the Union of Utrecht, meaning that of the archbishop of the Old Catholic church.  In Utrecht you can also find some offices pertaining to the main Protestant church.  Back in the days the Utrecht was considered to be the most important city in Netherlands and this was so until the start of the Dutch Golden Age. Later on Amsterdam became the city which was most populated and a cultural centre which made out of Utrecht a less important city.

The city is also home to the Utrecht University which is famous for being the largest one in Netherlands and together with this, Utrecht also has several other important institutions for higher education. Utrecht is an important transport hub for Netherlands because of its central position in the country, the city has an important role in both road and rail transport within Netherlands. Another trait of Utrecht for which the city is quite well known is the cultural events that take place regularly, having a large number of participant every time, comparable to those in Amsterdam.

One of the features of the town architectural and religious inheritance is the Dom Tower which appertains to the Dom Church, the former cathedral. The Dom Tower is one of the tallest constructions in Utrecht at the moment reaching up to a height of 112 metres. Another tall construction that provides a breath-taking view of the Utrecht skyline is the Robobank-tower which has a height of 105 metres that is without the two antennas that make the total height of 120 metres. There are also some other high structures that contribute to the city’s skyline in a flattering way, such as the Apollo Residence which has a height of 64 metres and the Kantoortoren Galghenwert which is around 85 metres tall.

The city also has a very important landmark, which is the old centre of the town and the canal which can be found in the inner city. The canal has a curved shape and it follows an old arm of the Rhine for a portion of the way. The canal is quite famous, it’s called Oudegracht and it is lined with wharf-basement structures which are unique for this city, together they form a two-level street which runs across the canal. In the inner city you can see the old medieval structure is still preserved which only adds to the historic atmosphere the town exudes. There is also a medieval moat that encircles the old town and which is mostly still intact. Because Utrecht was a fortified city in the past, part of the city remained in a compact formation. There is a circle that surrounds the medieval core and which displays constructions from the late 19th to the 20th century while forming neighbourhoods which are spread farther out, leaving the eastern part of the city quite open.

There are also several significant churches that got preserved over time such as the famous Dom Church, the St. Peter’s Church and St. John’s church, out of which the last two present a Romanesque architecture that was quite well preserved. Also there are some gothic churches still present in the scenery of the Utrecht such as St. Nicholas and St. James.

Due to its rich cultural scene that Utrecht provides for its inhabitants and visitors along with the many festivals and sight that can be enjoyed at all time of the year, the city Utrecht is one of the choices that stay up top on the list when it comes to moving to the Netherlands. Holland has many beautiful and interesting cities and each has its own charm but one of the most loved and cherished location is Utrecht. So if you decide to move to Utrecht we can help take care of everything you need.

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