On Your Bike

There are many things that Holland is famous for – tulips, clogs, and windmills to name a few, but there is perhaps one thing that has a larger impact on the country and that is that it is very flat. As a consequence of this the Dutch make a large use of bicycles for transport and are probably the largest user of this form of transport in Europe. So if you are considering moving to Holland do not forget to take one.

Unlike most towns in the UK, Dutch towns and roads are designed for the bicycle. For example Amsterdam’s central railway station has parking for over 8,000 bicycles allowing commuters to leave them over night. Also a lot of the roads are specially adapted for bicycles with special lanes solely for their use and special traffic signals at road junctions.

And do not think that this is just for leisure purposes. In Dutch cities you are just as likely to find men in suits and ladies in heels riding bikes as people wearing tracksuits. Also the Dutch can be very adept at balancing large loads such as shopping bags on their bikes.

So moving to Holland can give you that excuse for getting fit by riding a bike. It will also help with your carbon footprint as of course bicycles are perhaps the greenest for of vehicle transport there is.

We at European Removal Experts can provide relocation services from the UK if you are moving to Holland and we are happy to take bicycles. We can even arrange part load delivery for you if you should forget it.

Alternatively you could buy one locally because of course there are also many bike shops to cater for them. They are not particularly expensive so you won’t have to ‘go Dutch’ to get one for all the family.