Retiring Abroad

Every year, thousands of British people decide to “up sticks” and move to the Continent once they retire. This is quite understandable as it is only natural to seek out a slower pace of life as well as a more amenable climate once you reach your golden years.

Relocating to France?
Thankfully, the proximity of the Continent means you can easily start a new life in Europe yet still take all of your old belongings with you. In fact, furniture removals to France, Germany and indeed most of Western Europe can not only work out to be a lot cheaper than buying new when you get there, they can also help you to feel more at home, as they can provide a certain degree of familiarity to keep you company while you adjust to your new surroundings.

Hassle-free moving
Here at European Removal Experts, we take all of the hassle out of your move abroad. We will deliver your items to your new home on whatever date you stipulate and can even carry out your move in stages if you prefer not to take everything in one go. In addition, we can also store your possessions in the interim if your new property is not immediately habitable and arrange for them to be delivered when you are ready to receive them.

So, if you are thinking of moving to France, relocating to Italy or getting away to Spain when you retire, make us here at European Removal Experts your first port of call.