Scouting Ahead First? A Quick Guide to European Health Coverage

Moving to Germany, moving to Holland, or just moving down the road – scouting ahead and taking every step to happily conclude your decision to move is the right one is an obvious course to all folks considering a big move.

Moving to the next town? Pop over and take a look easily. Relocating to Germany? Well… you can’t exactly get here using local public transport! A trip to see your potential new abode is a great idea. However, a lot of our clients are a little unsure as to what healthcare provisions to make for their trip (Do we need health insurance? Are we covered in France? Germany? Luxemburg?)

From 2006, the traditional E111 form was gradually phased out of use and is no longer valid. Its replacement – the EHIC card (sometimes known as the EU Health Card) – is free, available via application form (online at or via the Post Office) and represents the new standard emergency health necessity for all those travelling in Europe. Every person (including children) should have their own card.  You MUST reapply for the EHIC card whether or not you still carry the E111 form.

EHIC cover is not a substitute for comprehensive travel insurance. Coverage doesn’t extend to repatriation or losses due to being the victim of a natural disaster or crime.  The card only entitles the bearer to free or low cost emergency healthcare within EEA (Europe Economic Area) countries.

So, moving to Holland? We heartily recommend a well-insured, safe research trip to all!