Serious About Cycling: The Dutch Love Affair with Bikes

The Dutch do any number of things magnificently (probably why you’re so intent on moving to Holland!) – celebrate festivals, define tulips, nurture a thriving contemporary culture… and ride bicycles!

Moving to Holland – particularly a city like Amsterdam – is likely to mean you getting in touch with your inner-child and politely explaining to them that you’ll, once again, need those childhood skills of bicycle balance!

If you’re considering moving to the Netherlands, you probably already know this – Holland the FLAT. Perfect for low-effort cycling!

Traffic flow tends to be completely tailored to accommodate cyclists. Cycle paths “Fietspads” are generally well marked, extremely well maintained, numerous and include provisions such as distance markers (in km) and stoplights. It’s worth keeping an eye out for mopeds, as some cycle paths allow them. Usually bicycles have the right of way over pedestrians.

Cycle helmets aren’t a legal requirement in Holland (yet), and for the most part folks prefer life without them. Since very little cycling takes place on the main road, safety standards are much higher.

Social Conscience
The lovely ANWB (Dutch Automobile Association) have developed a lovely habit of supplying free bike repair emergency kits in numerous places around the country. They can be found everywhere from bike parking facilities, campsites, restaurants, tourist offices and museums to schools, police stations and libraries!

Easy Frugality
No fuel bills, no tedious parking permits, low environmental impact – a move to Holland sounds brilliant!

Bicycle theft is common in Holland, however violence is not. A replacement bike will set you back roughly £20-£60