Some Advice on Moving to Switzerland

Moving to Switzerland from the UK is not as straightforward as – for example – a move to France or any other European Union member State, but it is possible for British Passport holders to make the move. If you are lucky enough to be classed as wealthy, relocating to Zurich or any other part of Switzerland will be a lot easier as Phil Collins and Lewis Hamilton have proved.

If your move is connected with work this should make things a little easier, but before you pack up your belongings and prepare to make the move there are some important factors which you should take into account. If you are successful in your application to move to Switzerland, you will become a tax resident when you are in the country for a minimum of thirty days if you are employed. This rises to ninety days if you are not working.

A Swiss Residence Permit is essential if you want to live in the country permanently, and the good news is that people from EU countries stand more chance of getting this document. Once you receive this, you have to live in Switzerland and if you are not able to live there for 180 days each year you must make sure that you are not spending more time in any other country. If you do, you will fail to make the status of Swiss resident, so bear this in mind when you are planning your move.