Switzerland, Removals And Storage

Switzerland is one of the jewels of Europe, with the Alps and a huge diversity of climates and different types of landscapes, it truly is one of the most remarkable and beautiful places to live on Earth. Switzerland is also a magnet for skilled workers and tourists with a robust economy and a very high Human Development Index (HDI). It has the highest wealth per adult in the world, which is partly why it is so attractive. With a population of only around 8 million it is also remarkably culturally diverse. Bordering Germany, Italy, Austria, Liechtenstein and France it has 4 official languages and invariably attracts many visitors from the neighbouring countries as well as a wide variety of tourists.We can provide fantastic removals to Switzerland that can enable you to focus more on the country you are going to become a part of.

Zurich is a world renowned city with all of the modern facilities you could want. It is a beautifully historic place with the picturesque the Alps in the distance. We can provide removals to Zurich at prices that are scaled to what you will be transporting. If you have only a few boxes, our prices will reflect that, and you won’t be unnecessarily charged more as if you were transporting a lot more. The transport will utilise the Eurotunnel and then travel by road to North-Central Switzerland where Zurich is located. Our vehicles have European breakdown cover which, if there is a breakdown, will get us back up and running as soon as possible. Our aim is to be on time for you at your new doorstep so you can take advantage of your belongings as soon as possible.

Of course many people who are moving over such a long distance require some temporary storage space. At Europe Removals we have you covered and can offer you Long and Short Term Storage for 2 weeks for all customers regardless of whether you want it before or after the move. Unlike many removals and storage companies we provide you with a Storage Calculator which can very quickly allow you to total all of the different types of furniture and belongings that you may wish to store. This must be a very thorough and thought-out process on your behalf to ensure that you don’t store something that you are going to need through the storage time.

We can also offer you long term storage options if you are going to be in Switzerland for a temporary period and wish to sell or move out of your current property in the meantime. Being able to keep everything in a safe, reliable and non-damaging place will allow you to completely forget about it all until you are ready to use it all again. Our Storage Calculator is split into different types of furniture holdings including by room. Your lounge furniture naturally differs from that in your kitchen and bathroom, so we’ve separated it to allow you to think clearly about each room. We can store almost anything you want – even motorbikes.