Enjoy the Transition by Learning the Language

We live in an incredibly multi-national society, and as such the lines between different countries in the EU can often seem blurred. We’re all very accommodating of each other and relocation is on the rise, but while we may think that everyone else speaks our language it isn’t always the case. So, whether you’re moving to France, Germany or anywhere else, make sure that you learn the language.

Learning the language of the country you’re relocating to will give you numerous benefits. It will make the whole process of moving to France or elsewhere far simpler as you won’t have to worry about language barriers when trying to arrange important details, and as we all know, failure to understand each other can be incredibly frustrating.

Not only does it make the general necessities easier, but it also means that the locals will be more accommodating. Moving to France or anywhere else can be a big decision and you want to be able to adjust as quickly and as easily as possible, and learning the language will be one of the best ways to blend in.

This is even more important if you’re relocating to somewhere in the countryside, as although a lot of people will know English they’re often less likely to in areas with fewer citizens. This is often because they won’t have been in contact with so many tourists so have never needed to, and by learning the language they’ll be more likely to accept you as part of their culture.

So, to really enjoy moving to France, Switzerland or anywhere else on the continent, make sure to learn the language to make the transition as smooth and as stress-free as possible.

Tips for Moving to Belgium

Moving to Belgium can be an incredible experience, but if you want the whole process to be enjoyable there are a few things you’ll need to remember. So, here are some tips to make moving to Belgium as hassle-free as possible.

1.    Plan ahead. This is probably the most important point as you can’t hope to get everything sorted if you leave it until the last minute, so as soon as you’ve decided that you are moving to Belgium, you need to get planning.

2.    Get the best exchange rates that you can. You’ll probably have to keep a close eye on your budget when you first move abroad, as high exchange rates can seriously eat into it. Shop around for the best rates, or consult brokers who can help.

3.    Get your insurance sorted as early as possible. Insurance is essential when you’re moving abroad, so make sure you have it sorted quickly. Remember that policies could differ abroad, so always do your research.

4.    Consult the professionals. You’re always going to need help when you’re moving to Belgium, so make sure to consult solicitors, local authorities and removals services such as European Removal Experts to make sure that everything’s dealt with in good time.

Moving to Belgium, or any European country, will obviously require a company to conduct the removals of your belongings. It is essential to employ the services of a company that is flexible and affordable without compromising on quality, as the transportation of your items forms the backbone of any European relocation project.

European Removal Experts operate during the day, evenings and weekends to offer a service to suit any requirements.

Simplify your Move to Holland

If you’re considering moving to Holland, it is likely that you’re also thinking about all the arrangements that have to be made. It can often seem daunting, but as long as you leave it to the professionals to help it doesn’t have to be that hard.

It can be even easier when you consult professional removals companies. When moving to Holland you can’t hope to ship everything over there yourself, at least not if you want it done properly – so let the professionals do it for you. They’ll be able to get your belongings to you quickly, safely and efficiently, all with the least amount of hassle on your part.

This last point can be invaluable – the lack of hassle. Moving to Holland will be stressful enough without having to worry that your possessions are being properly taken care of, so if you leave it to the experts you have no need to worry and can concentrate on the other arrangements.

Of course, you need to choose the best company if you want to get the best service, and you really can’t go wrong with us here at European Removal Experts. We offer an exceptional service that can be tailored to your precise needs, making the whole experience as stress-free as possible.

As you can see, moving to Holland really can be easy if you use professional removals companies. They take all the hassle out of getting your possessions to your new home, and if you choose wisely (such as by coming to us) you can be safe in the knowledge that your belongings are well-looked after, allowing you to start your new life with ease.

The Ease of Moving to Europe

The prospect of moving to Germany will come with a whole range of emotions – excitement, happiness, and perhaps even slight nervousness of the new life ahead. That’s bound to be accompanied by apprehension as well, as there will be plenty of arrangements that have to be made.

But, contrary to popular belief, moving to Germany can be a lot easier that you think. The key is to be prepared. You can’t hope to arrange everything at the last minute, so you need to start planning well in advance to make sure you can tick everything off the list in good time.

It’s also essential to consult the experts. You won’t be able to do everything on your own if you’re moving to Germany, no matter how much you may want to, so make sure you get in touch with the relevant professionals to help you on your way.

These will include people like solicitors, who can help with the buying and selling of your home as well as the legality of your move, and also the relevant authorities to seek advice regarding Visas or residency issues. Don’t forget removals services either, such as us here at European Removal Experts, who will be able to get all of your belongings to you quickly and easily so you can start your new life in Germany as soon as possible.

As you can see, moving to Germany really can be easier than you think. As long as you’re prepared and make sure to contact the experts in good time, you can enjoy your new life in Germany with the least amount of stress possible.

Consider Professional Removal Services

Moving to Holland could well be the dream of many, but as well as excitement there’s bound to be slight apprehension regarding the arrangements that have to be made. But, if you let the experts help, it doesn’t have to be as stressful as you might think.

The first experts you’ll probably need to consult is solicitors, as they’ll be able to help with the buying and selling of your current home as well as your new one. This will be essential for a lot of people to consider, as they’ll need to get everything tied up in the UK before they can even think about moving to Holland.

You’ll also need to consult the relevant authorities, both in the UK and in Holland, to sort out any Visa or residency issues. You’ll need to get everything sorted before you start your new life, as failing to do so can result in huge problems later down the line.

Once everything else is sorted, you’ll need to consider the practical implications of moving to Holland, and that’s where professional removals services come in. They’ll be able to safely collect all of your belongings and can deliver them directly to your new home, with many being able to offer added extras such as storage facilities, advice and packaging materials as well.

So, if you trust the experts, moving to Holland doesn’t have to be as stressful as you may think. You’ll be able to get help at every step of the way, and if you use professional solicitors and removals services (such as us here at European Removal Experts) you can start your new life with the minimum of hassle.

Preparing for the Move to Switzerland

If you’re moving to Switzerland you’re probably overwhelmed by all the arrangements that have to be made, but as long as you know the steps you need to take it doesn’t have to be that difficult.

The most important point you need to remember is to be prepared. If you leave everything until the last minute you’re liable to have left things off the list, so you need to plan in advance and get started early as there are plenty of things you need to do before you can even think about moving to Switzerland.

You’re also going to need to consult the experts, as trying to do everything on your own can be more hassle than it’s worth. Solicitors will be essential to consult as they’ll be able to help with the buying and selling of your home and will often be able to advise on issues such as visas or residency papers, so never underestimate how much value they can bring.

Other experts you’ll definitely have to contact if you’re moving to Switzerland will be removals companies. This is the only way you can ensure that all of your possessions will find their way to their new home, as trying to move everything yourself will be largely impossible. And, if you’re looking for a professional removals company, why not come to us here at European Removal Experts?

These are just a few ways that you can make moving to Switzerland as stress-free as possible. As long as you’re prepared and consult the relevant professionals there’s no need to worry, and you can start your new life on a high note safe in the knowledge that everything has been taken care of.

Keep your Belongings Safe when you Move

When moving to Belgium, getting your possessions there will surely be at the top of your to-do list. Your possessions will be incredibly important to you so you’ll want to find the best removals company possible, so how can you go about doing that?

Well, a good place to start would be to ask for recommendations. Ask friends and relatives if they know anyone suitable, or if not search online for reputable companies with great reviews. Another idea would be to try contacting the British Embassy in Belgium. Inform them that you are moving to Belgium and they’ll usually be able to point you in the right direction.

Once you have a few potential companies selected, it’s worth comparing them to make sure that you’re getting the best for your money. You need to compare their reputation, their prices and the specific services that they offer, and never go for them if they can’t give you exactly what you’re looking for. Moving to Belgium can be a time-consuming and stressful process, so it is important to employ only the most reliable services.

You could come to us here at European Removal Experts. We’re a professional, reliable company that can collect your possessions from anywhere in the UK and can deliver them to your new home on your timescale, and we can even offer added extras such as storage if need be.

These are just a few ways that you can find the right removals service when moving to Belgium. And, for a company that offers quality, professionalism and great service, come to us here at European Removal Experts to see how we can make the process of moving to Belgium as easy as possible.

A Stress-Free Move to Germany

Moving to Germany can be a great decision, but there are plenty of considerations that need to be made if you want to make the transition as stress-free as possible. That’s why using professional removals services can be so important.

Your possessions are bound to be incredibly important to you, so you want to make sure that they’ll be safe on their way to your new life. The only way you can guarantee that is by using professional removal services, as anyone who decides to use less-than-scrupulous companies could be in for a big surprise.

There are always people out there looking to make easy money, and what could be easier than taking your possessions while posing to be removal men? You need to do your research if you want to have a pleasant experience when moving to Germany, and never accept anyone that you can’t trust implicitly.

One such company you might want to try is us here at European Removal Experts. We’re a professional, reliable removals service who can safely and efficiently move your possessions to anywhere in the EU, making the process of moving to Germany as enjoyable as possible.

So, it really is important to use professional removals services when moving to Germany, and accepting anything less can leave you severely out of pocket and will be a terrible start to your new life. Always choose carefully, and for a trusted company you can rely on, come to us here at European Removal Experts to make the process of moving to Germany as easy as possible.

A Smooth Move to Switzerland

If you’re thinking of moving to Switzerland, there are a number of points you need to remember if you want to make the transition as smooth as possible. Here are just a few of them.

•    Make sure that your housing arrangements are sorted as soon as possible. That applies to both your new home and your old one, as most of us won’t be able to consider moving to Switzerland until everything’s tied up back home.

•    Never leave your visa or residency arrangements until the last minute. These can often take time to arrange, and you don’t want to get over there without everything being properly sorted out.

•    Don’t trust high street banks if you want to get the best conversion rates. You’re bound to have to watch the pennies when you first move abroad, so make sure you get the best exchange rates possible by shopping around or going to a broker.

•    Consult the professionals. You’ll need the help of solicitors as well as removals services, such as us here at European Removal Experts, to make sure moving to Switzerland is as stress-free as possible.

Moving to a different country is never without its surprises along the way. However, it can be surprising for some to learn that the choice of removal company is an extremely important aspect of the whole transition, and requires a lot of consideration. If you are moving to Switzerland, be sure to contact European Removal Experts.

We specialise in cheap door-to-door, fully insured removals services catered for each and every customer. For peace of mind and some considerable discounts, make us your first port of call for convenience.

5 Tips for Dealing with Homesickness When Moving Abroad


Some folks get homesick when they spend a night away in a hotel, but if you’re taking advantage of our European removals service, it’s likely you’re going to have to deal with more than a few weeks away from your native soil! Homesickness can break even the most hardened of folks, but there are usually enough similarities in each case to make some of the following five tips effective measures against the worst of it.

1. Be aware of the normal cycle of culture shock and homesickness
Most folks find they experience homesickness as a W-curve. Once we’ve tidied up the last of the removal packing materials and you’re free to explore, the honeymoon period begins! This period can last anything from a day to a month or so and it finished off by a gradual slide into melancholy when you begin to miss things like your family and friends, favourite takeaway shop or familiar TV adverts. Gradually this feeling will lift as you adapt to your new home. The next dip usually occurs when you relocate back home and gradually acclimatise again. Be aware of what’s normal for you, especially if you’ve suffered from depression or anxiety in the past.

2. Get involved
Playing an active role in your new home can be daunting, especially if you’ve relocated on your own. But having a friend or two to spend time with can be an exceptionally effective way to deal with homesickness and culture shock. Use personal interests like sports and hobbies to find like-minded people.

3. Talk about it
Sometimes a chat over a nice brew can help the weight of homesickness lift significantly. Don’t call home at every opportunity to complain, you need a support network in the place you’re physically living in. If you’re on a placement, talk to your host family or project organiser. If you’re a professional working abroad for the first time, there are likely protocols within your company for handling culture shock and home sickness. There’s no shame in getting it off your chest!

4. Give yourself time
The rule of thumb is that it takes around five months to really figure out whether you want to be somewhere. It doesn’t matter whether we’re handling removals to Brussels or you’re heading out to the Far East alone; give it five months and then reassess your feelings. Five months isn’t much in the scale of life, and you’ll kick yourself if you go home early and then think “Well it doesn’t seem so bad now I know home is still here!”

5. Stay healthy
Throwing yourself into an ambitious marathon training schedule may not be for everyone, but definitely give yourself a little TLC in the health department. Improving your physical fitness and all-round health (yes, that includes saunas and a bit of pampering!) will give you a real sense of achievement and a positive outlook on your new situation.