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Moving to Germany? Learn the Language First

One of the things that can be most isolating when moving to Germany is not being able to speak the language. Although learning a new language is easiest when you immerse yourself in it, you can give yourself a head start by learning some German before you move. Here are some ways you can get a grasp on the language before relocating to Germany:

•    Teach Yourself
Prior to moving to Berlin, Munich or anywhere else in Germany, teach yourself as much of the language as you can. Read a few beginners books and listen to some audio to give you an idea of pronunciation and intonation. You should also try to learn some grammar as this will help you to structure sentences.

•    Take Some Classes
Before you move, aim to take some German classes, both one-on-one and as part of a group. One-on-one classes will enable your tutor to focus on aspects of the language that you need to, or areas that you may be struggling with. Group classes will give you a feel of real world German conversations and knowing other learners will help to keep you motivated.

•    Befriend a Native
Only by talking to a native speaker will you get an indication of how the language is used in the real world. Use the internet to get in contact with native German speakers, and aim to converse via email or via Skype before you move. This will give you a chance to practice your German in a low-pressure environment.

European Moves

Move at Your Own Pace

Deciding to move to another country means a big change with a lot to organise. The last thing you want to do when you get there is to have to go out and buy all new furniture, and this is where we can help. We understand that moving to Germany or any other Western European country means that you’ll have a lot of other things going on, and so we try and make moving your furniture as hassle-free as possible.

If you are renovating your property, then no doubt you won’t want to receive all your furniture at the same time as you’ll have nowhere to put it. When you’re relocating to Germany, you don’t want to have to be back and forth in a rented vehicle to pick up items of furniture as you go, which is why we can help you move in stages. We will store your possessions and deliver them to you on the dates you specify, so you can move in to your new home over a gradual period of time rather than trying to deal with everything at once. With two weeks Long and Short Term Storage, you needn’t feel like you need to rush the process.

If you’re moving to Berlin, it’s even easier because we carry out weekly trips to this and many other cities around Europe, thereby making it possible to give you even cheaper prices. Call or email us now and we’ll give you a quote, or you can use our online free quote service if you prefer.

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Moving to Germany Read this First

When times are tough due to recession and other factors over which we have no control, there is a tendency to look abroad for a country where we can start a new life. This is the case at the moment, and many British people are thinking of moving to Germany to find that new career and build a new life. We’ve been here before, of course. If you are of a certain age you will remember the television series Auf Weidersein Pet, the story of the bricklayers who left the north east to find work in Germany. This was based on real events when thousands of men in the construction industry were moving to Germany and moving to Holland to find work in the early eighties.

If you have the right qualifications and work in a field where your skills are in high demand, you’ll be more sure of finding the right job in Germany, which means you won’t have to live in such Spartan conditions. Although many German people speak perfect English, if you speak the language this will give you an even better chance of securing the job you want. So, if you are thinking of moving to Germany, the first thing to do is enrol on a language course which will enhance your prospects of finding the right job and building a new life for you and your family.

Moving to Europe

Moving to Europe

They say that the world is your oyster. However, it can sometimes be easy to forget that when you live on an island such as we do in Britain. Travelling places out of our own country involves a full scale mission, be that flying or sailing and it is easy for us to forget that the world is actually surprisingly small.

One of the benefits of heading abroad and moving to France or even moving to Germany is that suddenly the world opens up to you once more, and you realise that travelling or even moving to another country suddenly becomes as easy as hopping in your car and just heading off.

If you are moving to France from Britain, there is a lot of groundwork you need to do and a lot of motions that you need to go through, just the kind of thing that European Removal Experts specialises in. However, you don’t have to decide for sure that moving to Germany, for instance, is the very best idea for you, as once you are over there, moving around suddenly becomes a very simple task.

Having a base in a country on the continent gives you a great way to travel around and see as much of Europe as you can, and if you feel there is a better country out there than the one you have chosen, moving on will not only be easy, but also exciting.

So when you have made up your mind that you want to head overseas, make sure you put thought into the decision, but just remember that it will be extremely easy to move on should you find you wish to.

Which Countries Speak Your Language?

For some, a move abroad is both exciting and scary. Over time you will almost certainly find yourself becoming bi-lingual, if not multi-lingual. But for those who speak only their native tongue before they move, the idea of finding themselves unable to communicate at all with those around them can be quite daunting.

So if you are looking to move abroad, it is worth knowing which European countries are most likely to be able to help you out and speak your language whilst you are still struggling with theirs.

Moving to Germany may be the best idea for those not wanting to find themselves lost for words in their new home. Surprisingly, Germany has almost the same number of English speakers as Britain itself, with 59% of its population fluent in English. Moving to Germany therefore means that more than every other person you meet will be able to speak your language and in turn help you to learn theirs.

Moving to Holland is also a great move for those who want to experience a new country but don’t want to feel completely cut off from the English language. Moving to Holland, you will find a massive 87% of people able to speak English. With a much lower population than Germany that means that there aren’t as many English speakers, but a much higher percentage, meaning that almost everyone you meet will be able to help you out if you are struggling with their language.

Belgium and France also have huge numbers of English speaking residents, so you really are spoilt for choice.

Next Stop Berlin

Germany is an exciting and vibrant nation, with a strong tradition in efficient engineering and a rich and diverse culture. Cities such as Berlin have a wealth of alternative cultures and business opportunities and have become hubs for artists, business people and bon vivants from around the globe.

Many UK citizens decide that moving to Germany represents a fantastic opportunity to embrace this fascinating culture and lie and work alongside some of the most interesting and innovative people in the world. At European Removal Experts, we can ensure that you are able to dismiss any stresses and worries about moving to Germany. Our professional movers will ship all of your office equipment, personal possessions, IT hardware and household items to Germany, where they will arrive intact and ready to be placed in your new home. Once you have decided that moving to Germany is the best option for you and your family please take a look at our website for some fantastic deals and take time to read the testimonies of other customers who we have helped in moves to the continent.

We will enable you to feel confident that relocating to Germany is a positive decision by taking the stress of organising a large scale move on our capable shoulders. All that we ask in return for our services is that once you are settled in your new home, you raise a stein of beer to European Removal Experts as we make our way back to London, ready to help more satisfied customers relocate to their dream locations!

German Glory

If you have decided that you are moving to Germany, your best choice for a professional and swift removals service is European Removal Experts. Our company has years of experience in helping people to relocate all of their household contents and personal possessions to the continent. European Removal Experts are trustworthy, safe and secure, our drivers are highly trained and our vehicles are fully insured and primed and tuned for long distance travel, so moving to Germany will be a stress-free experience with our help and advice.

Whether you are moving to Berlin to immerse yourself in the rich and dynamic culture, or moving to Baden-Baden to work for Mercedes Benz, relocating to Germany is sure to be an interesting an rewarding decision. European Removal Experts is very proud that our staff are both professional and friendly, and we know that our customers appreciate their calm and efficient attitude. We are sensitive to our customers’ needs because the last thing they need when organising a major move is to be worried or concerned about the removals service which they have chosen.

When you meet our drivers, you will immediately feel assured and confident that all of your household contents will arrive intact at your new abode. Many customers have chosen European Removal Experts when relocating to Germany for exactly these reasons, so please ask our staff when you make your inquiry and we can provide testimonies and recommendations from previous clients.

Moving to Germany is guaranteed to be stress and trouble-free when you engage our services, so go for German Glory with European Removal Experts.

Useful Advice for Moving to Germany

If you are thinking of moving to Germany with your job, you will want to make sure you choose the home which is right for you. If you are moving to Germany alone, this is not such a problem, but if you are taking your family you will need to do some homework on how to find the right accommodation.

Depending on the location you choose, finding a flat or house is similar to the way you would do it here in the UK, but there are some differences which you should be aware of before moving to Germany. For example, don’t expect to see a ‘For Sale’ sign outside a property. In Germany, this is not a common way of advertising that a property is available for sale or rent.

Many properties are published in the newspapers, and in the last few years property websites have sprung up which provide extensive listings on apartments and houses for sale as well as rental units. These websites also have extensive information on financing and other topics related to buying and renting property for those who are moving to Germany.

One term to watch out for when looking at property adverts is ‘Grosszügige Räume’, which translates as ‘large room’ or ‘very spacious’. As estate agents all over the world employ the same tactics when it comes to describing a property, this actually means that the house is very expensive to heat, which is something you may want to bear in mind when you are moving to Germany.

Best European Capital Cities

If you are toying with the idea of relocating to France, making a new life in Holland or upping sticks to Germany, you will no doubt be wondering: which European capital is the best to live in?

Paris is often lauded as the greatest capital city in the world, never mind Europe. With incredible heritage, jaw-dropping monuments, outrageous nightlife, unrivalled cuisine and of course that famous , “je ne sais quoi”, the City of Lights is one capital that really does live up to its huge billing. Paris is without doubt one of Europe’s most vibrant, exciting and beautiful cities.

Although significantly smaller than most other major European capitals, Amsterdam punches well above its weight. It is a city that is rightfully proud of its progressive social attitudes and this can be clearly seen with the ‘anything goes’ attitude that comes alive practically every single night. Indeed, it is often claimed that Amsterdam is “the most laid-back capital city in the world” – moving to Holland will let you see just how true that statement is for yourself.

Berlin has a rich, recent and incredibly relevant cultural heritage and stands proudly at the geographical centre of Europe. Berlin’s dichotomy makes it an incredibly engaging place to live, being at the same time safe and edgy; sensible and naughty. Truly; few cities can match Berlin’s enigmatic qualities.

No matter if you’re moving to Berlin, Paris or Amsterdam; make us here at European Removal Experts your first port of call.

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Moving to Berlin

How Moving to Berlin Should be Done.

Thinking about moving to Berlin, strolling and becoming mesmerized by the great sights it has to offer? How would you have to go about that?

Berlin is Germany’s largest city. It ranks second place as most populous city proper and is well known for its numerous cultural institutions such as the Museum Island or the Gemäldegalerie which paintings displayed are those of  the “old masters “ and even the Deutsches Theater in Mitte. These all stand proud as legacy and proof of the long history Berlin has.

When you’ve decided to move to Berlin you will not only establish yourself in Germany’s historic capital but as an added bonus you will be able to experience the active, ever changing arts and music scene. Moving to Berlin, you will be introduced to a cosmopolitan capital where you’ll be encircled by so many different cultures that you might feel overpowered. Nevertheless, this offers you a great chance to experience exciting and new activities of a wide range.

Many people advise moving to Berlin during summer to truly partake in all the colorful experienced offered to you. From the lovely cafes and renowned restaurants to the buzzing nightlife that entices you, adding fuel to the raging love you’re starting to feel for Berlin.

When trying to decide in which part of Berlin you want to move in keep in mind that the historic capital is now subdivided in 12 districts. Each one of them has several neighborhoods you may choose from. People feel strongly about their own neighborhoods and identify with them. Therefore choosing in which part of Berlin you want to live is a most important task.

A neighborhood that is family friendly is Prenzlauer Berg in East Berlin. Everyone agrees that this place is annoyingly nice. You can encounter many well-off families here since it’s so wealthy. Although a wonderful place to raise a family or just enjoy life to its fullest, it is also quite expensive.

A trendy neighborhood is Kreuzberg in West Berlin since it’s bustling with students and well-known counterculture hangouts

such as Görlitzer Park. Kreuzberg is considered to release a certain amount of bohemian allure that can continuously attract people.

When talking about Charlottenburg, Zehlendorf or Grunewald you think of leisurely-spent days with your children passing time by strolling between the grocery stores and the summer waters only to return to a gorgeous villa. Although this might seem boring to some, it does have a certain charm that attracts rich older people who want to spend their time in a bourgeois environment. These are perfect for up-market business.

An immigrant neighborhood is what Neukölln is said to be. Usually home of the traditional working class, now is flourishing into a “respectable” place to live. Of course, as the rating gets higher, the prices raise with it so it is not such of a cheap place to leave in now a days. It is now slowly but surely being colonized.

These are just some of the choices you might confront yourself with but a better documentation is in order because the size of Berlin is no joke, and with this comes great diversity. So be aware of the perfect place to move.

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