Why Do the Swiss Have So Much Fun?

Let’s face it, Switzerland is hardly the most famous nation in Europe. However, where other countries like to shout about their strengths or historical clout, Switzerland likes to play things cool, and despite it being one of the most exciting places to live in Europe, you’re not likely to hear the Swiss boasting about it!

For instance, the country’s stunning natural landscape is reason enough for moving to Switzerland, and as a nation is is arguably the most diverse and stunning landscape in Europe. It is home  to the famous Swiss alps, which offer magnificent hiking trails and world beating Ski-resorts.

As Switzerland is surrounded by five nations (Austria, Liechtenstein, Italy, France, and Germany) it is a distinctly multi-cultural nation, and you will find that the nations food and drink is both delicious and unique. It is also a multi-lingual nation with four different official languages; however, this shouldn’t present too much of a problem for anyone relocating to Switzerland from the UK, as English is spoken throughout.

Despite being influenced on all sides, by the best its neighbours have to offer, Switzerland is a nation with its own distinctive flavour, and anyone moving to Switzerland will soon discover that all of the stereotypes that the denote the nation actually ring true! Whether it’s the cows wearing cow-bells, the national obsession with chocolate and cheese or the general laid back attitude of the natives.

You Don’t Have to be Wealthy to Live in Switzerland

If you are relocating to Switzerland, you will probably have heard some of the myths surrounding the country. One of these is that only the super rich can afford to live there, and while tax rates differ across the country which means that wealthy people can apply to different regions for their tax status, there are opportunities for us ‘ordinary’ people as well.

Having said that, many celebrities such as Tina Turner, Phil Collins, Lewis Hamilton, Shania Twain, Roger Moore, Yoko Ono and Michael Schumacher have all lived in the country at some point. The friendly tax system is perhaps the main reason which saw them moving to Switzerland, but there are other reasons for moving to this wonderful country, for example the relative lack of crime and the high standard of living.

Lets move away from the rarified atmosphere of the super rich celebrity and look at what Switzerland means for the rest of us. The good news for us mere mortals is that if your company is moving to Switzerland from the UK and you have been offered the chance to continue with your job, you can move to live and work in Switzerland relatively easily. Switzerland is not in the EU which means that it does not have the same rules relating to relocation, so you need to be aware of the process for moving to Switzerland well in advance of your starting date. But keep positive and remember that if you have a job offer, you should be able to get a visa which makes moving to Switzerland a lot easier.

European Removal Experts Offer Removal Packing Services to Movers

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Popular reasons to move to Switzerland

If you are thinking about relocating abroad there are so many wonderful destinations and things to think about it can seem like to much hassle and effort. However, with companies offering great services that can make any move as easy as possible you shouldn’t be deterred. Switzerland is a beautiful country to relocate to and removals to Switzerland can be easy and simple to find and use.

There are many reasons why immigrating to Switzerland, or more precisely moving to Zurich, its capital, is so popular. Firstly, Switzerland is renowned for its breathtaking scenery as it is home to the beautiful snow capped Swiss Alps, one of the most famous of all mountain ranges. Even the city streets and architecture are stunning to behold. Even if you do fancy a change of scenery, Switzerland is relatively small making a trip into other European countries only a short journey. Lifestyle is considered of a higher standard with a stable currency and higher salaries.

The tax system often puts people off relocating to Switzerland as taxes are higher than some other countries but this additional expense can be viewed as an investment. You reap the reward from these higher taxes with better public services, an excellent standard of education and a well maintained environment. The healthcare in Switzerland is free to all citizens for life. This quality level of health care makes Switzerland’s statistics for illness and mortality relatively low. It is a country offering a high standard of living with many more benefits to discover.