Considerations When Relocating Abroad

If you’re thinking of relocating to France, Spain or indeed any Western European country; there are a few essential aspects which you will need to consider before you actually up-sticks and wave goodbye to Blighty.

Although many people on the Continent now speak English, there are just as many who do not (or will not). Therefore, you will find it very beneficial to learn the language spoken in your destination country as it will allow you to eat in restaurants, shop in markets and generally mingle with the locals with much greater success.

Although Western Europe’s climate is not drastically different to that of the UK; there are some parts of the Continent which frequently experience quite extreme weather conditions. Certainly some areas of France, Spain, Portugal and Italy can be very hot in the summer months, so you will need to be sure that you and your family will be able to endure such extremes before you move.

Regardless of whether you’re moving to France, Germany or wherever; perhaps the most important consideration of all is that of how you will move your furniture and belongings. Thankfully, we here at European Removal Experts can help greatly in this respect as we specialise in moving people’s belongings from all over the UK to countries in Western Europe.

So, if you think you might be needing furniture removals to France or beyond in the near future, look no further than us here at European Removal Experts.

Use Social Networks to Keep Up with Native News

Whether you’re moving to France, Egypt, Japan or Azerbaijan,  there’s always someone who gets left behind – a grandmother, old friend, brother, daughter – and sometimes it seems like no amount of the brilliant new culture an expat is living after moving to France etc. can make up for that lost physical contact.

The Big Move itself can sometimes overshadow the future logistics of living in a new country – setting up utilities, getting a mobile phone, organising the internet, finding a decent plumber – it’s no wonder communication with home sometimes gets pushed down the list. Specialist European removals companies like ours can take a great deal of stress out of moving to Belgium and so on, but setting up native links is crucial too; make the most of your roots and nurture pleasurable ties to your home country.

According to some experts, the relocation of a person to a new place – a place where their nearest and dearest have never existed – can create a curious dichotomy whereby expats miss their loved ones, but put off contacting them because to not communicate with them has become normal (e.g. emotionally bearable). But modern communication can make the world seem a lot smaller, so here are a few expat tips to help make contact with sorely-missed folks back home a little easier.

•    Create a schedule for phone calls, Skype calls etc – stick to it!

•    Lots of little contacts – e.g. short emails – help foster familiar bonds.

•    Moving to Belgium or Paris needn’t present too much of an issue should you need to return to the UK in an emergency, but if you’re out in the sticks or further afield it can be incredibly calming to have an emergency UK travel route in place.

Moving in With the Neighbours

Every year thousands of Brits emigrate to France, therefore should you be planning on moving to France you can be sure you’ll be in good company. A significant ex-pat community isn’t the only reason why moving to France is a such a “bonne idee” however, and a move to France can open up a whole new world of possibilities.

Let’s face it, us Brits have a pretty bad reputation when it comes to cuisine, and this is probably in part due to the fact that our neighbours are simply world class cooks. If you truly want to experience the best in terms of food then France is the ideal destination.

Admittedly food isn’t the best reason to emigrate, however, but French culture doesn’t just end with haute cuisine. There are many other reasons why France is such an idyllic location, and why moving to France might just be the best decision you’ll ever make.

France is considerably larger than the UK and therefore you will have a wide variety of environments to enjoy should you become a French citizen – rom the stunning Alps to the sun-drenched south of France.

After deciding to formally move and go through the relocating process to get France, one of the most essential things to organise is the tranfer of your belongings. Moving to France with European Removal Experts couldn’t be simpler and we can get your stuff to France on a part load or full load basis, and at affordable rates. So, what are you waiting for?

Moving To A French-Speaking Country

If you are planning to move to a French speaking country, you’ll definitely want to learn the language. But you should keep in mind that while there are many countries for which French is the primary language, there are also many different verities of French that are spoken.

For instance, the French that is spoken in Quebec Canada is quite different to that of Parisian French. If you are relocating to France, but you have studied French in Canada, you may have some difficulty adjusting to the differences. The accent will be slightly different, some words will be different, etc.

The same is true of places like New Orleans, Belgium, and some French-speaking African countries. While the basics are the same, there are enough differences in the variations of the language that you may find some adjusting is in order.

So, whether you are moving to France, moving to Belgium, or moving to any number of other French-speaking countries or cities, it’s best to study the language that is spoken locally, even if it’s harder to find the materials you need.

Look for a tutor who is from the place you plan to move to. You could even try using a social networking web site to find someone who is from that place. Try local universities to find out if they offer courses, but look further afield as well.

To thrive in a foreign country, no matter where that may be, you will need to be able to communicate, and communicate well, with the people around you.

Learn French and Make Life Easier

Moving to France is a dream which many of us have. For the majority, it will remain nothing more than a dream, but every year thousands of British people pack up and move across the channel to start a new life. If you are moving to France, are you one of those people who doesn’t bother to learn the language, hoping that you will be able to get by with a mixture of barely remembered phrases from school and hand signals? Or do you think you will meet enough English speaking locals, which means that you will be okay? If so, perhaps you should have a rethink before moving to France.

The reality is, you will find very few people who speak English, particularly in the rural areas. Even if you live in Paris, you will find few French people who are willing to converse in English, even if they are capable! The French are fiercely proud of their language, and just as we do here, they expect foreigners to be able to speak French.

This is one aspect which many who are moving to France from Britain overlook. It’s easy to see why. You can get so carried away with the idea of moving to France that you overlook – or even ignore – the language barrier. You will find it so much easier if you are moving to France to learn just a few basic sentences, so if this sounds like you, book some lessons with a French speaking tutor and you’ll be set for your new life.

5 Top Reasons to Break from the U.K (just for a while, at least!)

Our client base covers everyone from families moving to France for a rustic life amongst olive groves, to young professionals relocating to Zurich for their careers. To say our client book is diverse is an indubitable understatement!

The U.K economy isn’t great right now, which is why heaps of folks are heading to pastures new throughout Europe, be it on a temporary basis or more permanently. Here are five of the top reasons behind some of our recent customers’ relocations to some of the most glorious (and unexpected!) spots on the continent.

1. Career change/job prospects
Travelling for work used to mean moving to the city or adding an hour onto the daily commute. These days, we meet hundreds of folks relocating to France, Belgium, Spain and loads of other promising European locales for work reasons. Contract work and international experience are becoming more attractive to prospective employers. A stint overseas could set you in fantastic stead for a position back home in due course.

2. Quality of family life
According to a 2011 article in the Guardian, the U.K has the worst quality of life in Europe based on cost of living, average holidays per year, number of sunny days, working hours, life expectancy and about ten other deciding factors. One in ten Brits are seriously considering emigration or temporary relocation to another country to access a better standard of living for themselves and their families.

3. A change is as good as a rest
The idea of someone living the same life for their whole life (as most of our parents did) isn’t practical anymore. We don’t typically work for the same company in the same role living in the same house. We travel, we live, we work, we explore and make changes that previous generations couldn’t have easily made. A year living in Bruges – why not?

4. The world is getting smaller
Just a hundred years ago it took two days to get from London to Bristol on a fast horse. The option is still there today, but at less than two hours the train seems more appropriate! The great age of travel has made every corner of the world more accessible for us all, so why not make the most of it?

5. Retirement
It used to mean heading out to pasture in the potting shed, but these days retirement can be the best years of your life! A 2010 article in the Telegraph set Spain high on the list of retiree destinations. In fact, the Mediterranean in general ranked high in terms of affordability, ex-pat integration and quality of life.

Fun in the sun, a great career move or just more time to do the things you like – what’s stopping you? Our removals service extends far and wide over the European continent, making it as easy as possible for folks just like you to pick up, pack up and head off hassle-free!

Lessen the Stress of Moving Abroad with European Removal Experts

Research suggests that moving house can be one the most stressful events that a person will ever go through, right up there with divorce and even bereavement. After the stress and excitement of viewing new properties, making bids, and finally securing your new home, you’ll have a lot of work to do.

Relocating involves packing, getting rid of unwanted possessions, notifying family, friends, banks, and utility companies of your move, cleaning your current house, organising the redirection of your post to your new address and, perhaps, finding and registering your children with new schools. The list can seem endless. And when you’re moving to another country the list can be even longer.

You may be moving to France or another European country for a new job, for a university education, for a change of scenery, for a change of pace after retirement, to relocate your business or simply to start a new life. Whatever your reasons, moving your furniture and other possessions to your new home should not add to your stress. European Removal Experts is a professional company that specializes in household and business removals to European destinations, such as France, Germany, Belgium and Italy.

If you are relocating to France, we offer door to door deliveries to and from London to a wide range of a wide range of French destinations, including Paris, Brittany, Alsace, and Corsica.  So if you are looking for a professional, cost-effective and secure company to take care of your removals to France or any other European destination, contact European Removal Experts for a instant and free quote.

Best European Capital Cities

If you are toying with the idea of relocating to France, making a new life in Holland or upping sticks to Germany, you will no doubt be wondering: which European capital is the best to live in?

Paris is often lauded as the greatest capital city in the world, never mind Europe. With incredible heritage, jaw-dropping monuments, outrageous nightlife, unrivalled cuisine and of course that famous , “je ne sais quoi”, the City of Lights is one capital that really does live up to its huge billing. Paris is without doubt one of Europe’s most vibrant, exciting and beautiful cities.

Although significantly smaller than most other major European capitals, Amsterdam punches well above its weight. It is a city that is rightfully proud of its progressive social attitudes and this can be clearly seen with the ‘anything goes’ attitude that comes alive practically every single night. Indeed, it is often claimed that Amsterdam is “the most laid-back capital city in the world” – moving to Holland will let you see just how true that statement is for yourself.

Berlin has a rich, recent and incredibly relevant cultural heritage and stands proudly at the geographical centre of Europe. Berlin’s dichotomy makes it an incredibly engaging place to live, being at the same time safe and edgy; sensible and naughty. Truly; few cities can match Berlin’s enigmatic qualities.

No matter if you’re moving to Berlin, Paris or Amsterdam; make us here at European Removal Experts your first port of call.

Expert Advice On Moving To France

Moving to France has become increasingly popular with those who are looking for a new life away from all the stresses and strains of modern life in Britain. Many people who are planning on moving to France are attracted by the promise of living in a rural idyll which they may have discovered when they were on holiday.

The Baby Boomer generation are leading the way when it comes to moving abroad. They are now either retired or approaching the day when they can finish work, the prospect of selling the house now the kids have moved out and buying something smaller is an attractive one. Property prices are generally a lot lower in France than they are in Britain, particularly in rural areas, so if you are in the position where you can buy a dream home without having a mortgage around your neck.

If you are serious about relocating to France you will have planned  just about everything by now. At this stage you would have consulted estate agents and solicitors, essential in any move of course, but if you are moving to France you will be aware of the differences in law relating to property sales. Another expert you may need to talk to is the person who will be transporting your belongings when you are moving to France or moving to Switzerland or anywhere else in Europe. This is where European Removal Experts come in. They will be able to deal with your move in a professional manner, leaving you stress free to begin your new life.

Making Your Move Easier

The notion of moving abroad is nothing new, but it seems that more and more people are moving to France and Spain, even if they don’t speak the language. People move abroad for many reasons, but when it comes to retiring abroad it is often because they are after a more relaxing lifestyle with better weather.

Relocating to France is not an easy task, however. While it may be just across the water, there is still a lot to organise and the French administration system is notoriously difficult even when fluent in the language. You should never decide to relocate to another country without first doing some research. Just because you enjoy going on holiday there does not mean that you will have the same great experience living there.

If you have done your research and decide that moving is definitely for you, then we can help organise your furniture removals to France and take some of the hassle out of the experience of moving. Once considered an expensive country, the UK is now actually a lot cheaper for buying furniture and other belongings than a lot of the countries on the continent, so organising a furniture removal will work out much cheaper than buying new items when you get there. It also means that you can feel more comfortable in your surroundings by having familiar things around you. At European Removal Experts, we aim to make the process of moving as easy as possible, and deliver your furniture on the date or dates you specify.