Expert Advice On Moving To France

Moving to France has become increasingly popular with those who are looking for a new life away from all the stresses and strains of modern life in Britain. Many people who are planning on moving to France are attracted by the promise of living in a rural idyll which they may have discovered when they were on holiday.

The Baby Boomer generation are leading the way when it comes to moving abroad. They are now either retired or approaching the day when they can finish work, the prospect of selling the house now the kids have moved out and buying something smaller is an attractive one. Property prices are generally a lot lower in France than they are in Britain, particularly in rural areas, so if you are in the position where you can buy a dream home without having a mortgage around your neck.

If you are serious about relocating to France you will have planned  just about everything by now. At this stage you would have consulted estate agents and solicitors, essential in any move of course, but if you are moving to France you will be aware of the differences in law relating to property sales. Another expert you may need to talk to is the person who will be transporting your belongings when you are moving to France or moving to Switzerland or anywhere else in Europe. This is where European Removal Experts come in. They will be able to deal with your move in a professional manner, leaving you stress free to begin your new life.

German Cuisine: Beyond the Bratwurst!

On the world stage, German cuisine does not hold a  better reputation than the UK’s – and that’s saying something! However, just as there’s much more to UK cuisine than fish and chips, when if comes to German food – there’s a little more to it than the Bratwurst.

Probably due to our similar histories/cultures, there is a lot of a common ground between what we eat in the UK and what Germans eat – which will come as some comfort for anyone moving to Germany who doesn’t have the most adventurous palette.

There are, however, enough gastronomical differences to excite the food connoisseur moving to Germany. And whilst much of the food you’ll find in Germany will bear a passing resemblance to food you’ll find in the UK, things are often done a little differently.

For example, anyone moving to Germany will notice the prevalence of pickled vegetables, such as sauerkraut, which often accompany meals; Germans also love their breads, and therefore you’ll find a lot of bakeries, offering, for example, pretzels; and whilst it is not the be all and end all of German cuisine, the Bratwurst and other quality sausages also prevail in the country, making it an ideal place to live if that sort of thing is your cup of tea – or should be “stein of German beer”.

Whatever the reason for moving to germany – whether its the cuisine or otherwise – with European Removal Experts we like to think that we take the hassle out of European removals.

Moving To Switzerland To Save On Tax

There has been a lot of speculation in the media about tax rises affecting those with a considerable amount of money in the bank, which is why many people maybe thinking about moving to Switzerland. For those who are considering relocating to Switzerland it is important to be aware that you will be required to relinquish your UK residency, so if you are in the enviable position of moving to Switzerland, there are some things regarding the tax consequences you should expect.

If you are moving to Switzerland, you become a tax resident if you are in the country for a minimum period of 30 days and you are working, or you have been in the country for 90 days without working. If you wish to remain a permanent citizen you must apply for a Swiss Residence Permit, and anyone from the European Union will receive beneficial treatment when it comes to obtaining these permits.

Once you are settled after moving to Switzerland, you will be granted a residency permit, but you must live in Switzerland to retain your residency status. If you are unable to spend 180 days a year in the country after relocating to Switzerland, you must ensure you do not spend more time in any one country than you do in Switzerland. Failure to meet these criteria will result in you not being considered as a Swiss resident.

If you are relocating to Switzerland you will of course take the best legal advice, and you will also want the experts to look after your move. We at European Removal Experts are the experts when it comes to looking after those who are moving to Switzerland, moving to Holland, or moving to any country in Europe.

Business Moves to Holland

Business Moving To Holland

Thousands of people emigrate from Britain every year, and while the number of businesses which relocate isn’t as high, the fact is that many businesses do move from Britain to other countries within the European Union. If you are moving to France, moving to Germany or moving to Holland with your business, you will want the day of the move to go as smoothly as possible.

You will be well aware of the size of the challenge when relocating your businees to Holland or to wherever you may be relocating, but when it comes to organizing the day of the relocation, we at European Removal Experts can help you to make it as smooth a move as possible.

As well as helping businesses who are moving to Holland, we also help individuals who may be moving to France or any location in Europe.

The number of people from Britain who are relocating to France has grown dramatically over the last twenty years, and we have been involved in hundreds of removals, which means we are experienced in every aspect of the job. Moving home is stressful at any time, and this is increased when you are moving abroad. So why not let us look after the business of transporting your furniture and other large and bulky items?

We also operate removals services within the UK, so whatever it is you are looking for we will be able to help.

Business Moves to Holland

Is Moving To Holland In Your Plans

Moving to Holland isn’t something you decide to do overnight. You should have given a lot of thought about the practicalities with moving to another country – whether you are moving to Holland or moving to Germany, the problems and obstacles you will face are pretty much the same – but by this stage you will have covered just about every aspect of the move.

Most of the issues you will face when you are moving to Holland can be dealt with by applying common sense, and when necessary, getting expert advice for the trickier aspects which may arise. As an EU member, there won’t be any problems regarding working in Holland, but this isn’t the case if you are thinking of moving to Switzerland, for example, where different rules apply to foreigners seeking work there.

One of the aspects of relocating to Holland where you may need expert advice is the move itself. The chances are you will be transporting all your furniture and other heavy items and valuables which you will not be able to carry in your car, so choosing the best removals company is important. European Removal Experts are the experts when it comes to transporting furniture and other household items. It doesn’t matter if you are moving to France, moving to Belgium or to any other country in Europe, they can assure you that your the move will be a smooth one. European Removal Experts can also help you move home in Britain, so no matter where in Europe you are planning to move to, they are here to help.

Take The Stress Out Of Moving To Germany

If you are thinking of moving to Germany, you’ve probably spent a lot of time considering the many arrangements you will have to take care of before you make the life changing move of setting up home in another country.

The list is a long one, and you’ve probably worried about whether you have considered everything that will need to be completed before relocating to Germany. This process is a stressful period for everyone involved, however there is a way you can make things a lot easier for yourself and those who are accompanying you. You may have many big bulky items to take with you, and you may have thought about taking care of this yourself by hiring a van. But think about this in a bit more detail, and by doing it yourself begins to lose it’s appeal, doesn’t it? First of all, you will have to hire a van or lorry which is big enough, then you have to clear out your house, load the van and do it all again at the other end when you arrive.

So why not let the experts help when you are moving to Germany, moving to Holland or moving to any location in Europe?  You need to choose the best company if you want to get the best service, and you really can’t go wrong with European Removal Experts. We offer a fully-professional service for removals to Europe that can be tailored to suit you, making your move to Germany as stress free as possible.

Removals to switzerland

Top Tips On Moving To Switzerland

Whatever your reasons for moving to Switzerland, whether it is for a new job which means you have to relocate, or retirement, you will want to make a move that is as easy as possible. You will already be aware that planning a move to Switzerland entails a lot of work and planning, so here are a few extra little tips which will hopefully make your move that bit easier!

If you are planning to apply for residency in Switzerland, you will have to relinquish your British residency. Don’t forget to let the Inland Revenue know that you are moving. Once you have gone through the process of relocating to Switzerland and are settled, inform the taxation office in Switzerland that you have arrived. Do some research into what this entails, because the last thing you want is to get on the wrong side of the law, which may result with you being hit with a fine.

It may sound silly to point this out, but when you leave your home in the UK, don’t forget to let the relevant utilities companies know that you are no longer a resident at that address. It’s surprising how many people forget to do this, which means they can be caught up in resolving the problem when they are living abroad. And finally, when you are planning the logistics of moving to Switzerland or even moving to Belgium for that matter, don’t forget to get in touch with European Removal Experts, the experts in home moves to locations all over Europe.

Advice On Moving To Belgium

If you are moving to Belgium, the chances are your reasons for moving there will be work related. But whatever your reasons are for moving to Belgium, there are a few things you must be aware of, a couple of basic guidelines to make life easier once you arrive there. These guidelines will also apply if you are thinking of moving to Holland or moving to Germany, so whichever country in Europe you are thinking or relocating to, these pieces of advice will come in handy.

If you have been planning on moving to Belgium for some time, you will probably already be aware that when you arrive in the country, you must notify the local authority of your presence within ten working days from the date of your arrival. You must present your passport when you do this and you will then be given a document which is titled, ‘declaration of presence’, and that is pretty much it. You can carry on with your job without any further paperwork.

One of the things you must consider when you are relocating to Belgium is the transportation of your furniture and other goods. This is where European Removal Experts come in! They are highly experienced in helping people like you who are moving to Belgium, moving to Germany or moving to Holland. In short, they can arrange removals to any location in Europe, as well as moving to locations all over Britain and Ireland. So if you are thinking of moving to Belgium or any country within the EU, get in touch with European Removal Experts and they will take the stress out of the task.