Swiss Clockwork

If you are moving to Switzerland, European Removal Experts can guarantee that our comprehensive professional removal service works like clockwork. Precision, timing and reliability are the hallmarks of Swiss timepieces, but are also synonymous with the bespoke removals services offered by European Removal Experts.

Many expatriates embrace the opportunity of relocating to Switzerland, a nation of breathtaking scenery with a unique blend of cultures, languages and traditions. The Swiss speak French, German and Italian and elements of all of these rich cultures combine smoothly in this beautiful part of the world.

European Removal Experts has helped many Brits put their minds at ease once they have decided that moving to Switzerland is a wise decision.We offer part load deals where your items will travel alongside those of other customers, or full load options where the entire vehicle is dedicated to your needs. We are confident that before you know it, you will be enjoying some delicious Swiss chocolate on the ski slopes as you fiddle with the blades of your Swiss Army knife and gaze at the natural wonders of the Swiss Alps.

Please take a look at our website today for our many versatile and flexible removals options. The only thing which we never compromise on is the quality of our services. We take pride in providing simply the best removals service available from the United Kingdom to any location in Europe.  Moving to Switzerland is made easy with European Removal Experts: the whole process will run as smoothly as a premium Swiss timepiece.

The Importance of Preparation When Moving to Switzerland

You’ve just watched a programme on TV that shows how beautiful, cultured and diverse Switzerland is, and you want to experience it for yourself. But you want more than just a holiday, you want to live there, so you start planning your escape in the quickest possible time.

Slow down! Before you dive right into the idea of moving to Switzerland, it’s important to be prepared. Contrary to what you might think, moving abroad takes a huge amount of preparation that can’t all be done overnight.

Moving to Switzerland will involve a number of complex issues. You need to think about the sale of your current house and the purchase of the new one, and what about visas, work permits and residency issues? Have you thought about the language, the locals, the part of Switzerland you want to live in, and what about your possessions?

You need to consider all of these points and many more before you can even begin to think about the reality of relocating to Switzerland. Failing to be properly prepared can leave you unstuck and you could find yourself in a foreign country with no-one to help, so make sure you’re probably organised and that you have experts on hand at every step of the way (such as us here at European Removal Experts).

As you can see, it really is important to be prepared when you’re moving to Switzerland. There are a lot of things you need to think about before you embark on your new life and it’s important you’ve got everything organised before you begin, so no matter how tempting it may be, try not to jump in at the deep end.

Moving Around The Global Village

It is becoming more and more common to change jobs or get a promotion at work which will involve moving house not just within the UK, but also throughout the world. When you are moving house onto the European mainland you are highly likely to want to take your furniture and personal belongings with you than to put them in storage. Logistically this is really much easier than you might first think. Generally it does not involve huge amounts of paperwork and it is just like moving house in the UK except that it takes a little longer for the journey.
If you are moving to Germany or perhaps moving to France, two of the most popular mainland Europe destinations, you just need to find a reliable removals company with experience of this type of move, like ourselves at European Removal Experts, who will collect and deliver for you. One thing that you should consider is whether you need your belongings to go into storage at any point, be it a day or a month or two, before they are delivered. When you make your move you may not be going directly to the house you are going to occupy long term so if this applies when you are moving to Germany or any other country it makes sense to use a company that can offer the whole package.
Of course, you may just want to follow the removal van in your own car and that can certainly be arranged. But we find it is more usual for our customers to want to meet us at their new European home. Once the furniture has arrived it can be placed in the correct rooms so that you can unpack and settle into your new home at your leisure, with a minimum of fuss. Bon voyage.

How European Removal Experts Can Help You

If you’re thinking of moving to Belgium, Holland or indeed anywhere else on the continent, you’re going to need a bit of a helping hand. No matter how much you may want to there’s no way you’ll be able to do absolutely everything on your own, and that’s when European Removal Experts can help.

Here at European Removal Experts, we’re specialists in helping people to relocate to the continent whether they’re moving to Belgium, France or just about anywhere else. We’re efficient, affordable and reliable and can offer every removals service necessary whether you want a few boxes moved or the contents of an entire house. We can even offer storage, so no matter what you need we’ll have it covered.

We’re a London-based company so can easily get to wherever you are in the UK, and can offer a bespoke door to door service so there’s absolutely no hassle on your part. We deal with customs, clearance and the logistics of actually getting your stuff over there, so all you have to do is sit back and wait for everything to be delivered to your new home.

So, whether you’re moving to Belgium, Holland, Switzerland or indeed anywhere else in Europe, here at European Removal Experts we’ll be able to help. We can get your possessions to you safely and efficiently so you don’t have to worry about a thing, so if you’re thinking of moving to Belgium make sure to contact us so we can get you on your way.

Moving to Europe for Work? Enlist the Help of International Removal Experts

Big businesses operate in a truly global capacity these days. So if you work for a big multi-national, chances are you might end up taking a placement overseas for at least a year or two. Despite more uncertain trading conditions, key European economies continue to remain strong and thrive. So if you’re a high flying executive, you may well find yourself moving to Germany or moving to Switzerland.

Moving to continental Europe is a great adventure, whether you’re from the UK, the USA or maybe down under. Wherever you end up, you’ll find an expat community and support network, but you need to gear yourself up for a big change. Moving by itself can be stressful and unsettling, never mind taking on the challenge of an entirely new country with its language barriers and strange customs and traditions. However don’t be put off. Once you’ve made the initial adjustment, you’ll have a great experience that you will remember forever.

If your employer has an office in Europe and they want you to relocate by moving to Germany or moving to Switzerland, there are plenty of different options for your living arrangements. If you don’t have family ties, you might want to be in the heart of a thriving city like Berlin or Geneva. If you’re bringing your family, then the suburbs or the countryside might suit you better.

Moving your belongings and possessions to a new country can seem daunting and if you don’t shop around for the best deal, it might turn out to be pretty costly. Do your research and try to find a company that offers their services at a reasonable rate and can help you with the whole move from start to finish. Otherwise you might have to find several companies to help you with each stage of our move, which is bound to be expensive.

Specialist international removal companies are experts in transportation, packing and customs regulations. Stick with the experts and your move to Germany or elsewhere will be smooth and hassle free.

Dont Forget the Minor Details When Moving to Belgium

If you are relocating to Belgium you will have to carry out a number of formalities before you leave the UK. Some of these seem so obvious you may wonder why they are mentioned, but you would be surprised at how many people who are moving to Belgium or another country forget about the little details. It’s only when they arrive in the country they are moving to that they realise they have missed something out, so don’t fall into the trap of forgetting the seemingly obvious details!

The first, and perhaps most important thing to arrange, is to make sure that you have organised temporary accommodation and sufficient financial resources for the first month when moving to Belgium.

You should have a valid passport or identity card provided by your country of origin. If you don’t have these, your stay will be a lot shorter than you imagined.

You must obtain a European Health Insurance Card, this is another essential piece of ducumentation. You may be in the best of health at the moment, but who knows what the future holds?

If you are moving to Belgium to work, you will have to pay tax there, so make sure you register with the relevant authorities once you are settled in. Finally, remember to terminate your electricity, gas and telephone supply agreements and to arrange new agreements with Belgian suppliers before your arrival.

And don’t forget to transfer your bank accounts or financial instruments if necessary!