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Removals To Holland and The Benelux

The Benelux countries are a great place to live, each of them having extensive, intriguing histories and beautiful, large cities. Whether you want to move there because of your own history, your career, or out of pure interest, at European Removal Experts we can help you to realise your goals. No matter where you live in the United Kingdom we can offer our premium removals service at highly competitive prices that can really give you some peace of mind. Being able to put your most treasured possessions in the hands of professionals who are dedicated to keeping it safe and providing a top notch service will allow you to focus on more important aspects of the move. Contracts, family and learning about the place you are moving to all need tending to and the more time you have for these things, the better.

We provide removals to Holland, no matter whether you want to move to Amsterdam or Rotterdam. Because we are European Experts in transport, you can have absolute confidence that we will provide everything you need in order to get your possessions to where they need to be in the Netherlands. This includes the sale of boxing and packing materials for long term storage and transport. The last thing you want is for that priceless antique to become another piece of junk simply because of the ill-preparation of a removals company. We can sort out all of the requirements for specialist pieces of furniture like pianos to ensure that they get to where they need to be without any damage.

If you have particularly large items like a full wall cabinet, we have the adaptability in our removal vehicles to accommodate you. Similarly, if you are moving to the UK our services equally apply. We will use the Eurotunnel to go between the UK and the continent because this ensures the safety of your equipment and greatly lessens the chances of frustrating delays. Removals to the Netherlands and all other Benelux countries will be subject to UK clearance. We utilise a simplified procedure that will ensure all transports are not held for long.

Removals to Luxembourg are not as common as the other Benelux countries due to its size, but our prices are equally as competitive. Luxembourg is a quaint country with a population of half a million. It is a very attractive place to move to and we can provide removals via much the same service as to Holland. We can provide short notice services as well as being able to scale our prices to your needs. If you only have a few boxes of personal effects to move, we can provide you with a price that you will find acceptable. On top of this we can also offer courier and parcel delivery services to Luxembourg and the rest of the Benelux. If you want to take the stress out of your move and don’t want to pay over the odds for it, European Removal Experts is your best bet.

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5 Reasons Everyone Should Live Abroad Once

We specialise in moving to Holland, Germany and a bunch of other culturally rich European countries. Here are our top five reasons every person should spend at least a little of their life living continental!

1.    Culture is obviously the first thing that springs to mind. Think of the difference between Edinburgh and Devon, Liverpool and Oxford, Rowen (a tiny village in North Wales) and London! Experiencing different culture can open your eyes to the world in a unique way.

2.    Expanding your career horizons. Experiencing different cultures isn’t just for students and the super-rich. With a little planning and dedication it’s possible for pretty much anyone to find a job abroad. It may even be a step down the career ladder, but in terms of adding interest to your CV, living abroad depicts a superb strength of character.

3.    The thrill of the unknown. Call it “fear” if you like. The thrill/fear of relocating to Germany etc. is something that can be incredibly beneficial in life. Not everyone is OK with getting out of their comfort zone, but even something like a few months relocating to Belgium can have an astounding effect on confidence and mindset.

4.    Culinary exploration. Maybe you’re already a well-fed food aficionado, but if you’re more the pie ‘n’ chips type, living another culinary lifestyle can be a wonderful adventure!

5.    Appreciating home. Sure, it rains a lot in the UK and our sports teams are frequently embarrassed, but true appreciation for all things British is certainly a wonderful side to living abroad. You’ll be surprised what you miss most!

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Moving to the Netherlands: Essential Reading

There are many reasons to move to Holland. The modern, socially progressive country boasts a high standard of living, a high life expectancy rate, an excellent healthcare system, and a relatively healthy economy. The country also has a great agricultural, maritime, and trading tradition, and is a visual feat with a wonderful mix of modern and postmodern architecture, colourful flower fields, and a dense network of canals.  And if you have children or are planning a family, it worth noting that the Netherlands has an excellent education system right up to university level, and that UNICEF have found Dutch children to be the happiest in the world.

However, relocating to the Netherlands may not be a stress-free experience.  Moving home involves a lot of planning and organising, and moving abroad can involve even more work.  Besides organising the purchase or rental of your new home, finding suitable employment, brushing up your Dutch language skills, booking your flight or ferry tickets, and making sure your passport is up to date, (and perhaps applying for a European Pet Passport for your furry friend), you will also need to arrange for a removals company to arrange for the transportation of your possessions to your new home.

European Removal Experts offers a simple, affordable and professional solution to your removal needs.  The company specialises in Dutch Removals and offers door to door deliveries between the UK and Amsterdam, Amersfoort, and Almere.  Your experience of moving to the Netherlands may be made easier by taking advantage of European Removal Experts’s services.  Why not contact them for a quick and free quote?

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When Moving to Holland, Look No Further

A relocation to another country can be an exciting time. The new culture which will be experienced, the landscape of the particular country or coming into contact with a new community means that scenarios which are not witnessed in the UK will be felt by yourself. Every year, moving to Holland has been the choice made by many but before this was done by them the actual physical transportation of their property was required which might have caused them to experience untold levels of stress. However, if they had asked for the services of a professional removal company then this would have been a simpler transition for them.

It you’re moving to Amsterdam with your family or have accepted a job offer which was too good to turn down, no matter what the reason for relocating to Holland is the removal of property to this other country from the UK can be assisted through our services. Depending on the number of items which need to be transported, a variety of van sizes can be supplied which gives peace of mind knowing that there will be plenty of room for all your items.

Moving to the Netherlands can be a stressful time not just for yourself but also your family especially if they are relocating with you as well. Through planning and asking the professionals for assistance allows for every aspect of this experience to be as carefree and as enjoyable as possible. It could be Rotterdam or anywhere but thanks to our assistance, this is more than likely to be another load off your mind.

Let the Experts Handle Your Move Abroad

Moving house is always a stressful occasion because of all the planning that has to go into the move. If you want it to go as smoothly as possible you will have placed smaller items in boxes which are marked with the contents, so when they arrive at the other end you know exactly what is in each box. This is fine with the smaller items in the house, but when you add in the physical aspect of the process – all that shifting and carrying of heavy furniture – and it becomes clear why people are using professionals to do the job for them.

If you are moving to another place in the UK the day can be a bit of an ordeal, so imagine if you are moving to France or moving to Holland to start a new life? There are so many more obstacles to deal with when you are moving abroad, whether you are moving to France to retire to a new life in the country or moving to Holland with your job, so why not let the professionals take care of every aspect of this. All you have to do once your house is cleared is get in the car and make your own way to your new address, where you will meet the team who will then take care of unloading your furniture.

So if you are moving to France or moving to Holland – in fact just about any country in Europe – let the experts take care of the moving process for you.

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Moving to Belgium to Improve Sporting Prowess

There are many reasons why Britons are planning on moving to Belgium, most of them connected with work. However, there is a small group of young athletes who are moving to Belgium to pursue their aims of racing with the best cyclists in the world. Belgium has long been seen as the place to go to hone the skills which are necessary of you want to reach the top ranks of the professional cycling scene. Even if you are connected with cycling and you are moving to Belgium, it won’t be long before you realise that cycling comes second only to football in terms of popularity among Belgian people, which is why there is a growing number of young Brits who want to get involved.

Between February and November just about every town and village in the country will host a bike race which will attract more than 200 competitors. With lucrative prize lists and a fantastic atmosphere – enhanced by the carnival which usually accompanies these races – it soon becomes clear why Belgium is the place to be for aspiring racing cyclists. Of course, many young British riders come to the conclusion that moving to France or moving to Holland will help them reach the top of the sport, but over the last sixty years Belgium has been at the top of the list for young Brits. If you are planning to join them, make sure that your furniture and belongings – especially those valuable bikes! – are entrusted to the experts at European Removal Experts.

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A Few Facts about Holland

Although Holland has something of a reputation as a free and easy, Bohemian kind of place, full of liberal minded locals who like to experiment with various substances which are illicit in many countries, this is really only the case with Amsterdam. If you’ve spent any time there, you’ll know exactly what I mean, but it would be wrong to think that the rest of the country follows the lead of this particular city. If you are moving to Holland because of work commitments, the chances are you’ll have a pretty good idea of what to expect when you get there.

You may have spent time working in one of the major Dutch cities, and now you have been asked by your company to think about moving to Holland to further your career. If this is the case, you will be getting help with relocation fees and other expenses which you will incur, so make sure that you choose the best company to take care of moving your belongings and furniture when you are moving to Holland, moving to Germany or moving to any European country. European Removal Experts have many years experience in this field and have built themselves an enviable reputation for professionalism. This is what you need when you are moving to Holland. The move itself may be traumatic – particularly if you have young children – so why not make it as easy and as smooth as possible by asking the professionals to take care of the move for you?

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Are You Moving to Belgium? If So, Read On

If you are moving to Belgium with your job, there are a couple of important points which you should be aware of. Although this is just a couple of hours away across the North Sea and they are a member of the European Union, there are many differences in the day to day life you will experience if you are moving to Belgium. For example, everyone over the age of twelve who is resident in the country is obliged to carry identity cards. For those over the age of fifteen, it is obligatory to carry the ID card at all times, unless they are within 200 metres of their home address. This may sound a bit draconian, but the reality is that the Belgian people don’t give this a second thought. Another thing to bear in mind is that these cards are valid for five years and must be renewed before the expiry date.

If you are moving to Belgium and are planning to rent a property, the process is a little different from moving to Holland or moving to Germany. When you rent a house or flat, this must be registered with the local authorities, in particular with the Receiver of Registrations. This must be carried out within two months of the rental agreement being signed, and failure to do this will lead to a fine. Finally, don’t forget to hire a professional company with plenty of experience of helping those who are moving to Belgium to ensure that the move goes as smoothly as possible.

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Moving to Switzerland – Some Facts

If you are moving to Switzerland, the chances are that this is a career related move unless you are in the millionaire bracket and you are about to join Lewis Hamilton, Roger Moore and Phil Collins. As Switzerland is not an European Union member, the process is a little different from moving to Belgium or moving to Holland, but it is possible. If you are from Britain there is an agreement between Switzerland and the EU which makes it comparatively easy when compared to non EU nationals. The regulations regarding moving to Switzerland to work were relaxed eight years ago, and it is planned that by 2014 quotas for work permits issued to people from the EU will be dropped.

For those who come from outside the European Union, moving to Switzerland is a lot more difficult. Work permits will only be issued if you can prove that you have a particular skill which an employer cannot find within the country, which means that very few people from outside the EU actually get the chance to emigrate to this country.

Assuming you fit the criteria, what will you need to do when you are moving to Switzerland? Perhaps the most important thing is to find a company which has plenty of experience when it comes to transporting your furniture and belongings. With this in mind, you are in the right place because the people at European Removal Experts have the knowledge and experience to make your move a smooth one.

Which Countries Speak Your Language?

For some, a move abroad is both exciting and scary. Over time you will almost certainly find yourself becoming bi-lingual, if not multi-lingual. But for those who speak only their native tongue before they move, the idea of finding themselves unable to communicate at all with those around them can be quite daunting.

So if you are looking to move abroad, it is worth knowing which European countries are most likely to be able to help you out and speak your language whilst you are still struggling with theirs.

Moving to Germany may be the best idea for those not wanting to find themselves lost for words in their new home. Surprisingly, Germany has almost the same number of English speakers as Britain itself, with 59% of its population fluent in English. Moving to Germany therefore means that more than every other person you meet will be able to speak your language and in turn help you to learn theirs.

Moving to Holland is also a great move for those who want to experience a new country but don’t want to feel completely cut off from the English language. Moving to Holland, you will find a massive 87% of people able to speak English. With a much lower population than Germany that means that there aren’t as many English speakers, but a much higher percentage, meaning that almost everyone you meet will be able to help you out if you are struggling with their language.

Belgium and France also have huge numbers of English speaking residents, so you really are spoilt for choice.