Removals To Holland and The Benelux

The Benelux countries are a great place to live, each of them having extensive, intriguing histories and beautiful, large cities. Whether you want to move there because of your own history, your career, or out of pure interest, at European Removal Experts we can help you to realise your goals. No matter where you live in the United Kingdom we can offer our premium removals service at highly competitive prices that can really give you some peace of mind. Being able to put your most treasured possessions in the hands of professionals who are dedicated to keeping it safe and providing a top notch service will allow you to focus on more important aspects of the move. Contracts, family and learning about the place you are moving to all need tending to and the more time you have for these things, the better.

We provide removals to Holland, no matter whether you want to move to Amsterdam or Rotterdam. Because we are European Experts in transport, you can have absolute confidence that we will provide everything you need in order to get your possessions to where they need to be in the Netherlands. This includes the sale of boxing and packing materials for long term storage and transport. The last thing you want is for that priceless antique to become another piece of junk simply because of the ill-preparation of a removals company. We can sort out all of the requirements for specialist pieces of furniture like pianos to ensure that they get to where they need to be without any damage.

If you have particularly large items like a full wall cabinet, we have the adaptability in our removal vehicles to accommodate you. Similarly, if you are moving to the UK our services equally apply. We will use the Eurotunnel to go between the UK and the continent because this ensures the safety of your equipment and greatly lessens the chances of frustrating delays. Removals to the Netherlands and all other Benelux countries will be subject to UK clearance. We utilise a simplified procedure that will ensure all transports are not held for long.

Removals to Luxembourg are not as common as the other Benelux countries due to its size, but our prices are equally as competitive. Luxembourg is a quaint country with a population of half a million. It is a very attractive place to move to and we can provide removals via much the same service as to Holland. We can provide short notice services as well as being able to scale our prices to your needs. If you only have a few boxes of personal effects to move, we can provide you with a price that you will find acceptable. On top of this we can also offer courier and parcel delivery services to Luxembourg and the rest of the Benelux. If you want to take the stress out of your move and don’t want to pay over the odds for it, European Removal Experts is your best bet.

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