Use A Firm Experienced In Overseas Removals

You may have occasionally heard it declared that moving house can be one of the most stressful undertakings known to humankind.  Admittedly this claim might be slightly over egging the cake – however, short of wars and natural disasters it does fairly succinctly capture the fact that moving house can be, and frequently is, very stressful. Add in the complications of not simply moving down the road or even to another UK town but to mainland Europe and clearly there is a whole new layer of potential trouble ahead.

Whether moving to France, moving to Germany or any other EU country, where you will benefit in making the whole experience much more straightforward is employing the services of a company that specialises in moving between mainland Europe and the UK. At European Removal Experts Ltd, we are a London based company that specialises in exactly this type of removal. In exactly the same way that you don’t visit the local English Chip shop for a sampling of Poulet et Frites, you shouldn’t be looking to a typical UK removal firm to help you navigate the roads and customs of moving to France.

The service offered is scalable to your needs and we offer removal of single items of furniture or complete or part loads to first, second or even third homes. Our service can assist in passing your belongings through customs with minimal effort and most importantly it can be ensured that either your handful of boxes or the entire house contents arrive at their destination when they are needed and in good order.

When moving to France or other European countries, the basic job of moving physical items may be the same, but the cultures, rules and expectations are not, so rather than be the guinea pig for a UK company to experiment with, choose a specialist provider.

Switzerland, Removals And Storage

Switzerland is one of the jewels of Europe, with the Alps and a huge diversity of climates and different types of landscapes, it truly is one of the most remarkable and beautiful places to live on Earth. Switzerland is also a magnet for skilled workers and tourists with a robust economy and a very high Human Development Index (HDI). It has the highest wealth per adult in the world, which is partly why it is so attractive. With a population of only around 8 million it is also remarkably culturally diverse. Bordering Germany, Italy, Austria, Liechtenstein and France it has 4 official languages and invariably attracts many visitors from the neighbouring countries as well as a wide variety of tourists.We can provide fantastic removals to Switzerland that can enable you to focus more on the country you are going to become a part of.

Zurich is a world renowned city with all of the modern facilities you could want. It is a beautifully historic place with the picturesque the Alps in the distance. We can provide removals to Zurich at prices that are scaled to what you will be transporting. If you have only a few boxes, our prices will reflect that, and you won’t be unnecessarily charged more as if you were transporting a lot more. The transport will utilise the Eurotunnel and then travel by road to North-Central Switzerland where Zurich is located. Our vehicles have European breakdown cover which, if there is a breakdown, will get us back up and running as soon as possible. Our aim is to be on time for you at your new doorstep so you can take advantage of your belongings as soon as possible.

Of course many people who are moving over such a long distance require some temporary storage space. At Europe Removals we have you covered and can offer you Long and Short Term Storage for 2 weeks for all customers regardless of whether you want it before or after the move. Unlike many removals and storage companies we provide you with a Storage Calculator which can very quickly allow you to total all of the different types of furniture and belongings that you may wish to store. This must be a very thorough and thought-out process on your behalf to ensure that you don’t store something that you are going to need through the storage time.

We can also offer you long term storage options if you are going to be in Switzerland for a temporary period and wish to sell or move out of your current property in the meantime. Being able to keep everything in a safe, reliable and non-damaging place will allow you to completely forget about it all until you are ready to use it all again. Our Storage Calculator is split into different types of furniture holdings including by room. Your lounge furniture naturally differs from that in your kitchen and bathroom, so we’ve separated it to allow you to think clearly about each room. We can store almost anything you want – even motorbikes.

Don’t Stress About Studying Abroad

Moving abroad to study used to be something of a rarity. But modern universities and educational institutions are often well-equipped when it comes to offering the most dexterous study programmes to students. Moving to Germany to study history, moving to Switzerland to study landscape architecture – making the move to another country could be the most significant period of a young student’s life.

Here are a few tips we’ve picked up over the years for relocating to Amsterdam, rural Spain or a host of other fantastic European destinations.

• Personal accountability is a huge part of studying abroad. Look into things like living costs, set a weekly budget, find out if your U.K bank card will work in an emergency, can a non-resident buy a mobile phone? Etc. Most foreign study positions are well-informed and organised, but make sure you understand all the ins and outs involved as much as possible. Don’t wait around for someone else to hand you a “How To” guide!

• Safety is obviously important. Each place holds different challenges, for example, moving to rural Italy will likely be a much slower pace than relocating to Paris. Seek advice from past residents or even local police websites.

• Keep records; not the boring kind like tax returns, but fun things like photos and journals! They’ll prove invaluable later on.

• Learn at least a little of the language. Aside from simply being good manners, knowing the basics can help you feel more ingratiated in the area.

Popular reasons to move to Switzerland

If you are thinking about relocating abroad there are so many wonderful destinations and things to think about it can seem like to much hassle and effort. However, with companies offering great services that can make any move as easy as possible you shouldn’t be deterred. Switzerland is a beautiful country to relocate to and removals to Switzerland can be easy and simple to find and use.

There are many reasons why immigrating to Switzerland, or more precisely moving to Zurich, its capital, is so popular. Firstly, Switzerland is renowned for its breathtaking scenery as it is home to the beautiful snow capped Swiss Alps, one of the most famous of all mountain ranges. Even the city streets and architecture are stunning to behold. Even if you do fancy a change of scenery, Switzerland is relatively small making a trip into other European countries only a short journey. Lifestyle is considered of a higher standard with a stable currency and higher salaries.

The tax system often puts people off relocating to Switzerland as taxes are higher than some other countries but this additional expense can be viewed as an investment. You reap the reward from these higher taxes with better public services, an excellent standard of education and a well maintained environment. The healthcare in Switzerland is free to all citizens for life. This quality level of health care makes Switzerland’s statistics for illness and mortality relatively low. It is a country offering a high standard of living with many more benefits to discover.

Some Advice on Moving to Switzerland

Moving to Switzerland from the UK is not as straightforward as – for example – a move to France or any other European Union member State, but it is possible for British Passport holders to make the move. If you are lucky enough to be classed as wealthy, relocating to Zurich or any other part of Switzerland will be a lot easier as Phil Collins and Lewis Hamilton have proved.

If your move is connected with work this should make things a little easier, but before you pack up your belongings and prepare to make the move there are some important factors which you should take into account. If you are successful in your application to move to Switzerland, you will become a tax resident when you are in the country for a minimum of thirty days if you are employed. This rises to ninety days if you are not working.

A Swiss Residence Permit is essential if you want to live in the country permanently, and the good news is that people from EU countries stand more chance of getting this document. Once you receive this, you have to live in Switzerland and if you are not able to live there for 180 days each year you must make sure that you are not spending more time in any other country. If you do, you will fail to make the status of Swiss resident, so bear this in mind when you are planning your move.

Some Benefits of Moving to Germany

If you are moving abroad with your job, the chances are that the company you work for will be paying your moving costs. This is good news for you, because it means that you will be able to employ a team of experts to take care of every aspect of the move.

Although we tend to think of sunny climates like Spain and Portugal as the destinations Brits choose when moving abroad, more of us these days are moving to Germany and moving to Switzerland in order to continue working for the company we are currently employed by, or to look for a new career. If you are moving to Germany, this is a relatively straightforward process as the country is an EU member. Moving to Switzerland is a little more complicated, but citizens of EU member states will find it a lot easier moving to Switzerland than somebody from outside the European Union.

If you are moving to Germany, you can look forward to earning a salary similar to that which you would earn in London, but be prepared for the higher tax rate. The benefits of moving to Germany include much lower rents for flats and apartments, as well as generally lower living costs than the UK and an excellent health care service, which is thought to be superior to the NHS. However, if you are moving to Switzerland, be prepared for higher costs in just about everything compared to living in Britain, so make the most of the beautiful countryside and pristine streets in the towns and cities!

Moving and Culture Shock

Some folks flit around the world without a care – moving to Germany, California, Paris, Okayama, even moving to Switzerland to herd Ibex through the Alpine winters – they’re fine! It’s all about the ride apparently, but not everyone finds the ride quite so smooth.

The strange quality of culture shock is that you never know who might be affected by it, or in what context. Perhaps you’ve seen everything the length and breadth of Europe has to offer – enjoyed a few years in Barcelona, moving to Germany for a few months to indulge the Stuttgart automotive passion, a year in Hammerfest; fast-forward to Asia and you’re struck down by the unexpected blight of culture shock.

The signs of culture shock can be very frustrating to single out without the help of someone not suffering from it. Symptoms (although culture shock isn’t a disease or illness) often emerge due to jet-lag, general tiredness and so on. Essentially, travellers feel out of their depth, invisible, lost and scared.

The fantastic thing about culture shock is that is tends to pass quickly and can help you understand some of the more central fundamentals to keep in mind next time you travel. It’s based around the sensation of fear, which usually culminates in one of three emotional responses – rejecting the new culture (seeking out familiar traits), embracing the new culture (rejecting native habits) or a bespoke mix of native and foreign (the most common response). Never be put off moving to Switzerland, France, or any of Europe’s other fascinating spots simply because of culture shock; usually the best remedies are patience, organisation, communication and pleasure.

Moving to Switzerland – Some Facts

If you are moving to Switzerland, the chances are that this is a career related move unless you are in the millionaire bracket and you are about to join Lewis Hamilton, Roger Moore and Phil Collins. As Switzerland is not an European Union member, the process is a little different from moving to Belgium or moving to Holland, but it is possible. If you are from Britain there is an agreement between Switzerland and the EU which makes it comparatively easy when compared to non EU nationals. The regulations regarding moving to Switzerland to work were relaxed eight years ago, and it is planned that by 2014 quotas for work permits issued to people from the EU will be dropped.

For those who come from outside the European Union, moving to Switzerland is a lot more difficult. Work permits will only be issued if you can prove that you have a particular skill which an employer cannot find within the country, which means that very few people from outside the EU actually get the chance to emigrate to this country.

Assuming you fit the criteria, what will you need to do when you are moving to Switzerland? Perhaps the most important thing is to find a company which has plenty of experience when it comes to transporting your furniture and belongings. With this in mind, you are in the right place because the people at European Removal Experts have the knowledge and experience to make your move a smooth one.

The Best Way To See Europe

Britain is a very important part of the EU. Yet, with our own currency and the fact that we are totally cut off from all the other countries in our continent, it can sometimes feel like we are in our own little bubble and completely disconnected from the rest of Europe.

We are also quite far away from many parts of Europe which can make trying to see the whole continent a very costly and time-consuming operation, and yet we have one of the most culturally rich continents on the earth and it is extremely edifying and rewarding for us to experience all of those cultures as best we can.

For those who want to see as much of Europe as possible, then relocating and moving to Switzerland or moving to France will put you in a much better position to fully immerse yourself in our continent’s culture. Moving to Switzerland for instance will put you almost perfectly in the middle of Europe and mean that most countries are quickly and easily accessible by car or train.

Moving to France can offer very similar benefits, depending on which part of the vast country you move to and you can very easily find yourself experiencing and learning so much more about the world around us than you are ever able to with the UK as your base.

For those who love to travel and love to experience the cultures of our continental brethren, a move to Europe will offer you so much more potential to see and experience much more of what the world has to offer.

Why Move to Switzerland?

Just liking Swiss chocolate probably isn’t quite enough reason to pack up your belongings and move there. However, there are many good reasons one might find for moving to Switzerland, and some may be quite surprising.

Whilst the clean air, low crime rates and beautiful scenery are well-known, there are many other great benefits of moving to Switzerland that are not as publicised. There are very low levels of tax in the country, and whilst you may have heard it has a high-cost of living, the low taxes balance this out. With five countries surrounding it you are also not stuck for other places to go and buy your goods.

The rich wealth of surrounding countries also means that it is the perfect place to enjoy experiencing numerous cultures. Moving to France might offer you similar opportunities, but still not as many as Switzerland. Moving to France also won’t offer you quite the same levels of health-care or potential for luxury living that Switzerland can offer.

Many Swiss people speak English too, meaning the transition of moving there should be an easy one, whilst the people are very much similar in nature to oursleves. For musicians, there are even more benefits. Not only are the stunning vistas likely to be a huge form of inspiration, but there are also often numerous grants and funds available to help those who are serious about their career.

So a move to Switzerland can offer something for everyone. And with great transport systems, you can find yourself in the best spot to experience not only the whole country but also a lot more of Europe.