Trust European Removal Experts To Deliver On Promises And Furniture

There is naturally a huge stress associated with moving house. Paperwork, family, goodbyes, packing and heaving all contribute to the stress and underlying excitement, it has to be said. Now imagine moving country and all of this can be multiplied by ten, particularly when you want to take all of your furniture along with you. It can take many years, even decades, to build up this furniture that you have come to love so it may not be viable o leave it behind. This might include heavy, delicate objects like pianos and antiques or electronics that can be easily damaged like TVs or computers. There should be no obligation on you to leave all of this stuff in the United Kingdom and with a company like European Removal Experts on your side, it can be a formality.

We specialise in removals to Europe that could allow you to keep all of your most beloved, perhaps irreplaceable furniture for a very cost-effective price. We can give you great rates on full or part loads, so you needn’t worry too much about having so much another haulage vehicle is required. We can move your belongings from your doorstep in the United Kingdom right to your new doorstep in France all with guarantees and accreditations in place so you can put your full trust in us as a company that can take the hassle out of moving country. We are a member of the Removers and Storers which automatically means that we can offer you some of the best protection packages available. All of this is based around quality of service where your experience is placed at the forefront of our operation. In other words, none of your belongings should arrive in France broken, damaged, lost or stolen. Furniture removals to France can be treacherous at the best of times, but with a Compulsory Membership to the Removals Industry Ombudsman Scheme, an Independent Annual Inspection, numerous reports and Ombudsman Scheme Approved Complaints Procedures and Quality Monitoring Practices, there is enough in place to give you the confidence that we can deliver on our promises!

We also offer storage services if your moving home UK-France service is delayed or you otherwise have nowhere to store your furniture. What puts us ahead of much of the competition is that you can take advantage of our 2 weeks Long and Short Term Storage offer, before or after collection. There may be a handling charge but it is well worth it considering that this could get you some important breathing space.

When you do eventually move, the only way to travel is through the Eurotunnel. This provides the smoothest trip with none of the risks that come associated with ferries. This means no freak weather conditions that could delay the process. Moving should rightfully be a period of great anticipation and excitement, affording you the time to dedicate to your family and friends who you may be leaving behind. Simply check our site for a free instant quote on your big move.