Why Just Go Abroad Once A Year?

If you love to travel and love to see the world then it may seem like heading abroad once a year is much too little, and offers you nowhere near as much of a glimpse at different cultures – as well as what the sun actually looks like – as you would like.

So for those who like to get away as much as possible, why only travel abroad once a year? If you love to get out of Britain and move around then why not simply get out of Britain for good?

Moving to Switzerland – or anywhere else in Europe for that matter – will not only offer you a chance to be abroad all year round, but also a much easier way to travel on a very regular basis. Suddenly, heading to another new country will be as simple as jumping in your car and exploring another new place. One of the great benefits of moving to Switzerland is that you are surrounded by five countries, meaning there is always the chance to head off to somewhere exciting any time you feel like it.

Moving to France also offers a great range of benefits, not least that the weather down in the south is much better meaning that those sun-seekers who crave the sun all year can now enjoy it pretty much all year. Moving to France also offers a quick way home to visit family and friends with the channel tunnel being a quick and easy way to get back whenever you like.