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Are you moving to Germany with the aim of finding work there? If so, there are some things you should know about how things operate in the country which is often described as the powerhouse of Europe. This is because even though Germany escaped the worst ravages of the recession, times are still hard when it comes to finding work in Germany. You will have make sure your application is absolutely spot-on, because you will be up against a lot of competition. German companies often expect different standards to CVs than is common in Britain, and a lot of effort goes into preparing and presenting the CV. As well as a cover letter, it is customary to include copies of references from former employers and copies of your certificates from school, college or university.

A personal photograph should be placed on the first page of your application at the top right, which although unusual for Britons who are moving to Germany, is standard practice. It may also seem odd that the advice given regarding the image is not to use passport-style booth photographs, but to get some taken by a professional photographer instead.

Photographs aren’t the only personal information typically included on a German CV that can seem overly intrusive to those who are moving to Germany. Despite anti-discrimination legislation, it’s customary to include your date of birth and marital status on your CV as well. Bear all of this in mind if you are moving to Germany to look for a job, and Good Luck!

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Find The Best Jobs in Germany