Storage for your moving needs!

When using storage units one of the most valued features is the security they offer for your items. When moving house or office, there are many that are in need of storage services. We can provide these services here.
Our storage containers are always well-maintained and we regularly check that the containers are water tight and wind tight so as not to damage your valuables. The maintenance is always at a high standard because we value our customers’ happiness and we always want to ensure a secure and safe storage that meets their needs.
When referring to security, the storage containers we provide have 24 hour security and are bolted shut with padlocks that keep the items safe from vandals and thieves. Even the padlocks are secured with a steel lock box for extra protection. So when your items are locked in our storage containers you can be assured they will be safe and secure until you need them.
When you wish to retrieve or simply check on your items at the storage, you just need to let us know and we will be there to assist you in any way you need. Letting us know a little bit in advance is because we maintain a tight security among our storage containers, all for the protection of the belongings you and others have left in our care.
We always offer long term and short term storage services so you can get on with your move without having to worry for your stored valuables, letting you concentrate on other, more important tasks that need your attention.