Moving to Braunschweig

Braunschweig or Brunswick is a city of about 250,000 inhabitants located in the state of Lower Saxony, north of the Harz Mountains. Thanks to its position at the intersection of several major trading routes, since the medieval times,Braunschweig developed into a powerful and influential commercial centre.
An impressive number of medieval buildings can be admired in Braunschweig; churches, historical places, squares, and domestic houses all reveal themselves in great beauty.
The city’s landmark is considered to be the Brunswick Lion. Situated in the Burgplatz Square, in front of the Cathedral and the ancient Dankwarderode Castle, the statue was erected by king Henry the Lion, in 1166. Following natural damage, the statue was replaced with a replica, but the original monument can still be seen inside the Dankwarderode Castle.
The Herzog Anton Ulrich Museum is the second oldest museum in the world after the British Museum.Another landmark of Braunschweig is the Jüdisches Museum, the oldest Jewish museum in the world. Other worth visiting points of interest are the Museum of Natural History, the Museum of Agricultural Engineering Gut Steinhof,while photography enthusiasts will find fascinating exhibits at the city’s Museum of Photography.
Every winter, the Brunswick Christmas Market lasts for a whole month from the end of November until the end of December, and is considered to be the prettiest winter market in all Germany. Visitors to the market should not miss traditional German specialties, like the special kind of beer called Mumme and the world famous delicious sausages made from raw mince pork called Braunschweiger Mettwurst.
The city of Braunschweig is known worldwide for the legendary medieval joker Till Eulenspiegel, a famous trickster who was first mentioned in the English literature by Ben Jonson. Eulenspiegelis known in the English speaking world under the name Owlglass.

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