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Moving to the Netherlands: Essential Reading

There are many reasons to move to Holland. The modern, socially progressive country boasts a high standard of living, a high life expectancy rate, an excellent healthcare system, and a relatively healthy economy. The country also has a great agricultural, maritime, and trading tradition, and is a visual feat with a wonderful mix of modern and postmodern architecture, colourful flower fields, and a dense network of canals.  And if you have children or are planning a family, it worth noting that the Netherlands has an excellent education system right up to university level, and that UNICEF have found Dutch children to be the happiest in the world.

However, relocating to the Netherlands may not be a stress-free experience.  Moving home involves a lot of planning and organising, and moving abroad can involve even more work.  Besides organising the purchase or rental of your new home, finding suitable employment, brushing up your Dutch language skills, booking your flight or ferry tickets, and making sure your passport is up to date, (and perhaps applying for a European Pet Passport for your furry friend), you will also need to arrange for a removals company to arrange for the transportation of your possessions to your new home.

European Removal Experts offers a simple, affordable and professional solution to your removal needs.  The company specialises in Dutch Removals and offers door to door deliveries between the UK and Amsterdam, Amersfoort, and Almere.  Your experience of moving to the Netherlands may be made easier by taking advantage of European Removal Experts’s services.  Why not contact them for a quick and free quote?