Why Move to Switzerland

Why Move to Switzerland?

Just liking Swiss chocolate probably isn’t quite enough reason to pack up your belongings and move there. However, there are many good reasons one might find for moving to Switzerland, and some may be quite surprising.

Whilst the clean air, low crime rates and beautiful scenery are well-known, there are many other great benefits of moving to Switzerland that are not as publicised. There are very low levels of tax in the country, and whilst you may have heard it has a high-cost of living, the low taxes balance this out. With five countries surrounding it you are also not stuck for other places to go and buy your goods.

The rich wealth of surrounding countries also means that it is the perfect place to enjoy experiencing numerous cultures. Moving to France might offer you similar opportunities, but still not as many as Switzerland. Moving to France also won’t offer you quite the same levels of health-care or potential for luxury living that Switzerland can offer.

Many Swiss people speak English too, meaning the transition of moving there should be an easy one, whilst the people are very much similar in nature to oursleves. For musicians, there are even more benefits. Not only are the stunning vistas likely to be a huge form of inspiration, but there are also often numerous grants and funds available to help those who are serious about their career.

So a move to Switzerland can offer something for everyone. And with great transport systems, you can find yourself in the best spot to experience not only the whole country but also a lot more of Europe.